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29 September,2023  |  By Brainwonders

Career Guidance

I have quick 10 tips to stay motivated why we are all home together spending time with our family.

Are YOU scared of “What’s next?” We are getting bombarded with so many things associated with COVID-19, that our focus is going off the track.

I mean, It’s quite natural. In times of uncertainty, our natural reaction is fear, anxiety, and panic.

But those feelings won’t get you anywhere rather they would place a burden on your immune system. Avoid fantasizing about what will happen next.

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  • Be Mindful and Aware- Plan your day in such a way that you are doing things that help you, professionally and personally. In fact, make your To-do List for the following day, before sleeping and keep adding it further.

Be Mindful and Aware

  • Manage Your Time- Now, this is something which is not fixated to while working from home but otherwise also. Never work in pressure, winding up a task in hurry will not have a positive result. Prioritize your tasks in advance on the basis of importance and urgency and provide a deadline to that with a buffer time.

Manage Your Time

  • Keep Your Mind Healthy- You have to constantly feed your mind with knowledge, otherwise sitting on that laptop for hours will eventually eat you. Find meaningful ways to improve your mind: Reading or Writing, Watching Influential videos on YouTube or watching something productive.

Keep Your Mind Healthy

  • Focus on What’s in your platter- It’s important to know what you have and what you can do about it rather than cribbing about what has been missing.

Focus on What’s in your platter

  • Enjoy Your Work- Usually, if you will notice, you would tend to work for long hours while working from home as compared to your otherwise routine. Take breaks, do not let it affect your health mentally and as well as physically.

Enjoy Your Work

  • Stay in the Moment, Focus on Present- Look around, Reflect on your thoughts/actions. Value this time, contemplate how you can become more productive and efficient in your job.
  • Be Prepared- Working from home will have its own pros and cons. But you have to be prepared with a Plan B, or if in that case, plan C and D as well.  So, it’s important to be ready for change and be mentally prepared.
  • Take Pauses- Often, striking a work-life balance is found to be challenging. But now that you have got a good amount of time to be with your family, designate time for them. You don’t have any excuse now, be it traveling time or hectic schedule.
  • Introspect Yourself- Look out for ways to work on your weaknesses, utilize this time to the best. If you do not have a good typing speed, improve that, practice each day. It is quite simple, learn while you work.
  • Improve Your Skills- Usually, we often tend to complain about how we feel that our learning curve is becoming stagnant, so I guess now, its best that we upgrade our skills using a lot of online courses like Udemy, Coursera, etc.

Eventually, we have to be hopeful and stick around with each other. This difficult time too shall pass. The vital thing is what you will LEARN from it!

If you are feeling lonely, reach out to family and friends via text, email, video or phone call. “Self-isolating” does NOT have to mean “alone.”  Stay Connected. Stay Safe.

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