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An IQ test is a tool that may be used to assess and establish intellectual goals. Psychometric tests are used to calculate a person's 'Intelligence Quotient,' or IQ, which is a psychological measure of a person's relative mental and cognitive ability based on their age. 

In essence, an IQ test measures the level of intelligence of a person. Answers to given questions must be provided within a specific time limit in order to earn a score, which is then compared to an age-appropriate norm. IQ is key to determining an individual's competency level.

Furthermore, it emphasizes one's ability to adapt and learn new things. A simple IQ test is one of the ways to assess the cognitive ability of children and adults alike. Having been studied for decades, it has gained a reputation as one of the most dependable psychometric tests and is often used by everyone for assessing their own intelligence. 

The Brainwonders IQ testing was designed and time-tested by a member of MENSA, Olov Bergman. As the world's oldest and largest high-IQ organization, MENSA provides validity to Brainwonders' IQ test in understanding people from a variety of backgrounds.


FOR KIDS (11-18 years)

- The ability to work in high-demand occupations 

- Academic comfort and progress mapping 

- Spatial and working memory and focus

Adult IQ Test (18+) 

- Ability to solve problems and act logically

- Consistency and Perseverance

- Motivation and ability to deal with a variety of problems

Corporate IQ Assessment

- Predicts Professional Success

- Organizational Functioning Screening 

- Observational Skill & Processing Speed

Every year, the counsellors at Brainwonders, India's premier career counselling service, conduct a variety of online IQ tests and issue certificates to children, adults, and organizations. As a consequence, good career counselling requires a full ability to comprehend one's the development and intelligence at every stage of life. This not only keeps track of progress but also aids in the planning of future interventions.

The IQ score obtained is a decent indicator of a person's intellect. The IQ range reveals exactly what sort of push the child requires as well as the kind of study he or she must do. It also tells which job route the child is most suited for. A person with greater IQs is more likely to work in science, engineering, or research. Concentration, grasping ability, memory, and reasoning have been among the child's developing abilities.


The Brainwonders IQ Test is a test that aims to determine a person's overall level of aptitude. The surveys are given out and must be performed within a certain amount of time, which is determined by how well the questions are understood.  As a result, it is often applied as part of the career counselling process, alongside interest tests and aptitude tests. You can choose to take the test online or offline in three easy steps: 

Register and take the test.

The surveys are sent out and must always be performed within a particular period of time, which is determined by how well the questions are understood. 

Interpretation and evaluation

According to the test handbook, the questions are graded, and a report is generated by using the performance information and international standards.

Certification and Direction

It serves as a measure of the person's mental ability, and if necessary, it can be used to provide suggestions (such as in cases of retardation or giftedness).

How to Calculate Your IQ Level

  • Working Memories
  • Reasoning
  • Processing speed 
  • Accuracy

Brainwonders IQ Test In Nagaland

Nagaland has a good education system despite being the smallest state in the nation. Educational institutions are known for delivering a well-rounded education to students. Brainwonders' Nagaland career counsellors have a wide range of talents, training, and knowledge. We don't only provide career suggestions; we also put up a personalised action plan for each candidate to help them thrive in their chosen field. Students can take a recognised Aptitude test, Interest test, Personality test, and DMIT test at Brainwonders career counselling centre. Professional counsellors may utilise these tests to analyse a student's inherent traits, talents, and potential, giving them an edge in deciding which career path is ideal for them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an IQ test?

An I.Q test is a psychometric test that determines a person's level of intelligence. The 'Intelligence Quotient,' or I.Q., is a psychological test that assesses mental and cognitive abilities as they relate to age.

What are the benefits of taking an IQ test in Nagaland?

Depending on one's age, an IQ test may be used to measure one's acquired intelligence level as well as basic logic and reasoning abilities.

What are the advantages of taking the IQ test Nagaland Brainwonders?

In Nagaland, an IQ test may be used to assess a person's basic logic and reasoning abilities, as well as their degree of acquired cognition, depending on their age.

Is it possible to take an IQ test on a computer?

Yes! The Brainwonders IQ test is available online for the appropriate age groups. To register and take the test, go to the Brainwonders Official Website.

What is the degree of trustworthiness of an online IQ test?

The Brainwonders online IQ test is very accurate and well-researched, allowing you to make swift career decisions based on a thorough grasp of your possibilities.

What are the advantages associated with taking an online IQ test?

In the realm of education and profession, the Nagaland IQ test is one of the most time-tested and reliable. The online test covers a wide range of subjects, including how to pick and thrive in a career, as well as how to evaluate academic performance.

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