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Right Time for Career Counselling

10 June,2017  |  By Brainwonders

Right Time for Career Counselling

Brainwonders India’s Largest Career Counselling Company provides a one-stop solution to all your career problems. It is a decision that is often taken under parental or societal pressure. Amongst several issues, the one thread that touches upon millennials is the choice of career.

Many times, confusion and dilemma creeps in the mind of students. Effective counselling can quell these dilemmas and help the student view himself for the individual that he really is. Sadly, career counselling is often overlooked by students, institutions and parents alike. It is a mistake that can prove costly, for it is sound counselling that leads to well-informed, correct career decisions!

Brainwonders has provided counselling in more 200 schools and assessed more than 39,000 reports with an aim to mould the children through their effective counselling with professional psychologists and counsellors. Through aptitude testDMIT one realizes their inborn strengths, weaknesses, potential, characteristics, learning styles, by an effective counselling session through expert career psychologists and counsellors.

While colleges and schools truly is about overall development of a student’s personality, counselling at an early stage could help one gain the right perspective, especially with the number of new career options coming up every day.

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People realise the fact that a successful career is not limited to only doctors, C.A. and C.S. and have now started exploring other fields depending on their talent and interest in alternate domains. Early counselling assists students in reflecting on their personalities and abilities, likes and dislikes and how these would align with various career paths.

Brainwonders major aspect of career counselling are in-depth and supportive, providing you with the opportunity to explore your concerns and convert it into constructive career plans.

Career counselling at Brainwonders helps spot an aptitude in the individual. Aptitude tests and DMIT through our patented technology of fingerprint analysis is assessed and conducted by counsellors, bring out clearly the strong intellectual areas of a particular student.

Career assessment provides an objective guide, especially to SSCICSECBSEHSC and graduate students and evade their confusion relating to future career. Seeking effective career counselling leads to clarity of thought in a students choice of the right career.

This empowers the student to make an informed decision. Career counsellors assist in discovering a student’s potential and aptitude, and accordingly suggest the right course of study to enhance the student’s career prospects. The counsellors also relate career relation to market reality.

“It’s never too late to be what you might have been”, (George Elliot)

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