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29 September,2020  |  By Brainwonders

SSC Result image

Your 10th/SSC Result is out. What Next?

SSC Result: Science, Arts or Commerce? It's a question mark for students after 10TH as it's the first time for them to hold up their Career in their own hands.

This problem is not just faced by the students after the SSC result but also for their parents who are pondering on which field’s door should their child should go?

Transition is a common phrase among the students by gathering information from different sources which can be misleading.

Therefore, after SSC results proper guidance with correct assistance is highly recommended to them.

Multiple questions of What Why and How should be answered after SSC result which includes –

Why do students want to go for a certain field?

What career opportunities they can further explore?

How that field matches up to their interests?

These analyses will give you that first taste of adulthood and hence decision making is initiated within which is again one of the most important essences of adulting.

career counselling

Parents perspective and understanding of their ward is also one of the key aspects that should be taken under consideration after ssc result

Projection of parents’ ambition on their children is common in today’s scenario which is quite irrelevant hence removing all the inclination from the path will make decision making unbiased and natural.

The role of a counsellor at this stage is quite crucial to help the child choose the right path after the SSC result

According to the skills, abilities and potential which will strengthen his/her personality and guide the flow of energy of the individual in the suitable direction.

Also providing a three-dimensional understanding to parents on parenting and to the child on introspection makes a simple medium to spot the skills and potential of the kid.

There is a number of assessments in the market that could be Personality Test, IQ Test, Aptitude Test etc which would really help after the SSC result.

With the expansion of scientific studies and researches variety of tests are been discovered to know the inborn potential of a toddler.

This test doesn’t just help to understand the intelligence of the individual but also covers up various aspects of his/her personality, learning style,

Brain dominance and through this the career of the child is then determined.

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