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List of Top B.Tech Specialisation Courses Available in India

18 June,2022  |  By Brainwonders

Engineering is one of the most chosen specialisations and soughted career options after 12th science. Students who have completed their 12th PCM (Physics, Chemistry, & Maths) and PCMB (Physics, Chemistry, Maths & Biology) subject combination in their 12th class can pursue a career in engineering. Most of the students are unfamiliar with all B.Tech specialised courses available in India. In this blog, we have provided the list of B.Tech courses that will help them know what all courses are present so they accordingly pursue them. Additionally, it will help them to know the engineering industries of various specialisations and help them to make an ideal decision about their career.

List of B.Tech Course


Course name Eligibility Overview
B.Tech in Aeronautical Engineering At least 60% in 12th Science B.Tech Aeronautical Engineering is a 4-year UG study that plans, designs, develops, and investigates aircraft science. The approved courses and syllabus address design, plan, structures, impulse, aerodynamics, and frameworks.
B.Tech in Automobile Engineering At least 60% in 12th Science B.Tech Automotive Engineering is part of Mechanical Engineering. This course covers developing cars, producing components, constructing them, testing for safety, repairing, and maintaining them. 
B.Tech in Biotechnology At least 55% in 12th Science B. Tech in Biotechnology combines agriculture, biochemistry, genetics, medicine, and microbiology. This four-year full-time degree teaches techniques, tools, practices, and methodologies needed for medication discovery, cancer therapy, pollution cleanup, and disease-resistant high-yield crops.
B.Tech in Civil Engineering At least 60% in 12th Science B.Tech in Civil Engineering comprises planning, designing, building, maintaining, and supervising highways, bridges, tunnels, schools, hospitals, airports, buildings, sewage systems, and water treatment facilities. This course covers protecting public and environmental health and improving infrastructure. 
B.Tech in Power Engineering At least 60% in 12th Science B.Tech Power Engineering combines finance, electricity, and boards. Intensity generation, Electronics, and appropriation are also covered. It covers nuts and bolts and advanced level investigations of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics, including mechanics and programming.
B.Tech in Structural  Engineering At least 55% in 12th Science Structural engineering is a branch of civil engineering that teaches structural engineers how to predict, understand, and estimate the strength, stability, and rigidity of structures built for buildings and non-building structures so that they can make designs, combine those designs with those of other designers, and oversee construction projects.
B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering At least 60% in 12th Science B.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering teaches students to build hardware and software systems, components, and processes to fulfil real needs. The course teaches students to work in multi-disciplinary teams and conceptualise, design, and compare solutions, algorithms, and protocols to solve real-world engineering challenges.
B.Tech in Electrical and Electronics Engineering At least 60% in 12th Science

4-year B.Tech. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

The course covers physics and arithmetic, including algebra, polynomials, trigonometry, and calculus.

The training teaches machine and electronics handling in the electrical industry.

B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering At least 60% in 12th Science B.Tech Mechanical engineering creates, structures, and operates machines. This course prepares students to apply mechanical engineering principles to plan, assemble, and sustain mechanical frameworks. 
B.Tech in Petroleum Engineering At least 60% in 12th Science

The degree focuses on using cutting-edge innovation to manage oil refining activities.

During BTech Petroleum Engineering, students learn mining, drilling, etc. Petroleum engineering overlaps with mechanical, chemical, and civil engineering. The course includes Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Geology, Economics, Thermodynamics, and more.

B.Tech in Ceramic Engineering At least 60% in 12th Science

B.Tech Ceramic engineering is a relatively recent field that studies, designs, manufactures, designs, and uses ceramic materials.

Ceramic Engineering combines craftsmanship and innovation for those who want to create products from inorganic and non-metallic materials.

B.Tech in Textile Engineering At least 60% in 12th Science The course covers improving materials, items, and procedures. Natural and manmade fibres, fibre and fabric qualities are covered. The curriculum teaches design, product creation, yarn and fabric processing, colour, finishing, and environmental technology.
B.Tech in Robotics Engineering At least 60% in 12th Science Maths, Electronic Devices and Digital Circuits, Design of Machine Elements, Strength of Machine Elements, Automatic Control Systems, and Kinematics of Machines are all covered in this course. 
B.Tech in Biomedical Engineering At least 50% in 12th Science Biomedical engineering combines biology and medicine. This course aims to improve human healthcare by deploying cutting-edge technologies for prognosis, diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment.
B.Tech in Environmental Engineering At least 60% in 12th Science

B.Tech Environmental Engineering teaches how to apply engineering ideas to environmental research to improve water and land for humans and other animals.

The course covers pollution control, hazardous waste management, toxic material control, water supply challenges, and other environmental topics.

B.Tech in Industrial Engineering At least 60% in 12th Science B.Tech Industrial Engineering teaches design, research, development, assembly, projects, and services.

