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30 September,2020  |  By Brainwonders

This May, Brainwonders is celebrating the kids and their power to shine bright at the Kidz World Expo. We know that each child is born unique. And now we empower the parents to expand their potential and talent- to the whole world!

BRAINWONDERS will be present to help the parents and the guardians help their children become superstars by helping them understand the child’s inborn personality traits, strengths and learning styles.


As the largest U.S. patented DMIT counselling centre in India, Brainwonders has exclusively connected with 230+ schools to provide a spotlight to every child- no matter what age. If you are still wondering what unfolds for each child with this amazing concept, here is a snapshot:

  • Personality– Understanding of the behaviour and thought processes using DMIT helps in better management.
  • Learning Style– The Brainwonders analysis helps in identifying the correct learning styles which makes the training process more productive.
  • Brain Dominance– The Left or Right Brain dominance through Brainwonders analysis helps in knowing the analytical or creative inclination.
  • Multiple Intelligence Profile– The Social Skills, Ability to Introspect, Logic and Reasoning, Visual and Spatial Judgement, Control over Body Movements, command over language and Comprehension skills are very important to get the right set of profile one can benefit from.
  • Career Introspection– The Brainwonders analysis makes helps in making the decision of suitable job profile and works environment ensures success and further grooming in the same.
  • Guidance and Recommendations– The DMIT analysis is followed by a detailed counselling session that provides unique suggestions for personal and professional development.
  • Progress Mapping- The parents/ guardians and the teachers also are able to gain insight into the child’s traits and developmental aspects and are able to effectively help them unlock their unique potential.


In fact,  at the Kidz World Expo- BRAINWONDERS will be giving away I.Q. Test worth Rs 4500 absolutely free to all the kids above the age of 14 years. Also, for all the kids out there, there will be several activities to boost creative and logical thinking! BRAINWONDERS has won several accolades for their contribution to education and career counselling with their services in IQ and Psychometric testing as well, but it has been U.S. Patented DMIT which has been known to take the cake owing to its unbiased and comprehensive scientific basis.


Even several parents experienced the power of U.S. Patented DMIT with BRAINWONDERS for self-awareness and development. After the expert counselling, parents can productively foster their new insights to boost their dynamics with their children. It also enhances their personal, professional, psychological and social growth. Moreover, BRAINWONDERS will also be providing the parents to be their child’s superheroes themselves by helping them kickstart their own venture- right from the comforts of their home!


Do not miss out on this doubly fantastic opportunity, because opportunity knocks just once! Visit BRAINWONDERS Kiosk no. 17 at Kidz World Expo @ WTC (Cuffe Parade) on the 4th and 5th of May 2019! Call on 9892405552 now for more information!

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