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Parenting With the Right Learning Style

30 September,2020  |  By Brainwonders

Parenting With the Right Learning Style

Parenting is not an easy task, and often brings with it a lot of queries and confusion. Your child’s learning style is the path to a lot of answers. Ever wondered why some children like group studies and why some prefer to study with their headphones on? Or why you can see your childhood when you see your child at the study table- with the same anxiety and tricks? You need to understand your child’s learning style to know.

learing style image

It is a truth universally acknowledged that every person is a little different in their own way. However, there are some general traits that can help in the categorisation of like physical (like eye colour), demographic (like age) and even psychological (like personality type). Even the social dynamics perceived by one is different- making every individual unique. One such important trait is the learning style. Once one is able to identify the right learning style which is their preferential way of understanding, retaining and applying knowledge or skills- the overall learning experience becomes easier and more productive.

There are 5 types of learning styles divided into 2 categories as follows:

  1. PRIMARY (general approach in terms of motivation and results)
    1. Motive-Based: They are goal-oriented learners for whom encouragement and rewards are the key.
    2. Concept-Based: They are process-oriented learners who focus more on getting their basic rights and seek guidance from mentors.
  2. SECONDARY (specific methods using different senses)
    1. Auditory: These people learn better via music, rhythm and verbal discussions as listening is their strength and would like to read aloud or listen to others’ words and tone for effective learning.
    2. Visual: Visual learners are much more sensitive to learning via visual aids like videos, hand gestures, images and mind-maps and usually like information to be given in a colourful format.
    3. Kinesthetic: These are physical learners that require actions like writing and demonstrations to learn better as they do not like being still for long periods of time and value experiential learning.

Thus, identifying the right learning style is very important as it helps in improving the grasping, comprehension, time-efficiency, application and overall learning experience. However, there is only one effective way for identifying it and that is DMIT as it taps into the inborn traits of an individual. Brainwonders is the best for career counselling in Mumbai and India. Apart from DMIT, it also provides an online IQ Test and online aptitude test for students followed by counselling by the best career counsellors in Mumbai.

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