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Tips to choose the right subject after SSC Boards!

07 March,2018  |  By Brainwonders

subject after SSC Boards

Right subject after SSC Boards: Choosing the right subject is a defining moment and the implications of choosing accurately are tremendous. But with many physical, emotional and social fluctuation- what does our high school warrior do?

We are often told that the school days are never coming back- so live it to the fullest! And it surely is true.

These are the years where one starts walking the bridge to adulthood which waits at the other end with responsibility and independence.

High school often brings one an ounce of both- thus the significance of making serious life choices at this age can never be taken lightly.

The Brainwonders Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test is a master weapon. It provides the students with answers that lies within oneself while one looks for solutions outside!

The revolutionary technology identifies the inborn potential using fingerprint patterns and elaborates on personality, multiple intelligence, learning styles, brain dominance and a thorough career analysis. And the psychological counselling that follows is the cherry on the top!

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With Brainwonders DMIT, your future literally lies in your hands. It provides a very comprehensive analysis of an individual’s inborn traits-

SSC Boards – Tips to choose the right subject after SSC!

  • Personality- Understanding of the behaviour and thought processes is crucial to identify the influences and factors one considers during the decision making process.
  • Learning Style- It is important to know what are the sources of motivation and study methods to understand the particular subject.
  • Brain Dominance- The Analytical or Creative approaches used by one once identified helps in understanding what kind of how one will comprehend the problems that one may encounter with a particular subject.
  • Multiple Intelligence Profile- The Social Skills, Ability to Introspect, Logic and Reasoning, Visual and Spatial Judgement, Control over Body Movements, command over language and Comprehension skills are very important to get the right set of subjects one can benefit from.
  • Career Analysis- The decision of suitable job profile and work environment seals the range of subjects one has to continue with for a professional advancement.

With so many factors in play, it doesn’t surprise that there is a lot of chaos to find the correct subject combination for you.

Luckily, DMIT has the answers! So what are you waiting for? Now that the students are busy with their SSC, CBSE and ICSE Board exams, they will soon be facing the question of choosing the right subject and stream.

Their choices will may expand their professional arena or limit their scope. Making the correct decision is crucial. And the Brainwonders DMIT ensures that the student make an empowering choice!

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