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NEET Counselling And Entrance Exam- All You Need To Know

29 January,2023  |  By Brainwonders

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In the midst of the tiff between the students and the government of India demanding postponement of one of the most important exams of their lives, here is everything one needs to know about one of the widely taken exams by Indian students. Welcome to the ABC’s of NEET!

In this article, the main aim is to help the reader understand ‘What is NEET exam’, the process of examination, evaluation, and NEET Counselling, why is the exam is taken, certain pointers to consider in order to conclude the basic eligibility of a student to choose medicine as a career choice and finally, some tips for the NEET exam.

WHAT IS NEET EXAM? From the beginning 

NEET is the acronym for National Eligibility cum Entrance Test.  NEET Exam is an entrance test that is taken for those who are willing to pursue a degree in medicine and dental studies. A candidate’s NEET score determines a major chunk of whether they are eligible to / admitted to a medical college. It is usually followed by the following steps:

  • Declaration of results
  • Merit List
  • NEET Counselling
  • Application to shortlisted institutes & courses
  • Admission to the college

WHY NEET? Emerging changes

The medical colleges in India are as many as 542  and can be divided more or less as other colleges of different fields- government colleges or those in which the government is the higher authority (setting of the syllabus, issuing degrees etc.) and private or independently governed colleges. 

As a medical aspirant, the candidate was required to give an entrance and if shortlisted- appear for the NEET counselling. However; previously there was a certain problem with the system due to which the NEET exam was introduced.


  • There were no systematic entrances that were present and the candidate had to appear for government exams and private exams with their own independent syllabus separately 
  • Private universities are more on the costlier end and demand higher fees thus leading to the exploitation of students 


  • The emergence of an objective and standardized system of selection 
  • Caters as a universal exam for both private and government colleges
  • Less exploitation due to similar selection process
  • Followed a single syllabus for both government and private university
  • Students can now focus only on preparing for one single entrance rather than multiple ones

NEET COUNSELLING: Professional Clarity


Aspirations are the root of professional excellence and the basic rule to choosing any profession. Many students have sought guidance prior to the exam, as NEET Counselling and guidance answers many queries about ‘how to prepare for NEET’. Thus, many parents and students get interested in NEET counselling sessions to figure out their strengths, However, here are some pointers to consider before preparing for NEET exams

  1. Aptitude testing: A great way to understand one’s innate skills and what they are truly good at, consider aptitude testing. These tests provide a clear framework of which field would be best for a child on the basis of their skills through standardized tests. Students get to explore their strengths, learning methods and sessions for NEET counselling via experts as well.
  2. Mandatory Subjects: In every field, there are certain subjects that are mandatory and unavoidable; preparing for NEET would require subjects such as biology, chemistry and physics that are an integral part of the Science stream. If one believes that they lack the skill to understand these subjects, career counselling should be considered. Hence, various institutes also conduct NEET counselling sessions to help the student become aware of what lies ahead.
  3. Getting rid of Phobias: Phobias are real, and medical studies are challenging and can involve exposure to blood and wounds. Being fearful of blood or injuries should be taken care of and in case it is to a severe level, professional counselling should be taken. This is slightly different to other NEET counselling sessions- where the focus is more on academic and professional development.
  4. Time-Bound: Medical studies do require time and patience; in order to become a trained and experienced medical professional, there is a certain number of years that need to be dedicated which is a prerequisite. One can avail a NEET counselling session to explore what the course structure seems like, and how one should be mentally hardened for it.


Now that we know that NEET is a mandatory first step for any medical aspirant, let’s take a look at what one should know if they want to appear for this entrance. 

In this we will cover:

  • Eligibility 
  • Exam details
  • Exam Paper pattern (subjects and marks)
  • Selection process (exam, merit list, NEET counselling)
  1. Eligibility



Exam Purpose

Eligible for medical aspirants ( BDS, MBBS)

Highest qualification

12th Standard (10+2)


The candidate should be between the age of 17 and above

Stream of Study

Science stream 

Compulsory subjects 

Physics, Chemistry, Biology

Number of attempts 

The candidate can appear for exam multiple times however should be within the given age range

Exam Eligible for (nationality)

Indians, Non-Resident Indians (NRI), Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) Persons of Indian Origin (PIO)

Application link

  1. NEET Exam details 
NEET Exam details image


  1. NEET Paper Pattern

The paper pattern of the NEET exam is divided according to the compulsory subjects and the total score is 720










Biology (zoology +  botany)



It is important to note that this is just a basis of qualifying for further processes, and after that one explores their options via their rank on merit list and availability of seats in colleges discussed during the NEET counselling. Thus, one must try to put their best foot forward to shine during the result declaration and gain an advantage in the NEET counselling session.

