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How Can Career Guidance Help Motivate Your Child To Pursue Their Dreams?

16 October,2021  |  By Brainwonders

Career Guidance

It was not a long time ago, around ten years ago, it was widely assumed that there are very few job choices that would guarantee a child's future success. After a decade, the millennial and Gen-Z generations have emerged, and they are eager to work hard to pursue their dreams, they are realizing the importance of career guidance. However, a parent's role in deciding on a vocation for their child does not end with an of subjects. They must plan and consider larger issues, such as the various courses their child can take if they want to pursue their interest. Is the child aware of the current educational trends? What impact have these trends had on them? With these questions, parents might consider career guidance choices.

We view things differently as adults than children, but when we approach a topic with an open mind and a positive attitude, we open up a whole new universe for them to think about. Dreaming as a family encourages children to think beyond themselves and the help of career guidance can be taken.

What is the need to encourage children to pursue their dreams?

pursue your dreams

Many factors in life such as priorities of life, passion to follow, learning skills, Decision-making skills all are somewhere connected to childhood days. It all has an effect on individual life. This will help the children in making the right decisions in their lives in the future.

A dream is merely a stepping stone on the path to achievement. Dreams are frequently the larger picture of things we wish to do or experience in life. They maintain a child's focus on life's greater visions and allow them to think beyond their current circumstances. Children might sometimes be empowered by their dreams to transform their reality.

Dreams that matter…

Dreams that matter

It is very important for parents to encourage the dreams of children. There is a need to first understand the kids’ interests and inborn abilities. Career guidance can help in achieving these goals. Children start noticing everything at a very young age. It is very crucial to notice children’s interests. One thing to remember while discovering your children's passions, abilities, and gifts is that we should never be hesitant to encourage them in anything they want to be or accomplish. Your limiting beliefs must not get in the way of the process. Hence is the role of career guidance in dreams. Children’s abilities were bestowed to them for a reason, and that reason is to share them for the greater good. With the help of the right career guidance, parents and children can easily accomplish this.

5 Reasons to encourage children to follow their interests and seek career guidance.

Let us look at why we should encourage kids to follow their interests and seek career guidance.

  1. Dependency: Our children's early passions train them to be self-sufficient. You must realise that if they are interested in a particular activity or ability, it is their choice, not yours. Every parent must recognise that their children will soon be in charge of their own lives and making their own decisions. The independence they've received as a result of discovering and pursuing their passion for any hobby or skill is priceless. This instils faith in their life, allowing them to pave the route for their future existence. Hence with the help of career guidance, we should encourage children to follow their interests.
  2. Enthusiasm: Your children's enthusiasm instils in them the ability to persevere. If a person is passionate about something, he or she will not easily abandon it. Even if your children have failed numerous times or come in last place in their most exciting skill, a fire still burns within them, motivating them to work harder. Their enthusiasm fuels their drive to continue working in order to pursue their passion. This can also be another reason to encourage children and seek career guidance.
  3. Self Efficacy: Students' self-esteem and confidence, as well as their drive and perseverance in school everything matters to achieve their dreams. Encouraging self-reliance gives your child a sense of control over their lives. Career guidance is something that will help in achieving children’s passion.

  4. Focus on the effort: Encouragement is also beneficial in enabling children (particularly older children) to relate to how they feel about themselves and their accomplishments. Whenever a child is encouraged for their efforts, it becomes easier for them to focus on their goals. Career guidance can help the children in selecting the right goals and objectives.
  5. Importance in education: Encouragement is a powerful force in education. Your words as a teacher or parent, have the power to either boost or break children’s confidence. Students internalise encouraging words, and they can be used to motivate them to succeed. Encouraging and motivating kids provide a visual reminder to children that they have the ability to study and succeed. Seeking career guidance is one way to introduce children to various educational facilities to follow their dreams

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5 Strategies on how to support your child's interests.

1.  Allow the children to make calculated decisions on their own. 

Allow your youngsters to take guitar lessons one month and then return the following month to declare they want to learn an activity like martial arts. This is how your child discovers his or her passions. These endeavours can serve as excellent learning opportunities for them. You don't have to put any pressure on them to accept responsibility for those things. All you have to do is allow their imaginations to go wild. And career guidance can be an excellent choice to fulfil this objective. The charges you pay are an investment in their bright and exciting future.

2. Normalize the setbacks

Mistakes are a great opportunity to learn. The idea is to normalise mistakes and teach youngsters that making mistakes is natural, especially while learning something new. Seeking career guidance can help in obtaining help in various ways on how to normalize setbacks.

3. Assist your younger ones in identifying their talents and passions.

Children's dreams may appear far-fetched, but accompany them on their journey. Children's goals should be supported, heard, and respected since children with high aspirations are more motivated and have better life outcomes, including educational attainment and adult incomes.

4. Encourage your youngster to take aptitude tests with a career counsellor.

If your child expresses interest in a vocation that does not appear to be a good fit for their natural abilities, you do not have to dismiss it outright. Instead, consider how your child could apply their natural abilities to that sector. Their unique perspective and expertise in that sector may enable them to make a significant and important contribution.

5. Be patient and constructive.

Remind your youngster that finding work they enjoy is typically a long journey of self-discovery and trial and error. They may alter their direction as they progress through their careers. Be patient with your child as they make these difficult choices, and encourage them to continue learning more about themselves so that they can continue to develop into the great person they were born to be.

When is the best time for kids to start thinking about their future careers?

Let us take a look at how career guidance can help with deciding about careers.

This is an important question that is sometimes overlooked until kids have reached 10th or even 12th grade. By that time, children have pre-developed interests and mostly decide what to do next without much prior knowledge about a lot of things regarding the course. Grade 6 is the ideal age to begin this practice. Children at this age have some comprehension of mathematics, have been exposed to public speaking and writing, and begin wondering about what they see around them. With proper career guidance, they can seek answers. As a result, now is the time to start teaching children career-readiness skills with the help of career guidance.

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Role of career guidance in achieving dreams:

The demand for effective career guidance and coaching has never been greater. The workplace is where most people spend the majority of their time. They spend more than half of their lives in the office. As a result, getting the appropriate career guidance at the right moment might be a life-changing decision for students.

Here we take you through some of the advantages of career guidance:

  • Career guidance assists students and professionals in understanding their career alternatives and prospects.
  • Career guidance assists individuals in analysing their skills and limitations and determining the best career route for them.
  • Career guidance is not only determining the ideal career path but also developing a detailed implementation plan with total career clarity.
  • Career guidance will aid in the identification of factors that influence career progression.
  • Career guidance will assist in improving the student's and professional's confidence and morale.

Career guidance can assess your interests, personality, and character so that you may analyse yourself and find the finest job alternatives for you.

Despite the fact that many parents understand the importance of career guidance and assistance, some parents nevertheless force their children to pursue traditional and money-making occupations.

Hence, as a result, career guidance/counselling is vital since it will help students choose from a number of professional possibilities and choose the best job route for them, helping them to succeed and live a better life.

A friendly reminder: Allow your children to have a vision, create, and find their abilities. Inspire and nurture them, and they will grow up to be self-assured, loved, and exceptional people.

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