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30 September,2020  |  By Brainwonders


This womens’ day, BRAINWONDERS is all about breaking barriers that withhold the possibilities a woman can reach. All of us are well aware that women are celebrated in many forms. In Brainwonders, they do it as a counsellor. Every 8th of March, the world comes together to celebrate a part of the world’s population- showering them with gifts and luxuries- all lasting a day.

Brainwonders has decided to do it a little differently this time. Brainwonders is very well aware that women have the inborn instinct to be the light that can shape and direct the path for others. For the same, Brainwonders wants to give them an opportunity to shine bright by becoming a counsellor with the organisation.

The Brainwonders team has decided to empower women across the country and is providing career opportunities in the education sector. The positions are open not only in metropolitan centres, but even tier 2 cities as well. Brainwonders knows that women can make a difference wherever they are. Thus, to overcome that barrier of leaving hometown for work opportunities, Brainwonders is bringing the work to the comforts of your town. They are launching themselves at 365 locations in India.

Being a counsellor itself is a very satisfying position. Anyways, the attribute of women as a nurturer makes them dominate the healthcare industry. Women are usually inclined to be caring, giving and a source of support. So why not add a professional touch to the same and share their warmth and knowledge with all and help others in becoming better!

Brainwonders is the leading I.Q. Psychometric Test Centre and a nationally awarded U.S. patented DMIT centre for assessment and counselling. Thus, all the teachers, counsellors, psychologists and career guides are encouraged to join the incredible Brainwonders team to boost their career track as well.

Brainwonders knows that the counsellor’s profile itself has to be strong. They constantly believe in transforming and upgrading human potential and that is why they also provide internationally accredited training and certification to the counsellors who will be becoming a part of the Brainwonders Counselling and Human Development Team.

So this Womens’ Day, Brainwonders is receiving applications on [email protected] or Whatapp the same on +919987766535 from women who want to contribute their skills to national development.

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