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15 September,2021  |  By Brainwonders

international day of democracy

About International Day of Democracy:

Every year on September 15, the United Nations and its member countries commemorate International Day of Democracy. This day prompts us to reflect on the state of democracy around the world.

On 15 September 2007, the United Nations General Assembly declared the International Day of Democracy in order to promote democratic principles. They also asked all member states and organisations to observe the day in a way that adds to public awareness.

Values of liberty and respect for human rights are all important parts of democracy.

Under democracy, human rights are protected under a natural environment. Democracy includes equal participation and equal treatment for everyone. Peace and sustainable development are also very important elements of democracy.

On the International Day of Democracy let us see the need for International Day of Democracy:

The International Day of Democracy provides an opportunity to review global issues such as human rights, equality, and conflict resolution. It's an opportunity to reflect on our own liberties while also remembering those who are less fortunate.

International Day of Democracy emphasises the importance of public participation in democracy, as well as encouraging and motivating people to work together for a more representative government.

Let us look at 5 benefits of democracy on this International Day of Democracy:
  1. Protecting the interests of citizens: People vote as per their interest in a democratic system.
  2. Protecting the equality of all people in the eyes of the law: Democracy gives the power to everyone including people from all classes of the society to be equal before the law.
  3. Preventing abuse of power: Democracy prevents the use of power against any individual securing individual rights and safeguarding freedom for all. As the power gets shared in democracy, there is a free flow of information.
  4. Democracy has rules and laws that provide stability and protect human rights: Democracy prevents human rights by providing stability in society. One of the major principles of democracy is that everyone is equal in the eyes of the law. Democracy respects not only the majority but individual human rights as well.
  5. Establishing peace in the country: Democracy helps maintain peace and harmony in the country as there is equal distribution of power. This helps citizens and lawmakers establish a transparent and free flow of information.
This International Day of Democracy, let us look at some of the facts related to democracy:
  1. Democracy is believed to be born in 508 BC in Greece.
  2. Democracy is derived from two Greek words: demos= people and Kratos = rule.
  3. Representative democracies are made up of elected representatives who vote, whereas direct democracies allow everybody to vote on crucial matters.
  4. A democratic government is supposed to act corruption-free and for the interest of the people.
  5. The democratic system is very successful but difficult to manage in a large population.
On this International Day of Democracy, let us look at the Democratic Index Score :

Majorly five categories are taken into consideration while the democratic index score is counted. These categories are the following:

the Democratic Index Score

On this International Day Of Democracy, let us look at the 5 most democratic countries.

The following countries are the most democratic countries in the world.

Country Democratic Index
Norway 9.87%
Iceland 9.58%
Sweden 9.39%
New Zealand 9.26%
Finland 9.25%

The above countries are the top 5 countries that are considered to have the highest democratic index. While India is considered the largest democracy in the world, these 5 countries given above have the highest democratic index.

Global deterioration of democracy:

On International Day of Democracy, let us see how democracy is represented in the world.

In the past few years, the alarming stage of world democracy depicts the Global deterioration of democracy. 

Recent issues related to basic human rights show a backsliding and facing substantial decreases in democracy.

Democracy backsliding is affecting electoral processes the most, followed by freedom of expression and human rights.

In 2020, as the world was ravaged by a deadly virus, economic and physical instability, and violent conflict, democracy's defenders suffered significant additional setbacks in their fight against authoritarian opponents, tipping the international balance in favour of tyranny.

The consequences of long-term democratic collapse have become increasingly global in scope, affecting both those living under the most brutal dictatorships and inhabitants of long-established democracies. Last year, about 75% of the world's population resided in a country that was deteriorating. As a result of the continued decline, allegations of democracy's intrinsic weakness have surfaced.

We must remember the importance and efficacy of involvement. Governments must ensure that citizens have the opportunity to participate in meaningful ways.

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On International Day Of Democracy let us see why is democracy important in India: World’s largest democracy?

Much recent commentary has focused on how, after the creation of India's Constitution, the country struggles to strike a balance between the ethos of an industry-based economic "growth" that appears to foster inequity and the ethos of socialism aimed at achieving socio-economic equality among its citizens.

If India might benefit from adopting certain components of direct democracy or the presidential system of government, it could be the subject of a public debate. It may be a source of concern for the correct individuals to seize an effective method of delinking politics and huge capital, as well as design effective strategies to combat corruption. What remains undeniable is that none of these or similar public-sector operations should be allowed to sabotage democratic processes or undermine democratic institutions.

There is every reason to suppose that a society as diverse as India's will see a perpetual tug-of-war between various groups, political parties, regions, and institutions, and that expecting India to become a Western-style liberal democracy right away if ever, is unrealistic. Given the country's huge popularity and legitimacy, India will likely continue to evolve in a manner that is both relatively democratic and relatively illiberal, based on political and social beliefs. India's democracy and constitutional order, on the other hand, will continue to be strong and resilient.

...And on this International Day of Democracy, we urge you all to stand for the rights of people as the famous phrase of Abraham Lincoln -

Abraham Lincoln

“Democracy is of the people,  for the people, by the people.”


Happy International Day of Democracy


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