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Top 7 Reasons Why Schools Are Going Online Way!

15 October,2018  |  By Brainwonders

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Today, the education sector is getting synonymous with innovation. Technology is ensuring speedy advancement of our students and educators alike!

One of the most significant ways of this is via assessments. Today, we have DMIT, multiple intelligence tests, IQ testonline aptitude test and psychometric tests before actually going for career counselling. Brainwonders has actually seen a demand from their connected schools to conduct online assessments instead of resorting to the old paper-pencil methods.  And why not? After all, there are so many advantages associated with it:

online test

  • Online Mode: Not only does this save paper, it also rules out disadvantages like maintenance of the responses, time and energy-consuming correction process and its vulnerability to get ruined.

  • Accessibility: The online mode requires only a login ID and password and thus can be easily administered from the comforts of home or conducted by the school as per their convenience.

  • Saves Time: The test has a time limit. The student can complete a single level of test in just 30 mins. Most tests take almost 4 hours just to complete one set of a long series of tests.

  • Expert Counselling and Workshops: The school can choose to seek counselling services, parent and teacher training seminars, professional development workshops and career orientations to build up on the assessment itself.

  • Student Data Management: The school is able to understand and record the individual student profile and also observe and work on the current trends for example- how many students in a particular standard have an interest towards pursuing a career in medicine or which is the most sought after career in different classes.

Thus, Brainwonders has come up with a comprehensive assessment system which provides career tests online followed by their prized workshop and counselling. So get in line to go online!

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