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Diploma/Degree Courses after 12th Arts: Scope, Career, Jobs

16 May,2023  |  By Brainwonders


Arts stream is one of the most creative fields where students can explore creative, innovative and artistic career options. After completing your 12th Arts, you must be wondering about which are the best courses after 12th commerce? What are the top diploma courses after 12th arts? What is the scope and jobs for diploma degree holders? We will answer all of your queries. Within this blog, you will be exploring the top diploma courses after 12th arts. 

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As an art student, you will have access to a wide range of activities that will allow you to develop your creativity while also giving you unique employment opportunities to help you further your career. A Diploma is an example of such a course. Diploma courses after 12th arts are one of the most incredible options for you if you want to study some courses that are highly concentrated, creative, and short-term in nature, like photography.

How to choose the Diploma course after 12th Arts?

  1. Figure out the skills, abilities, potentials, and aptitudes. Some students have an idea about their abilities, and accordingly, they map out their careers as per their interests. But some are not even aware of their skills; they should consider Career Counselling.
  2. Discover the job opportunities, scope, and detailed information from a list of chosen courses after 12th Arts
  3. Research on each of the shortlisted diploma courses
  4. Finally, define the diploma course which you want to pursue

After discussing how to choose the wise diploma course, let’s now discover the highly demanding diploma courses after 12th Arts:

Top 20 Diploma Courses After 12th Arts:

1. Diploma in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing has driven the attention of young minds. This field is one of the most creative fields in the era of technology. Students who have a genuine interest in web development and programming mainly pursue a diploma in Digital Marketing course. As long as you are also interested in web development, you can also take the class. There are a lot of important things you'll learn about digital marketing in this course. You'll learn about website development, affiliate marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and a lot more. Thus this course ranks among the top diploma courses after 12th arts.

2. Diploma in 3D Animation

Animation is one of the most creative fields of art. One can have a good job in this field if they get a diploma in 3D Animation. This course is good for students who want to be good at Animation. It's important for you to learn some technical skills if you want to be an animator and be successful. The animation, cartoon, and multimedia industries have a lot of future-oriented jobs for people who have a diploma.

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3. Diploma in Interior Designing

The Diploma in Interior Designing aims to give students a broad picture of the situation so that they can be able to keep up with the growing demand for interior designers in the market. They should also be able to build on this knowledge later in their studies in the same field. Structuring is shown in this way as part of making arrangements that are inside or inside-based. Students will learn about design, planning, management, drawing, drafting, and some computer programmes that can help them see 2D and 3D projections digitally. They will learn by talking to other students and people who work in the fields.

4. Diploma in Fashion Designing

The Fashion Industry is massive, and now it has reached across various sectors. Students who aspire to become fashion designers pursue a diploma in a fashion design course. Even some of the students also pursue Advanced diploma in fashion designing courses to get the thorough knowledge about pattern making, clothes designing, apparel, fashion garments, and many more. The students who have completed their course can easily acquire a job in the fashion industry.

5. Diploma in Graphic Designing

Getting a diploma in graphic design isn't just about teaching you how to make things look real. It also teaches you how to do things like an outline, Photoshop, layering, and Corel. The course teaches you how to change, 2D Design, photography, printmaking in glass and other materials, video editing, and computerised media, as well as how to use them. Students should be able to think creatively and solve problems before they start school. They will have access to well-equipped computer labs where they can interact and learn from people who know how to use them.

6. Diploma in Education

Diploma in Education is a certificate teacher training program where all candidates are trained to teach at elementary schools, private schools as well as government schools. The main aim of this course is to provide the proper assistance to the candidates who are seeking to improve their teaching skills. After completing the course, the D.ed pass-outs can get employment in schools. The prospects during the starting period must be of primary teacher; after gaining the experience, the position will increase. 

7. Diploma in Multimedia

A Diploma in Multimedia course teaches you how to communicate in a variety of ways, such as through video, images, audio, animation, and so on. Program: The course includes both practical and theoretical ideas about graphics and multimedia, such as how to make a desktop computer look good and how to make animations, as well as how to make 3D models of buildings and how to make sound effects. The Certificate in Multimedia course's educational plan also helps students improve their self-improvement and interpersonal skills.

8. Diploma in Photography

An undergraduate diploma programme in photography is a degree in which students master integrated photography abilities is known as the Diploma in Photography. In the photography course, numerous specialisations can be chosen. Individuals interested in photography can pursue careers as animal photographers, fashion photographers, nature photographers, artistic photographers, and a variety of other fields. You can also take this degree if you have a passion for photography and want to create your own photography business.

9. Diploma in Foreign Languages like French, Russian, Spanish, German, etc

We often develop our interest in learning a foreign or international language, but have you ever wondered if you can get scalable opportunities from different countries after earning a diploma in foreign languages degree? You can become a writer, publisher, author, or transcriber in that particular language. As of now, students mainly pursue the diploma in international language courses, including a diploma in French, a diploma in German, a diploma in Russia, etc.