  1. Selection criteria 

Now that the exam details are clear, let’s look into how one gets selected into a medical program. Here are some frequently asked questions about the process



Aggregate in NEET exam?

An aggregate of 50% must be secured

Aggregate in 12th Exams? (Boards)

An aggregate of 50% must be secured

Exceptions for special candidates?

Scheduled caste (SC) Scheduled Tribe (ST) and Other backward class (OBC) / reserved categories can secure 40% aggregate in NEET and boards separately 

Exceptions from the government?

If the cut off score is less, the board reduces the overall cutoff however, this depends on the yearly scores obtained 

What if 2 candidates get equal scores?

Both the candidates are judged on individual subject scores of the NEET exam during the selection

Who prepares the merit list?

National Testing Agency (NTA)



After a candidate has secured a successful score in the NEET exam, taking NEET counselling can be considered. Here are some important points to keep in mind


What is NEET counselling

A guide to how to  apply for medical colleges in India


50% in NEET exam ( general category)

40% In NEET exam ( OBS, SC, ST, physically handicapped)

NEET Counselling conducted by

Medical counselling committee

Mode of delivery of NEET Counselling


Booking NEET Counselling

NEET Counselling 2021 date

August 2021



NEET is one of the widely given exams in India, mainly due to aspirations or pressure, which is very common in Indian families. Either ways, the demographic of NEET aspirants look something as follows:

neet gender ratio image

There seemed to be a 15% increase in the total number of participants appearing for NEET from 2019-2020. However, the coronavirus outbreak has reportedly decreased the number of female aspirants from 85% to 77%. 2021 has witnessed a total of more than 15 lakh participants who are gearing up for the exams this year. In fact, when one views the students sitting for NEET counselling session after the declaration of the results- this segregation becomes quite visibly evident.

There has also been evidence through research that highlight the mental strains and pressures of the teenagers appearing for this exam. Kumar S, Sharma N, and Singh A et al have studied the suicide rate, probable methods and locations within the country of India in association with NEET exams. The pandemic is one of the main determinants, pressure from family, performance anxiety and inability to handle stress has resulted in a tremendous hike in suicidal behaviours. States and cities such as Kota, Kerala, and Chennai have witnessed suicides during the period of preparation and results of the exam. Some of the common methods of ending their lives were hanging, poisoning and drowning. (Kumar S, Sharma N, and Singh A et al 2021)


TIPS FOR NEET: Making Smart moves

Being able to study smart along with studying hard, here are some tips on how to prepare for NEET exams:

  • DO NOT fret! In the end, it is just an exam 
  • Try attending as many lectures and ask questions
  • Solve as many mock tests as you can.
  • Have conceptual clarity- watch videos, read articles and books 
  • Take frequent breaks, brush off your stress 
  • Do not let go of your personal pleasures. You are allowed to have fun
  • Enjoy the journey of learning and growing 
  • In case you are facing difficulties (anxiety, stress) seek professional help.

NEWS ON NEET - time to listen up!

The unfortunate coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) has been hard even on the Indian education system and of course NEET being no exception. The current scenario included a lack of potential students who aim to serve in hospitals, demanding postponement of the entrances to October 2021 due to the fear of the 3rd wave which has been predicted to be more dangerous than the former ones. 

However, in the middle of these haphazard situations, the NTA has given its verdict on the dates of the exam which would be August 2021 with admit cards being released 3 days prior to the exam date. Accordingly, the timeline for the whole process of result declaration, NEET counselling, and college admission will be determined.



This article has covered every objective about the “what” and “how” of NEET; yes the exam does have its pros and cons however, we often get stuck between the SHOULD happen and COULD happen- aspirations are important, but so is acceptance. Appearing for a difficult exam can be tedious but hope is what keeps us alive. The only thing we can do is understand, give our best and cherish BOTH our SUCCESS and FAILURES!

“Nothing is Impossible….

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