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Top 7 Reasons You Need To Get Career Counselling Right Now!

10 January,2024  |  By Brainwonders

 Career Counselling

It is important that professional career counselling be sought to empower oneself to take their professional journey ahead. The world is changing. So are our lives. Every day people experience something new or let go of something old. Depending on their current and social situation, different people have to process themselves through different changes.

Currently, the students are going through a major decision making phase- Career! There are a lot of factors that contribute to one’s decision to pursue a particular career.

However, there is a lot of variety when it comes to deciding a person’s career and professional journey. Aptitude, Interest, Family obligations, Societal Status, Income and Benefits, and Job satisfaction are some of the factors that grooms an individual’s career path. But with so many factors in play, it can get overwhelming for one to take a career-related decision.

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Thus, self-awareness combined with environmental factors is ideal to make the right career choice. Keeping this in perspective, there are specialized counselling services that help in choosing the right career. One can use such Career Counselling services to get on the career path with a clear goal in vision.

Most of these are psychometric tests. These psychometric tests help in understanding the current interest, aptitude, personality traits and other factors that are relevant to person’s psychological understanding of themselves. The psychometric tests include various intelligence and aptitude tests that allow an individual across different dimensions.

For example, any standardized aptitude test discusses the following aspects- Linguistic Aptitude, Numerical Aptitude, Mechanical Aptitude, Visual-Spatial Aptitude, Aptitude for Clerical Speed and Accuracy and Abstract Reasoning Aptitude. Thus, one can avail an aptitude test to understand the prevailing personal strengths and make a career choice using those strengths.

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These psychometric test results are then followed by Career Counselling. The Counselling is done by a trained psychologist who are experienced in understanding the results of the test and then provide guidance and counselling to the students. The counsellors move to analyse the strengths of the individual and directs them to follow career prospects on the basis of their advantages during the counselling.

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Brainwonders is one of the largest organisation that assists in Career selection and preparation by conducting various psychometric tests and bio-metric assessment for students and working professionals as well. The test results are followed by a detailed analysis and counselling by a clinical psychologist.

The expert Brainwonders counselling takes the test results and discusses it to streamline the professional development along with recommendations for improvement. Apart from various psychometric tests, Brainwonders also specializes in U.S. Patented DMIT that scientifically analyses the inborn traits and directs the individual to realize their potential.

Here are some of the top reasons to take a career test and counselling for Career Guidance-

  • A career counselling drives one to explore the current strengths and transform them into successful occupational opportunities.
  • The psychometric tests and DMIT serve as highly researched and reliable tools that validates the strengths and possible career options so that they implement the efforts with added conviction and determination.
  • A psychometric test and the counselling helps in improving self-awareness and thus provides the unique recommendations that separates one from the rat-race.
  • It not only provides clarity over the possible career alternatives but also the action plan to be followed.
  • Career counselling and psychometric tests helps in identifying the areas of strengths and provides recommendations for areas that need to be improved.
  • Professional career counselling provides an objective analysis which focuses on the individual potential only and then later balances it with environmental factors.
  • The psychometric test or DMIT helps in providing a clear professional path from the beginning to end like- subject selection, specialized courses, possible obstacles and opportunities.

Find Out:

However, a counselling is best when you observe the following changes in your child:

  • They are emotionally and mentally mature.
  • They can raise their own opinions and form better judgements.
  • They are dilemmatic while selecting their subject stream or career choice.
  • They are dissatisfied and clueless about their current life path.
  • For improving the work-life balance.
  • Taking career decisions based on your values, beliefs, and life philosophy.
  • When you are eager to learn new skills but are unsure about selecting the right one.
  • When you are mature enough to receive feedback and open to new ideas and beliefs.
  • When you have enough resources to invest in your career.

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Brainwonders major aspects of career counselling are in-depth and supportive, providing you with the opportunity to explore your concerns and convert it into constructive career plans.

Some aspects on which you will work with Brainwonders counsellors include:

  • Finding your passions and hidden potentials.
  • Removing all the dilemmas regarding your choice of career.
  • Preparing for interviews with an effective resume.
  • Having a roadmap for your career.
  • Examining jobs and suitable positions.

Thus, it becomes important to get a professional assessment along with counselling to understand oneself in order to choose the career path that will use the individual traits and ensure the professional well-being of the person. One should contact a great career counselling service, like Brainwonders and utilize their team to secure their occupational destiny. After all, career is a long-term decision with implications that transcends the boundaries of the workplace, and knowing the individual factors guarantees the success!

Get the right Guidance to leap through your Career

Let the best team of psychologists and career counsellors help you achieve your dream career!

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