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Sports Management: Career & Eligibility

29 September,2020  |  By Brainwonders

How to Pursue a Career in Sports Management?

Sports is a hobby for some people, a passion for many, and a way of life for a few. The sports industry is booming around the world. Careers in the sports industry are not just limited to athletes either. There are tens of thousands of jobs for general managers, fitness directors, coaches, recruiters, professors, PR people, marketing people, salespeople, and more. India as a nation is a breeding ground for sports, and now with a growing number of sports leagues coming up for a wide range of sports, such as Indian Premier League, Hockey Premier League, Indian Super League, Pro kabaddi league, etc. opportunities in this sector abound.

While most people who dream of a career in sports wish to represent their country on the field at national and international tournaments, playing a sport is not the only way to be a part of it. There are others who have the requisite knowledge and understanding of the game but work behind the scenes to organize matches, monitor team finances, negotiate contracts of athletes, etc. All in all, sports managers are required to manage all the key aspects related to the business and governance of sports at all levels.

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Associate’s Degree

Students interested in entry-level administrative, management or marketing careers in sports management can earn an associate’s degree. These programs typically require two years of study and can allow students to pursue careers with sports teams, leagues, athletic organizations, and related sports groups. Courses program can teach students subjects like promotion, financial accounting, and human resources management. Students can also take athletic, sports, and exercise-based courses that focus on the scientific, medical, and biological aspects of sports. Typical courses may involve subjects such as:

  • Business communication
  • Marketing
  • Sports and society
  • Accounting
  • Information technology
  • Event management

Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Management

A bachelor’s degree program can prepare students for supervisory and direct management positions with sports organizations. Its bachelor’s degree programs can offer areas of specialty, such as athletic development, sports marketing or sports administration. Many programs provide internship opportunities with local or regional sports organizations. Typical courses can include:

  • Sports finance
  • Sports leadership
  • Intercollegiate sports administration
  • Sports facilities management
  • Sports event management
  • Industrial trends in sports and exercise

Master of Science in Sports Management

A Master of Science (M.S.) in Sports Management degree program offers students the opportunity to focus on applying to the athletic industry. Graduate students may study sports literature and learn athletic management techniques. Graduate students will learn to combine the practical aspects of athletic management with sports theory. Common course topics involve:

  • Collegiate Athletics
  • Sports Finance
  • Sports Marketing
  • Leadership
  • Sports Law
  • Sports Industry Management

Popular Career Options

Careers typically require individuals to work with athletes and other sports professionals to meet various short and long-term business objectives. Common careers include:

  • Sports business administration
  • Park management
  • Event planning
  • Sports promotion

Career Scope and Job Prospects

Companies are coming up every day in India and cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, and Hyderabad now have some world-class companies in this sector. 

There are 52 official national sports federations in India and governing bodies lookout for professional sports managers. Marketing and branding have also a great scope in the field of sports. Sports marketing managers and sponsorship managers are much in demand. Sports professionals with a deep understanding of sporting merchandise are also in massive demand in India and global brands like Nike, Reebok, and Adidas are increasing their footprint in the country.

Event management companies are on a hiring spree for sports managers to meet the demand for handling sports-related events. In the near future, there will be massive demands for positions like sports directors, operation managers, communications & PR personnel, venue management professionals, implementation managers, sports administrators, media professionals, and so on.

Hence, it is a booming career for those who are passionate about the world of sports.

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