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What is Aptitude Test?

Aptitude test is a multiple choice questionnaire that assesses cognitive knowledge across different dimensions. These are timed and administered under testing conditions. A typical test is about 30 minutes or more as it varies according to the subtests.


The test is a paper pencil test. The written paper is designed in such pattern that candidates gets less than minutes to answer any question. In such a scenario, the candidate will select question judiciously and will allocate time in a manner to maximize the score. The various sections for the test include quantitative section, verbal section , data interpretation and logical reasoning section.


What does an Aptitude test evaluate?

● Abstract reasoning: Ability to contextualize information and recognize patterns and critical metric for individuals that seek to enter management,
● Spatial Visualization : Ability to manipulate 2D and 3D shapes cognitively.
● Manual dexterity: Ability to perform manual tasks,
● Numerical Aptitude: Ability in mathematical proficiency,
● Creative skills: Ability to use out-of-the box approach,
● Literary skills: Evaluates literary skills like comprehen stories, write simple letters and construct simple sentences.
● Organizational skills: Ability to manage multiple dynamics variables
● Leadership skills: Ability to manage human resources
● Spelling : Evaluates the ability to recognize correct spellings and forms.
● Perceptual speed and accuracy: Ability to quickly read, compare and make simple inferences from the given information.
● Scientific skill: Ability and understanding in basic scientific concepts
● Mechanical reasoning and understanding: Ability to use simple technical concepts and principles.


Why does one need an Aptitude test?

The primary objective of an Aptitude Test is to check the multiple abilities of the individual. It helps in maximizing their combination of strengths while working on the concerned areas. The test plays a pivotal role in selecting the right profession.


When to take an Aptitude Test?

Ability test /Aptitude test are taken as entrance exams for schools, colleges and for higher courses in business schools and for recruitment and employment in certain corporates at various career guiding and educational counseling institutes.


What are the subtests of aptitude test?

An aptitude test is divided into a number of subtests; where the numerical, verbal,abstract, logical reasoning, accuracy and spatial reasoning are a few categories which the test is designed. The test may vary as per field to be tested for each individual and purpose of taking the test.

There are majorly categorized as
● Numerical: Includes basic arithmetic, number sequences and simple mathematics. In management level test logical and analytical abilities like brain teasers, puzzles and logical reasoning, graphs and data-interpretation.
● Verbal : Includes grammar, spellings, ability to understand analogies and follow detailed instructions and various communication skills.
● Abstract: Measures the ability to identify the underlying logic of a pattern and determine the solution. It is the best indicator for fluid intelligence and ability to learn new concepts quickly.
● Logical reasoning: It is also known as critical analysis which helps in assessing a candidate’s ability to interpret patterns, number sequences and diagrammatic tests.
● Clerical speed and accuracy: This test is a classic approach to the ability of measuring a person’s ability to read quickly, compare set of information and make simple decision.
● Mechanical reasoning: This is also known as Technical reasoning. The candidate is mostly tested on the engineering and technical tests.
● Spatial reasoning: It is a reasoning skill that refers the capacity to think about three-dimensions and draw conclusion about those objects for limited information.


What age group takes aptitude test?

● For age 12 years to adults
The results are measured in percentile ranks under the guidance of a Clinical Psychologist timed under testing conditions.


If you doubt! ASK! Never Assume!!

The Aptitude Test evaluates the skills and talents that have been acquired with respect to the person's background and normalized scores. The result also highlights the career choices on the basis of strengths but does not declare one to limit themselves to their strengths. It encourages one to work on all aspects to keep all career options open, paving the way for professional success.


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