List of Top B.Tech. Specialisations Available in India

Under the collaboration with Intel, IBM, Microsoft and Xebia, students benefit from the courses. The engineering courses in association with the top IT companies are helpful for students. With the advent of technology, the top companies have started providing engineering courses in the specialised field, which help the student make a profitable career in future.

Course Name Association Overview
B.Tech CSE with specialisation in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Association with Microsoft This specialisation is designed to encourage students to develop and build intelligent machines, softwares, or applications with a cutting edge combination of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Along with that, the students will be able to discover minor specialisations including Internet of Things, Cyber Security, Computer Vision, Business Management and Applied Natural Language Processing.
B.Tech CSE with specialisation in Cloud Computing Association with Microsoft It is a specialisation course that primarily aims at teaching the concepts of computer science such as programming, internet technology, hardware, software, coding, etc. The course mainly focuses on cloud computing aspects such as modelling, virtualisation, analysis, deployment, cloud infrastructure,and so on.
B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering in Cyber Security and Forensics Association with IBM The course prepares the students to design, maintain, configure, monitor, and examine the security of a system by following the cyber security laws, ethics, investigation methods, risk management, etc.
B.Tech CSE with Specialisation in Gaming Technology Association with IBM The course covers the curriculum topics like the basics of gaming programming, game engine architecture, graphic designing, gaming device management, GUI programming, etc.
B.Tech Electronics & Communication Engineering with specialisation in Internet of Things (IOT) and Artificial Intelligence Association with Intel The specialisation of this course teaches sophisticated advancements, including the Internet of Things, machine learning, and AI. The course teaches students how to construct intelligent devices, software, and robotic applications using machine learning, analytics, and visualisation.
B.Tech Mechanical Engineering with specialisation in Smart Manufacturing and Automation In this specialisation the students will get to know and impart knowledge in smart manufacturing and automation. Smart manufacturing is a fully-integrated manufacturing system that responds in real time to meet the changing demands with the help of automation.
B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering with specialisation in Artificial Engineering & Machine Learning Association with Xebia This specialisation encourages students to build intelligent machines, software, or applications using machine learning and AI. Students can minor in Internet of Things, Cyber Security, Computer Vision, Business Management, and Applied Natural Language Processing. 
B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering with specialisation in Cloud, DevOps & Automation Association with Xebia The curriculum teaches engineering students HTML5, Angular4, Test Automation, Estimation Techniques, Agile Practices, and Cloud Computing. The courseware emphasises hands-on learning and practical technology use. 
Mechanical Engineering with specialisation in Mechatronics   This programme trains students to design, build, and operate automated factory lines. They will use their knowledge of computers, microcontrollers, PLCs, industrial sensors, hydraulic, pneumatic, and electric motors, and mechanical structure and mechanism design.
B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering with specialisation in Cyber Security & Forensics Association with IBM It is a specialised course that prepares an individual to design, configure, maintain, monitor and evaluate the security of a system. It is designed to cover concepts such as Information management, Cyber law and ethics, Investigation techniques, etc.

List Of B.Tech Course For Diploma Holders

  • Aeronautical Engineering Lateral Entry
  • Automobile Engineering Lateral Entry
  • Civil Engineering Lateral Entry
  • Biotechnology Lateral Entry
  • Computer Science and Engineering Lateral Entry
  • Computer Science and Engineering offered in association with IBM- Lateral Entry(Cloud Computing, Business Analytics and Optimization, Cyber Security and Forensics, Graphics and Gaming Technology)
  • Electronics and Communication Engineering and with specialisation in Internet of Things Lateral Entry (IOT)
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering Lateral Entry
  • Mechanical Engineering Lateral Entry
  • Electronics & Computers Lateral Entry
  • Data Science & Machine Learning Lateral Entry,
  • Digital Transformation Lateral Entry

Job Opportunities after Engineering 

Job Opportunities

After completing the engineering degree course, one can find scalable job opportunities in various sectors depending on which field they choose. Listed below are the top recruiters who provide ample employment opportunities to engineering graduates.

  • IBM
  • Microsoft
  • Amazon
  • TCS
  • Samsung
  • Maruti Suzuki
  • HCL
  • Accenture
  • JBM Group
  • Vintech
  • Ericsson
  • Collabera

We hope this blog will help you find the correct engineering B.Tech course after 12th. You must ensure that, while choosing any engineering branch and the specialisation for yourself, you should always choose the career by considering your interest and abilities. 

Vaibhav Rathod, from Mumbai, passed his 12th Science PCM with an 85% class. He chose the PCM subject combination and researched which engineering courses are included in the PCM. But he couldn't decide which path he wanted to take. He decided to take the Psychometric test and discovered that he had a strong interest in computer security, so he completed his B.Tech CSE with a specialisation in Cyber Security.

According to Vaibhav, there are thousands of students out there who have benefited from the Psychometric test. So, benchmark your career based on your innate potential by taking the Brainwonders psychometric tests like Aptitude Tests, Personality Tests, & IQ Tests. We also provide Career Counselling. Please do not be afraid to get in touch with us; we are here to assist you as well.

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