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Confused to choose Science Vs Commerce after 10th

16 September,2020  |  By brainwonders

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The days of uncertainty between the publication of results and securing new admission are very stressful for both the students as well as their parents.

Science is the systematic study of the world around you. The broad range of areas within science is Bio-science and Physical Science.

BioScience deals with life forms, how they eat, drink, conserve energy, their habitats, what are the ideal conditions under which they could sustain properly, extinction etc are studied under biological sciences. The job profiles of Botanist, Zoologist, Doctors, Veterinary doctors etc. come under this category.

Physical Science deals with inorganic or non- living objects, which could be classified further as

Physics- the study of matter, energy and their properties,

Chemistry- the study of elements and compounds found in the environment, their composition, properties and their interactions,

Astronomy- the study of objects beyond earth,

Geology- the study of the solid earth, rocks, core etc.

Commerce is a field related to the business industry where studies are related to trade, commuting, communications, economics etc.


The work environment for science professionals varies according to the speciality. Typically Doctors are placed in hospitals, Pharmacists in retail pharmacy or hospital, Astrologist in a research organisation, Bio-technicians and biochemists in laboratories etc. the time period and salary vary with expertise and time required. The professionals within the commerce sector are typically placed incorporate business offices, banks etc. mostly the work timing is limited from 9 to 5.

Choosing a career is important, but it need not be a difficult or messy one. The interests and capabilities are shaped by innate abilities when combined with life experiences. That’s where a career counselor could assist. The counselors could assist you in making the crucial decision of your life by assessing the aptitude, interest, personality and skills.

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