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Top High Demanding Computer Science Courses for 12th Students

01 June,2023  |  By Brainwonders

Top 10 High Demanding Courses for 12th Computer Science Students

Computer Science has become an integral part of modern life, with technology rapidly advancing and its usage becoming ever more widespread. As a result, IT and software companies are increasingly looking for professionals who can provide programming, coding, data conversion, and IT solutions and application systems. This presents a unique opportunity to students of computer science, providing them with an abundance of job prospects upon graduation. 

No matter the individual's level of expertise or experience, there are a variety of courses available to best suit their needs and prepare them for employment in the field. With so many options to pursue, it can often be difficult to decide which course is the best option after completing 12th Computer Science. Luckily, we have all the answers to your questions regarding high-salary courses and career opportunities, as well as future prospects for continuing in the field of Computer Science.

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Now, let's discuss Top Courses after 12th Computer Science Students.

1. BCA

Bachelor of Computer Application is a 3-year undergraduate degree course that focuses on the basics of software developments and computer applications. Those who hold a BCA degree are considered equal to those who hold a BTech/BE in Information Technology or Computer Science. If you want to learn about the most important parts of computer applications, you can start your career in this course. Why? This course will teach you about databases and many other important things. You will also learn about programming languages, operating systems, and many other things. Graduates of the BCA programme can find a wide range of jobs. Thus, this course ranks among the top courses after 12th computer science.

2. B.Tech in Computer Science

Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science is a 4-year undergraduate degree programme that provides students with detailed knowledge of computer technologies. If you are interested in exploring one of the very challenging areas, you should study this course. With more technology, computer science is growing quickly in a lot of different places. Taking this class will help you learn how to write code, and programme, make websites and work with databases. After completing the course, one can find a secure job in an IT or software company.

3. BCA+MCA (Integrated)

Bachelor in Computer Application & Master in Computer Application is a dual degree programme where students will be discovering some core and advanced aspects of computer applications. The course is of 5-years. In five years of BCA+MCA course, your technical, analytical, statistical, communication, and mathematical skills will improve. Within the course, you will learn both theoretical as well as practical knowledge in computer applications. This dual degree course will benefit you in the long run, and it will help you get a scalable job in international companies. Thus, this course is most popular in India, and therefore it is among the top courses after 12th computer science.

4. B.E Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is the field of computer science that studies the management, storage, and processing of data on network systems. Students learn about database management and important things about cloud computing in the course. In addition, they will also learn about virtualization technology, its principles, concepts, modelling, design, and development, as well as how it works and how to use it. Cloud computing is on the rise in the business world because the field provides integrated IT solutions that work together. There are jobs available in both national and international businesses. Individuals get a position of Cloud Architect, Cloud Service Developer, Cloud Support Engineer, etc.

5. B.Tech CSE with specialisation in Full Stack Development

Currently, Full Stack Development has gained the attention of the computer science students as it is playing an important role in the IT and software industry. It is one of the fastest-growing areas in computer engineering. That is why most students are taking the B.Tech Computer Science Engineering major in Full Stack Development. Students will learn about web technologies, front-end and back-end technologies, and more essential topics in this course. One can easily gain ample practical knowledge in this field. Therefore, it also ranks among the top courses after 12th computer science. 

6. B.Tech CSE with specialisation in Artificial Intelligence

This specialisation was started to enable students to build intelligent software applications and develop new machines, with a cutting edge knowledge in machine learning and digitalised technologies. This course talks about AI methods in various fields, like neural networks, signal processing, control, and data mining, to show how machine learning problems and solutions can be solved in a single way. The programme's main goal is to help students who want to learn how to come up with intelligent solutions to problems in a wide range of fields and business applications, such as natural language processing, text mining, problem-solving, reasoning, and robotics.

7. B.Tech CSE with specialisation in Blockchain 

Blockchain is a revolutionary technology that enables individuals to transfer digital assets without disturbance. Thus, blockchain technology is a one-stop platform where one can send, receive, sell, or store digital assets like cryptocurrencies, bitcoin, etc. Blockchain technology is advancing at a greater rate; one can merely start a career in this digital field. If you are also among the one who wants to start a career in this field by taking B.Tech CSE with specialisation in Blockchain. In addition, you also need to inculcate technical and analytical skills. In this course, you will be exploring the insights of Blockchain, designing and implementing smart contracts, developing centralised web applications with the help of Blockchain, and many more concepts.

8. B.Sc Information Technology

BSc (Bachelor of Science) in IT is all about how to store, process, secure, and manage information. This degree focuses mostly on things like software, networking, and databases. The BSc in IT degree is given to people who finish a course in the field of software development, software testing, software engineering, web design, programming, computer networking, databases, and other computer systems, like databases. In the IT field, graduates with a background in information technology can work for a wide range of companies. They work with mobile phones, computers, and other electronic devices.

