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7 Tips to Raise a Happy Child!

29 September,2023  |  By Brainwonders

Happy Child

I am sharing a few tips that will help you all to raise a happy child at your home. As someone who has worked with children, I believe that it is very important to build a strong foundation for your child.

It proved that toddlers (aged 3 and above), whose mothers used justification or gave reasons for their requests, or who compromised or bargained with the child, show a higher level of emotional understanding, social competence, and early conscience development than children whose mothers had used punishment, warnings, threats or give in.

Be Flexible

You need to learn the child’s natural likes and dislikes. Do not lose patience, if their choices fluctuate. Do not forget, how you as a child wanted constant support and pampering.

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Make your home “Child Friendly”


Let them explore the world in their own way. You as a parent have to make sure that your home is filled with unbreakable objects that are safe to explore.

Provide Choice and Avoid Authoritative Parenting

Offer your child a choice, even though a limited one. It’s important to give the child some control, let him be responsible for his own decisions. For example- you could ask your child, “Would you like to have your bath now, or after we read a book? “

Suggesting an alternative task when behaviour becomes objectionable

This could be something like diverting attention. For example- you notice that your child is throwing sand in one of his friend’s faces, then you can respond like- “hey, nobody’s on the swings now, let just go there and I will give you a good push”.

Suggest but Never Command

Requesting is always the right way to connect with your tiny one and if it gets accompanied by smiles or hugs, it will do wonders.  Criticizing or threatening will make you lose the game.

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Setting expectations with clarity in the first place

Reminding your child what you expect will help him attain clarity without any confusion.

For example- Talk to your child like- ” When we will go to the cafe, we will behave and will not play with forks and knives”.

Avoid punishment like hitting or slapping instead promote a happy atmosphere

It is often ineffective and may even lead your child to do more damage. Keeping the environment of your home as positive as possible will make your child want to cooperate.

I think it’s time we realize that we must all focus on CONNECTION, before CORRECTION. Raising a child is not an easy job but it’s not even the most tedious one, regardless if we realize that we as parents need to raise ourselves first 7 Tips to Raise a Happy Child!

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