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What Courses After 10th?

15 October,2020  |  By Brainwonders

thinking for career counselling

After 10th, students should visit career counselors to get proper career guidance as it will help them recognize their potential and abilities within turn will help them choose the right career path. Career guidance is given by career counselors not only consists of what career to choose, but they also help you with career planning and also help you make career goals that will help you achieve better. 

What are the different courses after the 10th?

There are 3 main streams accessible after Class 10, to be specific Science, Commerce and Arts, and each stream has a particular system, career options. In Science, students can choose from subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology, if students pick Commerce, they will study the following subjects: Accounts, Finance, Business and Maths, Arts is equally tough as any other subjects: a few choices in this stream are English, History, Political Science, Geography, Literature, Economics, Public Administration, Social Science, Fine Arts.

Am I eligible for career guidance after the 10th?

Anyone and everyone who has basic education are eligible for career guidance. Career counselling is normally given to students beforehand as it is difficult to choose a career that they will be engaging in for the rest of their lives at a tender age of 16/ 17. Career counseling helps individuals understand their skills and inner abilities, it helps them choose the right career that will help them grow in the future.

How to get career guidance after 10th?

After completing your courses in the 10th, you can consult a career counselor who will in-turn provide you with various career guidance tests such as aptitude test, interest test, DMIT. These tests will tell you about your inner potentials and in short, will help you choose the best career path. After completing these courses, students can choose from more refined courses in these streams.

How is career guidance provided after 10th for Science?

Career guidance is given to individuals to understand their skills and abilities and then choose a suitable subject for themselves. After 10th, parents push their children to choose a specific subject that they feel is right for their kid, what they don’t realize is that skills and aptitude matter the most. Career guidance counselors will help students recognize their potential through various aptitude and help them choose the best career path. 

Students who possess analytical skills, have an interest in solving problems, and also possess logical skills should take up the Science stream. Students can choose from the following subjects Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Computer Science. Career guidance counselors will not only help students understand their skills and abilities, but will also help them with career planning and making small term and long term goals which will in-turn help students make better career choices.

How is career guidance provided after the 10th for Commerce?

After 10th students fall under immense pressure as to which stream to choose. Career guidance provided by career counselors is very important at this stage. Career guidance is really important as it helps the students realize their inborn abilities and potentials. Career counselors use various types of aptitude tests that help them understand the aptitude of the student and help them peruse the right career path. 

Students who have an aptitude for numerical, understanding formulas, keen interest in economics and finance should choose Commerce Stream. Nowadays Commerce has become the most upcoming stream. Subjects like Mathematics, Accounting, Economics and Business Studies are taught in Commerce. 

Thus to choose the right career path, career guidance is required and encouraged as it will help students choose a career that is appropriate for the skills they possess and will help them become successful in life.

How is career guidance provided after 10th for Arts?

Are you in a fix as to which stream to choose after the 10th? The best way to find out where your capabilities lie is by taking career guidance. Career counselors will help you understand your strengths and weakness, your skills and aptitude by providing you with simple interest and aptitude test. This will help them understand what skills you possess and are you capable of taking the course you want to take.

Students who have a creative bent of mind, possess new thoughts and perspectives, have good communication skills should choose the Arts stream which provides them with subjects like Philosophy, Psychology, Economics, History, Political Science, English Literature, Sociology.

In all careers, guidance is required today as all the streams have extended subjects to choose from and not all subjects require the same aptitude. So it is important for students to take career guidance as it will help them choose the right career and will help them excel in the future.

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