10. Diploma in VFX

Creative and technical students generally pursue VFX diploma courses after 12th arts. In the VFX (Visual Effects) and Animation programme, you will learn about a lot of important things about animation, visual effects, cartoons, graphic design, and more. The VFX Animation course has become more difficult in recent years because more people want to work in this field and make money. After they finish school, they can get jobs in the animation and film industry. This field has a wide range of possibilities, including animators, VFX artists, and graphic designers.

11. Diploma in Fine Arts

There are many different kinds of visual and performing arts that fall under the broad umbrella of fine arts. Painting, architecture, miniatures, themes, and other forms of visual art are only a few of the mediums covered in class. Students in the performing arts are taught about the nature, cause, and origin of many kinds of art, such as dance, music, dramas, and traditional martial arts, as well as how to perform them. Topics covered include the history of Indian art – still life or painting, clay modelling and portrait painting and landscape art – both theoretical and practical. After completing the course, you can work as a fine artist, painter, sculptor, illustrator, craft designer, etc.

12. Diploma in Marketing

While running a small business, you need to do the marketing and promotion of your business; only you will be able to provide goods or services to customers. Suppose you want to start your own business or work in a business organisation in the marketing department. In that case, you need to pursue a diploma course in advertising which will help you integrate all the relevant skills and provide you with in-depth knowledge about essential marketing factors. You can do a bachelor's as well as a master's in Marketing and start a fruitful career in the commercial world.

13. Diploma in Travel & Tourism

Students worldwide enrol in the Diploma in Travel and Tourism programme, which provides them with the greatest level of academic and practical learning possible. After earning a degree in travel & tourism, you can become a travel agent, travel guide, tourist guide, etc. Thus, it is one of the most pursued diploma courses after 12th arts.

14. Diploma in Hotel Management

A diploma in Hotel Management (DHM) is a postgraduate study in hospitality management. The administration and management topics covered in this course are as follows: The course provides candidates with a variety of opportunities to find positions in departments such as operations, food and beverage, accounting, sales and marketing, maintenance, so on and so forth. Ample employment opportunities are available in India as well as in foreign countries for diploma degree holders.

15. Diploma in Event Management

The world of event management has changed dramatically in recent years, particularly as new technology finds its way to improve things. Given the unique nature of the stream of Education, the job opportunities for a Diploma in Event Management are concrete. Most jobs are in the hospitality industry, where the main goal is to plan and execute events meticulously. Event management is the course pursued mainly by the students interested in organising events. Apart from that, they also have the strong communication, leadership and persuasion skills that help them become successful event managers. Thus, the event management course comes among the top diploma courses after 12th Arts.

16. Diploma in Retail Management

The advanced diploma in retail management course was started with the initiative to provide opportunities for people involved in the retail sector. Often we see various retail shops where they do all the marketing, promotion and advertising of the products, but then customers do not visit their shops. To solve this problem, they need a retail management course that helps them explain the essentials of retail management. Hence, after completing the course, one can easily start their own retail business or work in an organisation as a Retail Manager.

17. Diploma in Counselling Psychology

The course aims at providing the best guidance to individuals. In this course, the students will understand how to counsel children, school students, and adults. Counselling is needed when you are in confusion. Most people are not able to make the crucial decisions in life because they are stressed out. In order to provide them with the proper assistance, counselling psychologists are helping them make the right decision. After completing the course, one can merely get a job in the Education and consulting industries that need counselling psychologist experts.

18. Diploma in Cabin Crew Flight & Air Hostess

A diploma in Air Hostess & Cabin Crew Flight helps students get a good job in the aviation business. In this course, they will learn about passenger safety and comfort on commercial flights, business jets, and even some military planes. Indian airlines are looking for people who have all the skills needed to work as an Air Hostess or Cabin Crew Flight.

19. Diploma/Certificate in Yoga

The Yoga and Naturopathy course diploma helps individuals make a fruitful balanced career. As we all know, today's generation is stressed out; they need to do yoga and meditation practices regularly. You can start a career in this area and help people get their inner peace by practising yoga and neuropathy regularly. After completing this course, you can open your own yoga meditation firm where you can help people by maintaining their life stress accessible.

20. Diploma in Audio Visual Sound Recording

Getting a two-year diploma in audiovisual sound recording helps students learn how to record audio and video. In this course, students will learn both the theoretical and practical parts of their chosen field of work. This course talks about sound engineering, sound equipment, and how they work. It also talks about how these things work and what they do. As soon as you finish the course, you can become a broadcast engineer at a broadcasting company.

So, you must have a clear idea about the diploma courses after 12th arts. Now, it's time to narrow down your options for which diploma course you want to pursue. Visit Brainwonders Career Counselling if you are still unsure of your future path after 12th arts. You have to give the Brainwonders aptitude test; our counselling experts will help you figure out the right career option with the Aptitude assessment. We've helped thousands of students find the proper path for their future. We are ready to help you too!

Confused about which Course to choose after 12th?

Take Brainwonders Career Test and make the right decisions for your college and course ahead


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