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Mr. Manish Naidu Founder of DMIT Test in India

12 January,2024  |  By Brainwonders

Mr. Manish Naidu Founder of DMIT Test in India

The founder of DMIT (Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test) in India is Mr. Manish Naidu Founder of Brainwonders who have developed and popularized the concept. DMIT is a technique that combines the study of fingerprints (dermatoglyphics) and multiple intelligence theory to provide insights into an individual's innate abilities and potential.

Addressing the gaps in the Indian Counselling Industry since 2011…..

As on May 6 2019, India needed at least 15 lakh counsellors to help with career guidance of 315 million students (Times of India, 2019).

Mr. Manish Naidu adds- “When one thinks of 315 million lives being ruined just because of lack of timely expert intervention regarding academic, extracurricular and professional development- it paints a grave, solemn and dark picture. The team of Brainwonders adds colours to the students’ lives, and works with the parents, teachers and even the corporate professionals- to brighten up the future of each and every child. It is easy to walk the path once the students know where it leads to- and the directions to follow for a happy and well-balanced life.”

Under the leadership of Mr. Manish Naidu, Brainwonders has been a frontrunning assessment & counselling company for the Indian education and corporate sector- working with a vision to put global talent on the map.

Here is how Mr. Manish Naidu has advanced his company:

  1. 2011. Founded a unique U.S. Patented DMIT organisation- the first ever in India
  2. 2013. Amassed recognition and credibility for services- including 2 National Awards
  3. 2015. Expanded the franchise network to 51, including the International centres
  4. 2017. Connected with 100+ schools, setting it as a leading choice of Indian educators
  5. 2019. Launched online Psychometric test series- increasing accessibility to services
  6. 2020. Rolled out the first ever DMIT scanning app- making quality career counselling truly digital

What is Brainwonders

BRAINWONDERS is primarily a Career counselling centre. It focusses on occupational growth, psychosocial grooming and talent maximisation. It was established in 2011 with a firm belief in providing personal and career guidance from the best career counsellors and psychologists in India. The idea was conceived in Prof Lin Ruei Bin's Well Gene Science Lab in Malaysia. Brainwonders operates with their U.S. Patented DMIT, IQ Test, Psychometric Test and Aptitude Test. Our belief is in the Happy Child Concept and we cater to the age range of 6 months to 70 years. The firm runs with a motto of providing quality assessment and counselling services to the Indian and Global population to help every individual be the best of their potential.

What is Career Counselling

That is exactly why career counselling can be helpful, especially for students after 10th who are just about to embark on their new journey. Career counselling, also known as career guidance, is accessible at any stage of life to assist in choosing, changing, or leaving a vocation. Career counselling assists people in assessing their abilities, requirements, and ambitions to discover a profession that is a good fit for them; this form of counselling is considered a crucial step before settling on a permanent career. It might be difficult to discover information about the skill sets and education required for a certain profession while researching many potential careers.

Career counselling helps students make decisions about their future based on their skills, capabilities and interests rather than choosing a path because it’s “popular” or “safe” or because everyone in their family is in that business or because that is what their friends are doing.

Career Counselling Through Biometrics

Brainwonders, is the only U.S Patented DMIT organisation which helps in transformation via brain mapping

DMIT Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence test is the latest and most trending way of mapping a person's brain. In DMIT the fingerprints of the client are taken using a scanner, then a report is generated that gives complete details of the client's personality, strengths, weaknesses and potential. Research suggests 85% accuracy for this approach. It is considered more effective than any psychometric test. counselling done on the basis of fingerprint reports give a clearer picture to the students to choose a career options based on their abilities and skill sets. In India, Brainwonders is the largest DMIT and career counselling center with 108 branches all across the country.

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