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Parents- Let’s get COVID-19 Ready!

15 October,2020  |  By Brainwonders

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Currently, as the Novel Coronavirus is driving the whole world into a frenzy, everyone is looking for answers. Some of them relate to the pandemic at hand while most of them are still personal in nature.

Brainwonders as India’s largest counseling and assessment organization has taken an initiative to help the parents out to ensure their child’s development continues to gain speed at a time when the whole world is moving towards a halt.


Children are explorers. They are curious and always strive towards moving forward. Hence, it comes as no surprise that parents are always looking for ways they can provide that extra nudge and support to catapult their child’s journey ahead.

But at a time when schools are shut down and playgrounds are off-limits, there are several ways in which this time at home can be utilized to address some question marks.

Challenge: No outdoor play

Solution: Well, children are usually a bundle of energy that needs to be channelized positively. Hence, it is important to keep engaging them in that way. A hide and seek activity in the house itself or some basic aerobics/ Zumba in the living room are great and engaging ways to ensure that the child stays active and safe at the same time.

Challenge: Missing out on school learning

Solution: This is the time when most brain development happens. And the fact that school is out, for now, may seem fun to the kid, but as a parent one knows how important it is. Thus, it is important to provide your child with storybooks and encourage them for creative writing or painting to ensure that they do not lose out on routine school-like activities. Puzzles and chess will also help in cognitive development right at home.

Challenge: What to do with the spare time which helps them grow

Solution: It is often said that the four walls of a classroom cannot limit a child’s wonder- and it is true. Remember that any child would see the world as their playground- so it is a good idea to let their interest translate into some hobbies. Now they don’t need to worry about their hectic schedule to pick up their paintbrushes or learn a new language online. So it actually is a great time to explore extracurricular options and work through it.


Challenge: Managing your routine now that the child is at home

Solution: This is a good time to teach them certain values and skills that will make them more independent. Let them help you out and prep for life at the same time! Some of these activities could be allowing the child to help you out in setting up dinner, start self-study or even organize their belongings. Not only will they be more than happy to try out these activities, but it is also a good chance for the parent to guide them right without compromising on safety.


Brainwonders Online Services

COVID-19 has forced us into isolation, doesn’t mean that parenting can be paused too. A parent treasures their child- and so do we.

Hence, Brainwonders has launched several online services to ensure that you continue mastering your role as a parent while your child continues to flourish in their wonder years.

Genetic Test(Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test):

Every Brainwonders employee carries their own biometric scanner. It is sanitized before and after every use. Even the reports and counsellings are available in an online format. Know all about knowing your child’s innate strengths and characteristics while understanding the preferred learning and parenting style.

Know More

Parenting & Child Development Workshops:

Apart from the online personal counseling sessions, Brainwonders has launched a webinar series targeting various topics that parents and children need to be guided on. Whether it is board selection, parenting situations, extracurricular development or simply keeping the child positively engaged- Brainwonders has them and more covered. It will also include live interactions with expert psychologists and certified counselors who will share recommendations that can be easily implemented in the current situation.

Remember that because your child and you are at home- one needs to maximize this time to connect with your child and do justice to it. Brainwonders experts are here to help you out with all your needs and care for your safety as much as you. Connect with us on call or email and rest assured that your child’s future is safe with us.

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