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Rapido Kidz: Now DMIT & Career Counselling Centre in Meerut

26 April,2019  |  By Brainwonders

Rapido Kidz is one of the leading preschool- known for its focus on inclusive growth of child in an ambience of freedom, joy & fun.

To foster the same Rapido Kidz has associated with Brainwonders – India’s largest Career Counselling and DMIT centre, to cater to child’s unique learning style, personality traits, strength and weakness.

Parental responsibilities start soon after the birth and play a significant role and leave an impact on child’s overall life. The positivity as well as negativity in a child’s attitude and behaviour is because of parenting style. When parents are aware that each child has his or her own unique gifts that contribute to the society, they can use strategies that bring out the best in each child. Thus, DMIT helps to enhance parent-child bond in the family!

The whole initiative have been taken by Mr. Mradul Solanki (Director, Rapido Kidz), who has often demonstrated himself as a passionate educator, who would be taking ahead this fruitful collaboration.

Mrs. Priya Chauhan Solanki (Principal, Rapido Kidz), has been instrumental as always to ensure the best for education sector. She has even decided to take up grooming of the Teachers using Brainwonders U.S. Patented DMIT to understand and enhance their individual profiles. She always had her eye geared on growth of her students and staff and this is a credible step towards her goal as an educator.

Here are some of the top reasons to take a DMIT test and counselling for Career Guidance and to know the inborn potentials –

  1. Engaging the child in activities that support their  primary and secondary learning styles can ultimately boost self-esteem, improve behaviour, and build family culture.
  2. Brainwonders provide the aptitude test and DMIT which is a great gift to understand the unique ways children learn.
  3. When the parents understand what speaks to the children, they are in a much better position to guide their development and help them reach their potential.
  4. A career counselling drives one to explore the current strengths and transform them into successful occupational opportunities.
  5. It not only provides clarity over the possible career alternatives but also the action plan to be followed.
  6. Career counselling and psychometric tests helps in identifying the areas of strengths and provides recommendations for areas that need to be improved.

With the power of Brainwonders DMIT, IQ Test, Aptitude Test and Psychometric tests, Rapido Kidz is now armed to become the best DMIT and career counselling centre in Shashtri Nagar and even in Meerut.

Ms. Arushika Srivastava

Counselling Psychologist, Brainwonders


L-587, Shashtri Nagar, Meerut -250001

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