9. Diploma in Computer Engineering

A diploma in Computer Engineering will help you in building a secure future. The course will cover core aspects, including operating systems, cloud architect, programming, etc. After completing the course, you can start your own firm in the field of Information Technology or work in an IT firm. You will get the opportunity to develop software, hardware, operating systems, electrical engineering, computer architecture and various subdisciplines of computer engineering. 

10. B.Tech in Data Science

Data Science combines data from various sources and prepares the data for analysis in order to perform advanced data analytics. The Data Science field is on the verge of becoming popular day by day. Bachelor in Data Science is a 4-year graduate degree offered by various institutions or universities under the technology programme. Many students take this course because it is among the most popular courses after 12th computer science. You can also pursue this course because you will learn about machine learning, python, data analytics, big data, business acumen, algorithms and many more. Thus, this course is blended with the latest technology concepts, making it one of the unique courses of recent times.

Career Options in the Field of Computer Science:

Future Prospects Duties & Responsibilities Average Monthly Salary
Computer Programmer Access and analyse user requirements, programming in various software applications, work on python, Java, C++, etc. ₹17,000-83,000 per month
Application Programmer Coding, programming, designing, debugging, monitoring, researching, giving end-user assistance, and so on. ₹20,0000-1,00,000 per month
Database Administrator Manage company databases, ensure database security, maintain database backup, ensure database safety, etc. ₹40,000-75,000 per month
Computer System Analyst Research new technologies, test operating systems, identify the organisation's needs, evaluate the systems before installing, etc. ₹30,000-70,000 per month
Data Scientist Use machine learning and big data tools, test data mining models, design integrated algorithms, conduct research, etc. ₹30,000-70,000 per month
Web Developer Design websites, add plugins, identify the updates, planning and designing the websites, programming, coding and many more. ₹12,000-50,000 per month
Full Stack Developer Design software applications, identify the technical updates, provide front-end and back-end solutions, etc. ₹50,000-1,00,000 per month
Computer Science Engineer Design, develop, test, and check new software used in various computer systems, update softwares, design new strategies, develop software systems, etc. ₹30,000-40,000 per month
Software Engineer Integrate software functioning, provide IT solutions, develop software systems for various multipurpose online platforms, etc. ₹20,000-50,000 per month
Artificial Intelligence Engineer  Using machine learning techniques, automating complex data systems, checking the intelligence systems, coordinating with data scientists and Business analysts, providing analytical tools, etc. ₹70,000-1,20,000 per month
Computer Network Architecture Build and maintain new data communication networks, programming, work on various network projects, etc. ₹80,000-1,00,000 per month
Big Data Engineer Design and build architecture modules of a big data platform, maintaining data across various platforms, structuring data, managing analytical systems, etc. ₹60,000-1,00,000 per month


Now, you must have a clear idea about demanding courses after 12th computer science. You can plan your career with the guidance of Brainwonders and get potential insights into the career in which you want to embark!

Frequently asked questions About High Demanding Courses for 12th Computer Science Students

Q.1) How do I know if I have an interest in Computer Engineering?

Ans: First, think about your aptitude for technology. If you find joy in problem-solving and have a keen eye for details, then Computer Engineering may be a good fit for your skillset. Additionally, look into the educational requirements for Computer Engineers. Do you have the time, money, and resources necessary to pursue this career path? Finally, ask yourself if you have the passion and drive to excel in the field. 

If you are still unsure of your future career path and direction, seeking out professional career counselling may be the solution for you. With the guidance of experienced and qualified experts, you will be able to identify your strengths, weaknesses, interests and abilities. 

Q.2) What will my job be like in the Artificial Intelligence space?

Ans: In the Artificial Intelligence (AI) space, one can be sure to experience a consistently enriching and ever-evolving role. AI professionals must stay abreast of emerging developments to ensure that their expertise remains relevant at every stage in their careers.

A key aspect of this profession is the utilisation of Machine Learning algorithms to create models for making automated decisions. From computer vision to natural language processing, these models are used in a range of systems that automate processes and make predictions with high accuracy. This requires a deep understanding of the underlying data science concepts such as regression, classification, clustering and neural networks.

Q.3) Why does the tech field pay such a good salary?

Ans: With rapid advancements in technology, companies and organisations are increasingly looking for talented professionals with expertise in software development, design, engineering, cyber security, and more to help them stay competitive.

The demand for tech professionals has led to an increase in salaries and wages. Tech companies offer higher pay than many other fields because they need skilled individuals who can develop and implement cutting-edge solutions. Additionally, employers recognize that tech workers possess the skills and knowledge necessary to build successful products and services, making them invaluable assets to any team.

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Confused about which Course to choose after 12th?

Take Brainwonders Career Test and make the right decisions for your college and course ahead


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