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Parents Choice - Brainwonders - Child Development Services

15 October,2020  |  By Brainwonders

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Are you ready for your child's success story? With our DMIT Test, understand your child's capabilities & plan her/his future accordingly.

We are India’s largest assessment and counselling organization. For our dedicated and quality-oriented service, we have been recognized with 5 National Awards for our contribution to the field of parenting and child development.


How we help Parents?

You put so much effort into diligently exploring and researching into giving your child only the best. But sometimes too many choices just complicates things and we end up confused about what we as parents should do that will bring out the best in our child without stressing them.

Here are some challenges that parents face that we address:

Emotional Regulation– from temper tantrums to being inexpressive

Socialisation– understanding the child’s dynamics with people and the surroundings

School Selection– Ensuring that child get the correct board and preschool factors to nurtured with

Cognitive Development– Often, learning is more about teaching right and tapping into child grasping potential

Extracurricular Growth- Creativity, communication, sports and performing arts are amongst many things required for the development of an all-round personality

Knowing all this now just a fingertip away, Brainwonders has the US Patented Technology to simplify parenting and set the child on their path-breaking journey at Flat 50% Off!

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