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Brainwonders Set To Rule Chennai!

30 September,2020  |  By Brainwonders

Brainwonders Set To Rule Chennai

BRAINWONDERS has been expanding rapidly, thanks to the huge demand of educational counselling. With their head office in Mumbai, the reputation of the organisation preceded itself when BRAINWONDERS eyed Chennai- the southern supercity.

The very fibre of BRAINWONDERS is built with the intention of providing quality assessment and counselling services to every niche of Indian subcontinent. BRAINWONDERS is primarily known for their U.S. Patented DMIT and other psychometric tests like multiple intelligence tests,  IQ test, online aptitude test and interest tests. Apart from the test results, reports and certification, BRAINWONDERS has been the recipient of several awards including Best Student Counselling (Indian National Award, 2012), Best Student Counselling (4th Indian School Merit Awards, 2016), Outstanding Contribution to Educational Counselling (Maharashtra Merit Awards, 2017), Best Student Counselling (5th Indian School Merit Awards, 2017) and and Best in Educational Guidance (North School Merit Awards, 2018 ) for their contribution towards educational counselling and corporate training.

Very recently, the BRAINWONDERS Franchise Development team closed 4 franchise centres to cater to the demands of Chennai students, parents, schools and working professionals. They have also established a Regional Center in Chennai for smooth and effective operations. The Regional Center is headed by Mr Udhay (Founding President, DIYA Laboratories) has been boosting the growth of technical knowledge in the students and has now chosen to enlighten the students about their own potential.

Ms Abirami & Mr Vivek (Founder & Director, Magnet Minds) have their own Preschool successfully running for over a decade now and now resolved to cater to their branch in Anna Nagar.

Mr Karthick Kumar has taken the initiative to branch out by taking up a regional centre in Coimbatore.

Mr Amarnath Reddy & Mr Anuj Kumar has had a tremendous experience in the corporate sector and has set up their branches for provision of counselling services.

Chennai has been the centre of learning and excellence with a population seeking professional guidance to achieve personal and occupational growth. The BRAINWONDERS Chennai chapter is ready to ensure wholesome growth of their people!

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