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Career Counselling Session for School Students

17 May,2023  |  By Brainwonders

career counselling with Brainwonders

What is Career Coaching?

Coaching and counselling are two comparable but distinct pathways in career coaching. The purpose is to assist people in making educated decisions about their professional development and trajectory, as well as provide various tools—resumés, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles—to help them achieve those objectives.

Coaching and counselling are two comparable but distinct pathways in this subject. The purpose is to assist people in making educated decisions about their professional development and trajectory, as well as provide various tools—resumés, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles—to help them achieve those objectives.

Career coaching's main benefit is that it enables people to analyze their work conditions with more honesty, curiosity, empathy, and compassion.

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Future Generation 


Every year, India's high schools graduate a staggering 30 million students. That's ten million students in India and around the world waiting to get accepted into various college programmes. Only 7 broad job alternatives are known to 93 percent of these kids. According to studies, India offers over 250 professional alternatives to choose from, encompassing thousands of career routes. In today's world, when these alternatives are always changing, it's critical to educate children so that they can look beyond the horizon. As a result, in such instances, Career Counseling could be quite beneficial to future generations!

Career counselling is critical, especially for the next generation, and no one can refute that. When it comes to choosing a career path, it is advantageous to start the process of career counselling as early as possible. This is because it allows kids to recognise and develop important characteristics such as personality, job orientation, and hobbies at a young age. When provided at the appropriate moment, career counselling can greatly assist students in gaining clarity about their future vocations.

It goes without saying that one cannot make a career decision all at once. It can change at any time after being chosen, including after starting the first job. As a result, obtaining assistance and support from career counsellors early in the process of developing a career path allows a youngster to better understand their skills, weaknesses, and job prospects before narrowing down their selections. It not only assists students in gaining a clearer picture of their professional future, but it also provides parents with a realistic picture of the costs associated with their child's college education. This will help the child to have a more stable future.

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When to start Career Coaching?


Between the ninth and twelfth grades is the best time for students to get career counselling. It's undeniable that persuading children to start thinking and preparing might be difficult. A good career coach, on the other hand, would help them make the best option possible. Furthermore, having a guide will enable future generations to explore without fear of being judged.

How will Career Coaching help you?
  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses 

Through numerous exercises and one-on-one meetings, a good career coach can assist a student to recognize their strengths and shortcomings. The decision-making process will become a lot easier if you are aware of these two main components of life. A career coach can help you determine your areas of interest in extracurricular activities like debate, dramatics, and the arts, among other things. The counsellor will also assist you in finding your strong academic interests and allowing you to focus on your weaker subject areas in order to help you progress.

This can also allow you to learn or pick up new activities, allowing you to step outside of your comfort zone and develop the soft talent of flexibility. Both the student and the parent will be more aware of the career path that will best suit them as a result of this, and they will be able to prepare for it.

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  • Better insights through Psychometric tools

A psychometric assessment is a scientifically produced tool that aids in the evaluation and assessment of your performance across several areas. Orientation, interests, aptitude, and personality are examples of these domains. This assessment will also help measure your emotional quotient, keeping in mind the current scenario owing to the COVID19 epidemic (EQ). Furthermore, it provides a clearer image to the next generation of how well they can cope with stress and anxiety.

Not only the student but also their parents will gain a holistic understanding of their abilities with the help of a psychometric assessment. This would let the career coach guide the student more effectively and efficiently. Early assessment will aid you in determining which career paths you should pursue in order to construct a better future.

  • Life skill Development


Certain life skills are essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. As a result, kids must begin learning and developing these skills at a young age. Other abilities, such as self-awareness, self-esteem, self-respect, emotional control, and so on, play an important role in making the best profession decision. A student requires guidance and counselling throughout their school years in order to build these skills.

Normally, a teacher would assist students in the development of these abilities. Students would not be able to obtain the same level of guidance from their schools as they would from a career counsellor. They may not be able to form the same bond with teachers in schools as they can with a career counsellor. A good career counsellor would encourage you to open up to the career coach. As a result, you will be more willing to adopt and develop these talents. It should come as no surprise that these abilities are in high demand in today's marketplace. Not only that, but you will continue to be significant in the future.

  • Learning time management from the beginning

Time Management

When a student is in Grade 8 or 9, they always believe that they have plenty of time. As a result, people frequently waste that time by sitting idle, watching television, or doing something else useless. When exam time comes around, individuals frequently find themselves in a difficult scenario where they are unable to find the necessary time. Students can learn time management skills at a young age by going through a comprehensive career counselling process. This will aid them in avoiding similar situations in the future. Time management is a valuable skill to have throughout one's life. Furthermore, it serves as a solid basis for a bright future.

There are various reasons to hire a career coach that has nothing to do with job searching. The impact of it can be seen in the future. Career coaching will also help you to maximize your current job potential, will help you in pitching for promotions and help in shaping your vision for the future. Career coaching is as important for a professional’s future as water is to the small growing plant. 

Brainwonders is a leading career counselling and assessment platform. Log on to the website to get a session booked today. The site also has various options for assessment like an aptitude test, interest test, IQ test and DMIT. To know more about professional courses and colleges you could go through the blogs.

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