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27 October,2022  |  By Brainwonders


Interior designing is the art or job of choosing colours for furniture, furnishings, colour schemes and carpets to decorate inside of the house. The students are taught about the technical and worldly knowledge of interior design. 

Interior designing is a vocational course in which students learn to draw, edit, and implement their designs practically. 

It is a lucrative career option for those who want to show off their creative talents in the most basic ways. 

What are the other reasons that make interior design a good career option?

 Let us find out.

Why Interior Designing: 

  • The demand for interior designers escalates with time because people nowadays are looking for someone to change their old houses into a photography complex.
  • It offers many interactive and socializing opportunities that enhance your social skills at work.
  • It offers endless opportunities in both rural and urban areas.
  • Interior design is not only restricted to the design of homes and offices but also schools, hotels, restaurants, religious places, museums, and so on.
  • Interior designers can be self-employed and become an entrepreneur in their firms. 

Interior designing Highlights:

Particulars Details
Course Interior Design
Degree BID, BDes, MDes, BSc, MSc
  • BID (4 Years)
  • BDes (4 Years)
  • MDes (2 Years)
  • BSc (3 Years)
  • MSc (2 Years)
Eligibility criteria
  • For bachelors in interior designing, the candidates must have cleared 10 + 2 with any specialization.
  • For Masters in interior designing, the candidate much obtain a bachelor's degree in the same field. 
Admission process Entrance exam for cutoffs for both UG and PG exam.
Top entrance exams UCEED, NIT DAT, CEED, AIEED, NATA
Course Fee for UG INR 20000 to INR 1 lakh
Course fee for PG INR 200000 to INR 3 lakh per annum
Top colleges International School of Design Pune, INIFD Deccan, Pune, ITM Institute of Design and media, World University of design, Unitedworld Institute of Design
Career options Interior designer, Researcher, Teacher, Consultant
Average salary INR 8 lakh per annum
Recruiting companies Puravankara Group, prestige group, urban ladders, Shobha developers, livespace, vogue Institute of art


Interior Designing course-wise eligibility criteria:

  1. Diploma in interior design: the candidate must have completed the 10th or 12th with a 50% aggregate in any subject.
  2. PG diploma in interior design: candidates must have a graduate degree with 55% marks from any university.
  3. Bachelors in interior design: the candidates myself completed 10 + 2 with at least 50% marks.
  4. Masters in interior design: 55% aggregate must be scored by candidates in any discipline. 

Entrance exams for interior designing:

  • NATA
  • SEED
  • CEED

Skills required for Interior Design:

  • Ability to deal with technical details
  • Scientific aptitude
  • Analytical mind
  • Colour sense
  • Good communication skills
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Drawing aptitude
  • Visual sensitivity
  • Ability to work on a given budget
  • Knowledge of textures, materials, and trends

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Short-term courses for interior design:

  • Certificate in print design for Apparel and home. 
  • Professional Certificate in styling for interior
  • Certificate in styling for home
  • Certificate in textiles for interiors and fashion

Diploma courses for interior design:

  • Diploma in interior designing
  • Master's diploma in interior designing
  • Advanced diploma in interior designing. 

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Interior Design colleges in India with fees: 

  • Pearl Academy West Campus, New Delhi - INR 7.24 lakh
  • Pearl Academy, Jaipur - INR 6.56 lakh
  • IVS School of Design, New Delhi - 5.59 lakh
  • Parul University, Vadodara - INR 2.25 lakh
  • IMS Design and Innovation Academy - INR 2.62 lakh
  • Amity University, Lucknow - INR 1.48 lakh
  • Aligarh Muslim University - INR 1.89 lakh
  • UnitedWorld Institute of Design - INR 5 lakh
  • Mount Carmel College - INR 42000
  • NSHM Knowledge Campus - INR 4.63 lakh 
  • ISBM Kolkata - INR 50000
  • Rizvi College of Architecture - INR 45000

Interior Design Colleges Overseas with fee:

  • University of Manitoba, Canada - INR 7.03 lakh
  • Mount Royal University, Canada - INR 11 lakh
  • George brown college, Toronto - INR 23 lakh
  • Dawson College, Montreal, Canada - INR 8.76 lakh
  • Humber College, Toronto - INR 11.8 lakh

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Interior design syllabus Semester wise: 

  • Semester 1:
    • Fundamentals of structure 1
    • Theory of design
    • Freehand drawing and geometric construction
    • Communication skills
    • Material Exposure
    • Fundamentals of design 1
    • Introduction to computers 1
  • Semester 2:
    • Fundamentals of structure 2
    • Research strategies design process
    • Analytical drawing
    • Humanities, art appreciation, and appraisal
    • Basic photography
    • Fundamentals of design 2
    • Introduction to computers 2
  • Semester 3:
    • History of crafts and interior design 1
    • Interior materials 1
    • Anthropometry and ergonomics
    • Technical drawings and computer applications
    • Interior construction 1
    • Interior design 1
  • Semester 4:
    • Building services 1
    • Interior materials 2
    • Elective: poetry or literature, or Elective: journalism
    • Advance computer application
    • Interior construction 2
    • Interior design 2
  • Semester 5:
    • Building services 2
    • Interior materials 3
    • Materials and processes 1
    • Elective: dance and music, or Elective: theatre and filmmaking
    • Interior construction 3
    • Interior design 3
  • Semester 6:
    • Building services 3
    • Cost estimation
    • Arts and craft
    • Elective: human interaction, or Elective: marketing
    • Interior construction 4
    • Interior design 4
  • Semester 7: 
    • Building services 4
    • Professional practice
    • Specifications and control
    • Product semantics
    • Interior landscape
    • Interior design 5
  • Semester 8: 
    • Seminar - thesis topic
    • Dissertation
    • Interior design - topic 

Syllabus for PG Interior Design Course:

  • Theory of design
  • Analytical drawing
  • Technical drawings in computer applications
  • Interior landscape
  • Science of interior design
  • Principles of interior design
  • Portfolio designing
  • History of interior design
  • Freehand drawing and geometric construction
  • Research strategy design process
  • Interior construction
  • Basic photography
  • CAD
  • Life space planning
  • Entrepreneurship development
  • Estimation costing
  • Communication skills
  • Material Exposure
  • Product semantics
  • Fundamentals of design
  • Design and drafting
  • Furniture and furnishings
  • Art and graphics in interior designing
  • Design and crafting

Top Recruiters for Interior Designers: 

  • Gauri Khan designs
  • Urban ladder
  • DesignQube
  • Pinakin design
  • De Panache
  • Morph design company
  • The karighars
  • Savio and Rupa's interior concept

Interior Designing positions with salaries:

  • Interior designer - INR 3 lakh
  • Industrial designer - INR 6.04 lakh
  • Design manager - INR 3.63 lakh
  • Interior decorator - INR 4 lakh
  • Home designer - INR 3.05 lakh
  • Design journalist - INR 4 lakh
  • Bedroom designer - INR 3.05 lakh 

Upcoming trends in interior designing: 

  • Luxe outdoor lighting
  • The art of weaving using bark materials and other national ingredients.
  • Irregular rags
  • Ocean hues
  • Coloured concrete
  • Portable table lamps.

Interior designing as a job offers many creative opportunities with handsome salaries. Moreover, their pay increases with the experience they gain in their firm. They get an opportunity to showcase original works with good techniques. However, continuing this course requires a lot of patience and diligence. 

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Are you aware which subjects and courses will bring you closer to your dream career?

Worry not, because the Brainwonders test and guidance will not only help you know it, but also follow it!



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