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Top Degrees in Demand for the Future 2023

10 January,2023  |  By Brainwonders

While you may desire to pursue your passions, there are some college majors and degrees that provide a more secure future guarantee. Furthermore, your interests may coincide with some of the best degrees to obtain in the future. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are 20 top degrees that have a good job outlook, a good return on investment, and above-average employment rates (BLS).

These degree options may assist you in determining the professional route you wish to pursue while planning the finest degree for your future.

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence is ranked first on our list of the top degrees to earn for the future. Artificial intelligence is no longer just a science fiction concept; there are thousands of positions in the industry with very few individuals to fill them. Students gain a solid understanding of computer science fundamentals as well as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robotics. Foundations of artificial intelligence, fundamentals of information retrieval and web searching, and principles of robotic theory and machine learning are among the courses offered to students. Students should be well-versed in mathematics and technology. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, artificial intelligence employment is predicted to rise at a faster-than-average rate.

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2. Data Science

Data science has now been uprooted to be among the diversified fields where technological advancement is seen at a larger scale. It is an interdisciplinary field that uses various scientific methods, procedures, algorithms, and systems to extract insights from structured or unstructured data. In this field, one can easily make a profitable career by equipping all the necessary skills as well as getting a degree or certificate courses in Data Science. By exploring this field, one can easily make a reading career in the areas of machine learning, big data, business analytics, and many more. 

3. Blockchain Technology

Blockchain development may be the most lucrative professional choice today, as individuals are eager to reap the advantages of Blockchain technology. It's essential to pay close attention to these people since they're in high-ranking positions. Developers of blockchain apps are known as blockchain programmers. Blockchain technology courses and training programmes will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to develop a successful career in a blockchain-related sector. You'll learn all you need to know about launching a career in blockchain, among other things, via the courses. It is even projected that in the coming years, blockchain will expand its usability in various sectors.

4.  Anthropology

Anthropology is the scientific study of human behaviour from both biological and social viewpoints. Anthropology is one of the greatest degrees to earn for the future, as it can be used in a variety of fields such as academics, the arts, business, and teaching. Students interested in this major might explore a track in archaeology, biological anthropology and linguistics, or cultural anthropology as a focus. Anthropology graduates can work as anthropologists, archaeologists, archivists, conservationists, curators, public policy analysts, urban planners, and other professions. Archaeology of culture and resource management, anthropology and research, monkey behaviour evolution and human ecology are examples of possible courses. The programme is offered both on-campus and online.

5. Advertising 

As consumer competition continues to grow, so does the demand for advertising specialists. In non-commerce spaces, message creation and public relations are equally vital. As a result, we've included advertising as one of the top degrees to get for the future. Advertising students learn to develop effective messages through various means in order to impact certain audiences and are available online at the undergraduate and graduate levels. An advertising degree will teach students how to create entire campaigns using a number of platforms and techniques, including the latest in advertising technology and social media, whether the audiences are external customers or internal employees.

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6. Big Information

As both public and commercial businesses need professionals with the abilities to evaluate and generate data that informs decisions, big data continues to be one of the finest degrees to earn for the future. Graduate-level advanced skills and expertise in creating scalable systems capable of interpreting enormous swathes of data that must be processed and interpreted are taught to students. Cloud computing, data mining, data visualisation, and machine learning are frequently used as core topics. Students also take courses in statistics and information science. A bachelor's degree in computer science or a related subject is typically required for most programmes.

7. Biotechnology 

Biotechnology integrates biology and technology to improve the lives of individuals and communities. In a nutshell, biotechnology uses the potential of the cellular process to achieve breakthroughs in healthcare, agriculture, and manufacturing. As new hazards such as viruses and climate change emerge, those who can use research to mitigate these threats will be in high demand. This degree is available as a bachelor's degree or a master's degree. Students frequently specialise in a single industry that aligns with their personal and professional interests. Bioinformatics, biotechnology applications, genomic analysis, laboratory management and safety, and vaccine development are examples of topics covered in courses.

8. Construction Management

The demand for experienced construction managers will grow as personal and commercial structures deteriorate and need to be replaced or updated. As a result, construction management is ranked #8 on our list of top degrees to pursue in the future. By managing the various moving pieces in the construction process, construction managers play a critical role. The construction manager is the key figure who brings everything together, from budgeting to contractor management to customer interactions. Project management and business acumen are among the topics covered, as are architectural graphics, construction budgeting, building materials and processes, and construction safety.

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9. Computer Science

Computer science, a recurrent member of our list, is a superb degree for the future. High-level information technology skills will continue to be in demand as technology advances and become more integrated into every area of daily life. The degree is extremely versatile, allowing graduates to work as database analysts, software developers, business application programmers, and mobile application developers, among other positions. There are numerous online bachelor's and master's degree programmes to choose from. Business information systems, database development, mobile platforms, and web enterprise technologies are among the topics covered in the courses.

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10. Civil Engineering

Civil engineering, which is ranked on our list of the top degrees to earn for the future, is another regular member of the list. Civil engineers improve, develop, and execute present and new infrastructures such as roads, bridges, buildings, and other physical structures that affect human mobility and transportation in their communities. Academic specialisations, construction, civil infrastructure, public utilities, and water resource management are all options for students. Students learn crucial areas of the profession such as communication, environmental science, people management, and project management in addition to civil engineering basics. On-campus and online degrees are easily available.

11. Communication 

If you look at any job description, you'll see that communication is almost always the most sought-after talent. The capacity to communicate ideas and actively listen, whether through written or oral communication, is critical to success on and off the job. Strong communication skills are more important than ever in a world when there are so many voices coming from all directions. It is beneficial to choose a concentration within the subject such as conflict resolution, corporate communications, journalism, marketing, or public relations for students contemplating this degree at the bachelor's or master's level. The degree has a wide range of applications and can be used in almost any field.

