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Is NEET 2024 Conducted Again? NTA Released Notice

21 June,2024  |  By Brainwonders

NEET 2024

In the latest update on the NEET 2024 re-exam and the ongoing controversy regarding grace marks, the Centre has informed the Supreme Court of India that the NEET scorecards of 1,563 candidates who received grace marks will be cancelled. These candidates will have the opportunity to retake the NEET exam on June 23, 2024. They can either choose to participate in the NEET 2024 re-exam or have their scorecards published without the grace marks.

Previously, the Supreme Court issued a notice to the NTA in response to a plea requesting a fresh NEET 2024 exam, citing concerns about the sanctity of the NEET exam and holding the NTA accountable. However, the court has decided not to stay the NEET counselling process. On June 8, the Education Ministry clarified in a press conference that the NEET 2024 was conducted fairly nationwide, making a full re-exam unlikely.

The NTA conducted the NEET 2024 exam for over 24 lakh medical students on May 5. Following reports of a paper leak and other allegations, many students have taken to social media with questions like "Will NEET 2024 be conducted again?" and "Is NEET 2024 cancelled?" This article by Brainwonders examines the factors that could lead to a NEET re-exam amid the resulting controversy.

Will there be re-NEET 2024?

Yes, the Supreme Court has directed the NTA to re-conduct NEET 2024 on June 23. This re-exam will be specifically for the 1,563 students who were previously awarded grace marks on May 5 due to a loss of time. These students are expected to reappear for the NEET re-test on June 23.

Is NEET 2024 cancelled?

Amid the ongoing NEET 2024 controversy, many candidates are questioning whether NEET 2024 will be cancelled and are eagerly awaiting news of a re-exam. However, the likelihood of NEET 2024 being cancelled seems slim, as the Supreme Court has declined to halt the counselling process. Additionally, the NTA has refuted all allegations of a paper leak and any unfair advantages.

Is NEET 2024 Conducted Again?

The NEET re-exam 2024 is scheduled for June 23. In the latest update, the 1,563 candidates who received grace marks will be given the option to retake NEET 2024. These candidates can either choose to participate in the re-exam or have their scorecards issued without the grace marks, which will then be used for the counselling process. It is important to note that this re-exam is exclusively for the 1,563 candidates who were awarded grace marks; there will not be a NEET re-exam for others.

Despite earlier reports of a NEET 2024 exam paper leak and other allegations, the NTA has clarified that the exam was conducted successfully and remained unaffected. The Supreme Court has also declined to halt the NEET counselling process, suggesting that a re-exam is unlikely. The claims of a paper leak circulating on social media and in news reports have been dismissed as baseless by the NTA, which has confirmed that NEET 2024 will not be conducted again.

Experts' views on reconducting NEET UG 2024 exam

Thread: The NEET (UG) 2024 Exam Concerns

Maheshwer Peri (@maheshperi) June 6, 2024

"The NEET (UG) 2024 exam is the murkiest I have ever seen. Here is an addendum to my thread from yesterday:"

Dr. Meet Ghonia (@DrMeet_Ghonia) June 5, 2024

"NEET UG: The way the exam was conducted and the normalization of marks by @NTA_Exams should be thoroughly investigated. We must not let this issue get overshadowed by election results, as it concerns the future of 25 lakh students in the country! @EduMinOfIndia…"

The Mood Doctor (@Chulbulpanda420) June 6, 2024

"It is a joke on the system if 67 students get AIR-1. How can 67 people score 720/720? The government already should have handled the NEET PG exams and counselling. People often accuse doctors of greed but never speak out against corruption in the healthcare sector by administrators.…"

Aspirants demanding NEET 2024 re-conduct on Social media

Since the announcement of the NEET results, aspirants on the social media platform 'X' have been demanding a re-examination of NEET 2024. Here are some tweets from medical students regarding the potential reconducting of NEET 2024:

ABHISHEK KUMAR (@NatureNexis) June 6, 2024

"If the INDIA Alliance government forms at the centre, I strongly appeal to them to take strict action against #NTA Director General @subodhias for ruining the future of millions of students and to reconduct the NEET examination. #Neet_paper_रद्द_करो #NEET_परीक्षा_परिणाम #NTA"

pradyuman (@pradyuman29) June 6, 2024

"@NTA_Exams please reconduct the NEET exam... it is the failure of the system... why should the poor suffer for your mistakes... @PMOIndia please investigate this serious matter concerning the future of Indian doctors #NEET_परीक्षा_परिणाम"

Jay Thakur (@Jaythakur414) June 6, 2024

"This needs to be more satisfactory to many NEET aspirants who want a seat in prestigious MBBS colleges, even with the same ranking as AIR 1. The NTA should take the moral obligation to reconduct the examination as soon as possible. @PMOIndia #NEET_परीक्षा_परिणाम"

Vishal (@Vishalbaliyan97) June 6, 2024

"There should be strict action against the culprits as they are playing with students' careers and parents' emotions. Also, NTA should reconduct the NEET exam.... Students deserve an honest exam. #NEET_परीक्षा_परिणाम #Neet_paper_रद्द_करो"

Will NEET UG 2024- Year-wise exam date trends

The year-wise exam dates for the NEET exam are mentioned in the table below.

NEET year-wise exam dates

Year Exam Date
2024 May 5
2023 May 7
2022 July 17
2021 September 12
2020 September 13

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