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What Are The Best Education Franchise To Buy

17 September,2021  |  By Brainwonders


 In the words of Warren Buffet, “Buy companies with strong histories of profitability and with a dominant business franchise.” Education is, undoubtedly, the fastest growing sector in India with one of the most promising futures. It is the only field that does not get affected by inflation or recession. Funding a top education franchise will not only enable you to procure a secondary income but also own the business with a low investment outlay. 

Setting up a business on your own will take an enormous amount of time and put you under unlimited liability. Nevertheless, you might not be able to look after every aspect of the business on your own. Hiring professionals is yet another hectic task. Buying a top education franchise business gives you the leverage to capitalize on a well-established brand name with your entrepreneurial initiative. 

Purchasing a top education franchise is gratifying since you have people who care about a business as much as you because they own it. 


1. Social Motive

 Social Motive

Endowing in a top business franchise enables you to contribute to the country’s welfare by serving the education system. Besides, you gain societal trust since education has a favorable future. With proper finance and career guidance, the young minds of the nation are encouraged to serve the country. Thus, the social objective of a business is fulfilled by obtaining a top education franchise. 

2. Scope of Expansion:

Scope of Expansion

The scope for augmentation enlarges when you are assisted by the brand itself. Investing in a top education franchise helps you gain all the support from the franchisor while you use your entrepreneurial spirit in growing a business. 

At Brainwonders, we offer special training to teach various business aspects like operations, sales, marketing, etc. 

3. Established Brand Name

Established Brand Name

Investing in a top education franchise with strong goodwill enables you to sell your products effectively since you already have the client’s faith. 

4. Less Financial Risk

Less Financial Risk

The amount of investment required in a top education franchise is affordable. A top business franchise doesn’t require you to put in huge capital or a bunch of employees, it can all be done in a relatively small area with a small staff. 

5. Additional Layer Of Backup

Having an esteemed business offering you its services while you own it provides auxiliary protection. Since the business knows what it does best, you don’t have to be worried about crumbling down and losing your money. 

6. Success Rate:

top education franchise in India image

Education franchises have a very high success rate of about 80%. By investing in a top business franchise, you get an established brand name and goodwill in the market. 

Brainwonders started in 2011 and has grown to over 108 education franchises in the past 10 years offering quality career counselling services. It is the only U.S. patented Indian company. Thus, you get to work under the umbrella of the brand while you strive to grow exponentially. 


The franchise industry in India offers various options and investment ranges. 

Following are the types of franchises to help you develop an action plan for the best education franchise opportunities in India: 

1. Single Unit Franchise: As the word suggests, a single unit franchise is an accord in which a franchisor grants the franchisee the right to open and operate one business unit. 

At Brainwonders, the cost of each single unit franchise is Rs 3.5 lakhs. 

2. Multi-Unit Franchise: This is often done after the subsequent opening up of a large number of single-unit franchises. In this agreement, the franchisor grants the franchisees the right to operate more than one unit. Typically, the successive fee of each franchise unit of the same brand is less. 

3. Area Development Franchise: Under Area Franchise, the franchisee has the authority to open up more than one franchise unit in a specific area after a stipulated amount of time. Additionally, no one else can open up a unit in the area during this period. 

At Brainwonders, the area franchise is for Rs 10 lakhs.

4. Master Franchise: As opposed to an area franchise, a master franchise grants the right to sell a franchise to other people in a specific area, known as sub-franchisees. In this way, you become the franchisor to other sub-franchisees while granting support and services from the mother brand. You are also entitled to receiving fees from franchisees in the territory. 

For people to take charge of an entire city, the cost is Rs 30 lakhs. 

Can I own more than one franchise unit in the same business? 

Of course, you can. A franchisee can own more than one franchise unit in the same business. Owning a multi-unit franchise enables you to weather harsh economic times in case of recession. Also, this provides a sizable market reach and greater opportunities for success. Additionally, purchasing a multi-unit franchise enables you to save costs since there is a comparatively lesser fee for each successive unit. 

To learn more about the best education franchise opportunities in India, enquire now:



At Brainwonders, we offer the best education franchise opportunities in India. While working with us, you can maintain your work-life balance, have low to negligible financial risk, enjoy the profitability of the education sector and easy accommodation with our counselling training. 

At present, India contains a lot of institutions that have established their brand names through innovative pedagogical methods. A creative entrepreneur can have boundless opportunities alongside a standard label to make his/her business concept marketable in the industry. 

There are innumerable and best education franchise opportunities in India. All you need is a budding desire to learn and to evolve. Since the education industry has a very promising venture, it is likely to give higher returns than any other sector. 

Why should you be a franchisee?

Investing in a franchise requires research. And even when you have shortlisted your options among the best education franchise opportunities in India, you might need to ensure why you should infuse money in a franchise at all?

  • Low levels of risk: Investing in a top education franchise saves you from beginning the business from scratch. The reputation of the company is already established. All you have to do is to take over. This reduces the risk. 

  • Support from Mother brand: COVID-19 and digitalization has opened doors to procuring the best education franchise opportunities in India. Relationships with customers are already ingrained. Moreover, the mother brand is always there to support you and provide services. 

  • Training: While setting up a business from ground zero is no harm, but there is a risk of crashing down. In cases where the proprietor doesn’t have a sole idea of a business, this can be a strenuous task.

Through a top education franchise, all you have to do is to have a desire. The training is provided by the franchisor itself. 

Furthermore, you get a ready-made strong customer base to cater to your sales volume. Brainwonders has an online space and has been providing career counselling services to over 7 lakhs students across more than 325 institutions and 90 corporates for more than a decade. 

Education is perhaps the only sector in India that doesn’t get affected by the recession and economic slowdowns. Currently, the education sector is constantly trying to imbibe changes to adapt to the new normal. This might be the best time to invest in education franchises since they are progressing effectively.  

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