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Best Ever-Growing Educational Franchise in India

18 September,2021  |  By Brainwonders

education franchise india

It’s about time you get out of that nine to five job and live up your entrepreneurial spirit. The catch here is that you don’t even have to start from ground zero. You will only have to invest your money and whoosh! The business is yours. Such is the power of the franchise. There are several education franchise opportunities in India. 

What is a franchise?


A franchise refers to leasing out a business and its rights to an individual, who in turn, pays a royalty fee to do business under the brand’s trademark. Franchising involves two parties- a franchisor, who grants rights and licenses to operate a business and a franchisee, who manoeuvres the business using the brand’s trademark. 

The best franchises to invest in are the franchise in the education sector in India. This is so because education is the only field that never faces recession. As of 2021, India has nearly 200,000 functioning franchise outlets. 

Top education franchise in India

Brainwonders is the top education franchise in India. And why would it not be? It is the only company with a US patent to conduct DMIT in India. 

What makes Brainwonders India Franchise in education special?

1. The only company with the US-patented rights in DMIT


Brainwonders is the only Indian company with US patented rights to conduct DMIT. Our team has had an unbeaten track record in DMIT for over 12 years. Through DMIT, we counsel parents who are eager to know their child’s inherent skills and abilities. 

Watch this video to know more about why you should buy the Brainwonders India franchise in education. 

2. High Returns With Low Investment

high return

Investing in Brainwonders will cost you less than the other firms in the industry. Moreover, with our result-oriented and quality services, we offer the potential for high returns and support for life. Brainwonders is the top education franchise in India with the cheapest royalty fee in the market and high returns. 

3. Grand Customer Base



We are spread over 108 franchises, 325 schools, and 90 corporates. We have provided career counselling and tests to more than 48,50,000 students. Thus, the stage is clear. You only have to hold the reign. 

4. You Are The Boss


At Brainwonders, we offer quality client services, conduct DMIT, and psychometric tests, and assist parents in shaping the career of their children. After purchasing a franchise, you will need nothing but your funds, a desire to work, and a love for children to do a business. Your business will be your own and we will be there with lifetime support and services to guide you through the way. 

5. Lifetime support

At Brainwonders, our franchisees are valuable to us. We provide them lifetime support and are always there to assist and guide them. We provide aid to our franchises. We help you develop market strategies, provide you leverage with our 24*7 faculty, cohesive guidance, and resolve critical issues within the franchise. 

6. ISO 9001:2008 Certified

Brainwonders has been provided ISO Certification by the Ministry of MSME owing to its quality services in career counselling, psychometric and DMIT tests, and corporate services. We also have an ISO-approved service backup system. 

7. UGC recognized certification training in DMIT

Brainwonders has been recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC) to provide training in DMIT testing. We uphold the largest network of DMIT reports taken by more than 3.5 lakhs students all over the country. 

8. Home to numerous big accolades 

With constant support from our team members, we have brought laurels home including the Business Leader Award by the Economic Times in 2019, Most Trusted Academic Counsellor Award in the National K-12 Summit in the year 2018-19 and Indian Education Awards by Asia’s Emerging Brands. 

9. Work-life symmetry

The greatest benefit of owning a Brainwonders franchise is its work-life balance. With easy working hours and less workload, you can operate a unit franchise from the comfort of your home. It is also reasonably priced against other competitors in the industry, making it a viable option. 

10. Franchisee empowerment

We know you want to work with people who value your initiative and effort. We acknowledge the efforts of our franchisees and inspire them to take up courageous tasks. Also, we provide knowledge and skill expertise wherever necessary so you can latch on to us in times of despair. We capitalize on experiences and work together to evolve a mutually rewarding business relationship. 

Types Of Franchise We Offer

Brainwonders is the only company to offer franchises in the education sector in India keeping in mind the middle-class individuals. Here, you can begin investing in our franchise with as low as Rs 2 lakhs. 

1. Unit Franchise

A unit franchise is of two types- single and multiple. A single unit franchise is for edupreneurs who want to operate a business from the comfort of their home. Through a single unit franchise, a franchisor grants a franchisee the right to open and operate a single business unit. The capital investment in a single unit franchise is Rs 3.5 lakhs. 

A multi-unit franchise is a viable option for purchasing a franchise in the education sector of India. A multi-unit franchise enables an individual to cope with losses and builds an entrepreneurial spirit. In a multi-unit franchisee, the franchisee operates more than one unit. Ideally, the successive fee of purchasing each consecutive is lesser than the former.

2. Area Franchise

In an area franchise, the franchisee is given the right to open and operate more than one franchise unit within a given territory. What separates an area franchise from a multi-unit franchisee is that no one else can open up a franchise unit in the specific area during the period in an area franchise, while this isn’t the case in a multi-unit franchise. 

The investment outlay in an area franchise is Rs 10 lakhs. 

3. Master Franchise

Owning a master franchise is like doing another business in itself. A master franchise enables a franchisee to be a franchisor to the other party. In doing so, he/she grants the right to sell a franchise to other people in a specific territory, known as sub-franchisees. The services and support are offered by the mother brand for the business to thrive in its trademark. As a franchisor to the sub-franchisees in the education sector in India, you are entitled to royalty fees from them. 

The cost for owning a master franchise is Rs 30 lakhs. 


  • The largest network of DMIT reports assessed
  • An excellent team with 12+ years of experience
  • Certified by the Govt of India in the SME sector
  • US patented rights to conduct DMIT
  • ISO 9001:2008 certified 

Brainwonders Training

Brainwonders, apart from being the only US patented company at providing education franchise opportunities in India, strives to provide extensive training to its franchisees. Our Franchise Development team is proactive in providing training regarding operations, marketing, sales to every entrepreneur who has a desire to work and learn. 

Typical work hours

The general operating hours for franchise units are after school and at weekends. Thus, you can effectively maintain your work-life balance while you work with us. Other operating hours may include private counselling, meeting with parents, etc. 


Investing in a top education franchise in India enables you to grow exponentially. Franchise in the education sector in India has seen a rise of over 200% in the past three years. If you love children and want to help them develop, you can join our education franchise in India to address issues regarding career decisions and join hands in their development. 

Thus, if you have business acumen, burning desire, and excellent work ethics, you can join hands with us. 

Our franchisees at Brainwonders who have purchased our education franchise mention that they derive immense satisfaction from serving children and owning a business unit. Since ours is a recession-free company, we guarantee high returns. 

The demand for education franchises in India that help children in shaping their careers is high. It’s only when you purchase a unit, you’ll realize what it’s like to make a real difference. 

To learn more about the best education franchise opportunities in India, enquire now:

Contact us: +919987766531/[email protected]

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