12. Economics 

On our list of the top degrees to get for the future, economics comes in on the list. Students that study economics will be well prepared for careers in economics, finance, public policy, law, government, and business. It's also a great way to be ready for graduate school. Students study a number of essential abilities, including what motivates consumer behaviour, what influences market growth and decline, and how to foresee economic situations. Calculus for the social sciences, introduction to macroeconomics, introduction to microeconomics, and public policy analysis are examples of possible courses. Business analyst, economist, financial advisor, loan officer, and market research analyst are all possible jobs.

13. Environmental Science

As the global climate change problem worsens, qualified scientists will be required to help mitigate the situation. An online environmental science degree provides the graduate with a strong foundation in natural and physical sciences, as well as the abilities needed to battle environmental threats through mitigation techniques and the development of creative solutions. Many programmes allow students to specialise in areas such as applied ecology, environmental agriculture, environmental policy, water conservation, and other related fields. A specialisation helps a student to focus on a specific curriculum and increases the likelihood of finding work after graduation.

14. Health Information Technology

Health information technology is typically accessible at the associate and bachelor's level, and it ranks #6 on our list of the best degrees to earn for the future. Health information techs are needed to manage and maintain healthcare records as they relate to billing, facility planning, marketing, quality control, and research as healthcare organisations grow and become more complicated. To track information, hospitals use codes and various industry standards. The majority of programmes are provided through community colleges, which implies that anyone with a high school diploma or GED can apply.

15. Health Administration

Individuals with strong management and leadership abilities will be required as healthcare demands grow across numerous systems. A healthcare administration degree aims to equip students with the skills needed to lead fast-paced, complex healthcare organisations. Healthcare management and administration positions are expected to rise by 32% over the next ten years, from 2019 to 2029, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. This rate of increase is more than six times that of all other occupations tracked by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. There are bachelor's and master's degree options available, as well as some good online options.

16. Information Technology

Because of the ever-changing nature of the material and the expanding importance of technology in every area of society, information technology lends itself well to current and future job prospects. Students should enrol in programmes that prepare them for industry certifications and include internships as part of the curriculum. IT degrees cover a wide range of topics, including cyber security, data analytics, project management, software development, and more. Security analyst occupations, in particular, are expected to expand by 32 percent, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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17. Medical Science and Technology

Medical laboratory technicians are among the most critical members of the healthcare team, but they are often neglected since they operate behind the scenes. They are educated to perform a wide range of medical tests in order to diagnose, treat, and monitor a variety of healthcare ailments and diseases, and they collaborate closely with doctors and nurses. This degree is typically offered as a bachelor's degree, but it can also be earned as an associate degree. The National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences accredits the best programmes (NAACLS). Individuals should be prepared to sit for the certification exam offered by the American Society for Clinical Pathologists Board of Certification after graduation.

18. Mechanical Engineering 

Mechanical engineering has traditionally been regarded as one of the greatest degrees for the future since it teaches students how to tackle complicated issues and develop innovative solutions in almost any industry. Mechanical engineers are educated in the study, design, development, and implementation of devices and machines ranging from automobile engines to medical equipment. It is a fairly broad discipline of engineering that allows graduates to pursue a variety of career routes and work in a wide range of businesses. Mechanical engineers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including vehicle engineers, HVAC engineers, and robotics engineers. Bachelor's degrees in mechanical engineering are the most common.

19. Nursing

Healthcare workers, particularly nurses, are critical employees that assist the whole healthcare business in numerous ways, as recent history has shown. Nurses are needed in practically every healthcare environment to help patients with direct care as the population ages and new health hazards emerge. Students with no prior experience in healthcare can acquire an online nursing certification at any level, from a certificate to a master's degree. Anatomy and physiology, biology, chemistry, and nutrition are among the subjects covered. Clinics, hospitals, doctor's offices, rehabilitation centres, educational institutions, and other settings employ graduates. Those with a bachelor's degree or higher should have little trouble finding work.

20. Sustainability

Individuals with skills and understanding of sustainability and renewable energy principles will be in high demand as industries continue to transition away from traditional fossil fuels in an effort to tackle climate change. This major is most common at the associate and bachelor's degree levels, and it can be accomplished totally online. Graduates work as renewable energy engineers, turbine technicians, sustainability engineers, and a variety of other occupations. Graduates with this degree earn a median salary of $85,000 per year, according to statistics from Glassdoor and the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Sustainability economics, sustainable ecosystems, sustainable farms and food systems, and sustainable urban environments are all topics covered in class.

21. Social Work

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the need for social workers is predicted to grow by 13% from 2019 to 2029. When compared to the average rate of 5% for all other occupations, this rate of growth is over three times higher. As the demand for mental health and family services grows, so does the demand for social workers to assist these clients. Both bachelor's and master's degree programmes in social work are accessible online. Students holding a master's degree in social work should have more options for employment. Strong programmes usually have specialisation tracks that correspond to the various sorts of social workers. Child and family social work, health care social work, mental health and drug misuse social work, and school social work are some of the possible tracks.

22. Sociology

The study of human behaviour in the context of community, culture, and other social factors is known as sociology. In recent years, the field has gotten a lot of attention as companies try to figure out what drives societal behaviour. Because of its broad use and usefulness, a sociology degree can lead to a variety of professional opportunities. Graduates go on to work in education, social science research, law enforcement, marketing, and graduate school, among other fields. Community development, cultural anthropology, sociology of race, sociology of ageing, and women's and gender studies are among the specialities offered by some programmes. At both the undergraduate and graduate levels, fully online degrees are accessible.

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