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Confused After 10th Results- It’s Time for Career Counselling

16 September,2020  |  By Brainwonders

10th Board Exam results play a major role in every student’s life. The experience has definitely been more nerve-wracking and unique for the batch of 2020. Due to the COVID crisis, several education boards like ICSE/ CBSE/ IB/ IGCSE/ SSC (state boards) had to adopt new strategies for the board exams- all ranging from cancelling some exams to testing students via alternative assignments. This had actually amped up the amount of chaos and pressure usually experienced by a 10th standard student. While usually, students look forward to starting their session in certain streams of their choice around the month of July, the current batch struggled to wrap up their 10th Board exams itself. This along with the following factors make the 10th Board exams and the aftermath an unnecessary stressful process:

career counselling

  • Pressure to pursue a certain stream: The world may be full of choices, but often the media hype, peer pressure and herd mentality force a student to take up an unfitting set of subjects in 10th. This not only makes the remaining school experience a demotivating experience but also greatly limits the career possibilities.

  • Ignorance about Career Options: It is not possible to know everything. But when making life-altering decisions, one must know what favourable options they have and how they would turn out. Thus, lack of awareness about suitable career options limits one’s reach and the resulting lack of clarity lowers the student’s motivation to push themselves.


  • Lack of awareness about strengths: If one is ignorant about their own potential, talents and interests from a long-term perspective with respect to the future, they would end up working towards an unfulfilling life without concrete goals and targets. This should be avoided at any cost as it also decelerates the current academic performance.

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Career counselling helps in resolving all the challenges on a real-time basis. Career counselling is a simple five-step process to put a stop to all the confusion and problems faced by the student who is especially short of time due to the ongoing situation:

  1. Register for the Test
  2. Take the test Online
  3. Get the report and detailed analysis
  4. Consult the career counsellor
  5. Set and achieve targets

Tests like US Patented DMIT and other Psychometric Career Tests are available online which taps into the whole profile of the student and performs a SWOT analysis. It also helps in identifying higher education courses, career paths and college options which provides the much-needed clarity and vision.

How do students benefit?

career counsellig

Knowing the strengths and areas requiring development puts the students in a better and well-informed position. They are able to not only aspire to the right career but also achieve the same via structured and effective interventions as suggested by the report and career counsellor. This also improves self-confidence and motivation to perform

How do parents benefit?

The parents also are an integral part of the process. They are the main supporters of the child’s bright future who work tirelessly to give their child a happy and successful life. With the detailed analysis, they are able to understand their child’s career and guide it accordingly. They also prepare to make these goals a reality and see an improved relationship with their child.

Thus, it is always advisable for a parent and a student to opt for a career test and career counselling session from a reputed institute. Brainwonders is India’s largest career counselling organisation with 108 global centres and a strong network of 273 Clinical Psychologists and Career Counsellors. They are experienced professionals who have over a decade of expertise in the field of assessment, career counselling, personal development and career guidance.

You can be anywhere, your counsellor is just a call away on +91 9987766531 or +91 9987422220 or email at [email protected] So avail the best career counselling right from the comforts of your home! When so much has already happened to the batch of 2020, it is high time and students and parents address their queries of stream selection and great educational results for a bright and secure future!

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