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Skills & Strengths To Build A Successful Team


Brainwonders corporate services has a vast profile addressing lifelong development. Hence, Brainwonders has created exclusive modules for the corporate organisations. Having a lot of significant experience of working with corporate institutions, we have identified a growing need for a comprehensive assessment framework for employees and candidates. This has resulted in us constructing a series of time-tested assessments addressing various spheres of the candidate’s overall development. The Brainwonders assessment, Counselling and training series have been researched, designed & constructed to address this need and supports the candidate, the team, HR and concerned management to enable the persons to accurately identify and to make the best of their skills

In fact, Brainwonders caters to following growing demands of a firm at all levels:
Corporate Services for Employee
Corporate Services for Customer
Corporate Services for Senior management

Overview of Brainwonders Services

Brainwonders Corporate Development Team has partnered with several Government and Corporate Institutions with following intervention points

Recruitment & Training
Recruitment & Training

Hiring right is the first step into building an all-star workforce. The Brainwonders team has created a range of widely accepted and time-tested assessments that are customisable as well. It successfully profiles the candidates abilities, talents, development and personality factors.

Employee Engagement
Employee Engagement

Many organisations have realised that helping their employees attain a healthy work-life balance improves performance. That is exactly what Brainwonders services helps with in a highly productive manner.

Retention & Development
Retention & Development

Corporates often invest a lot in their employees. Brainwonders ensures that the employee and the employer work together in a longer- mutually beneficial way by helping build the motivation and work environment

Value Addition to Services
Value Addition to Services

Brainwonders tests, guidance and various programs are a great addition to the existing service profile of the company. As it is online and one can avail the package of their choice- it has capacity to make an impact far and wide

Organisational Growth
Organisational Growth

Team work, leadership and cooperation is important to create a winning team. Brainwonders experts have gained years of expertise in this sector and deliver effective understanding and corresponding recommendations to achieve it

Brainwonders team has corporate clients in all sectors including finance, insurance, health, infrastructure, IT, hospitality and telecom. The main aspect of such widespread popularity and acceptance of Brainwonders services is its online and feasible process which supports the standardised tests and expert sessions.


The Brainwonders team has identified many benefits for the partnering company:

Online Access Brainwonders
Online Access

Brainwonders has created its tests to be extremely adaptable to online platforms, which makes it highly accessible to the company as well as its clients.

Brainwonders Services
Range of Services

Brainwonders provides US Patented DMIT, IQ Test, Aptitude Test, Personality Test and other Psychometric Tests that enhance the overall profiling experience.

Brainwonders Administrative Dashboard
Administrative Dashboard

The senior managing team has its own dashboard- the admin panel for easy execution, analysis and monitoring of the test and its usage.


The Brainwonders experts provide customised user experience right from the beginning of the test and client use to the admin panel outlook- befitting the company’s goals.

Expert and Secure Assistance
Expert and Secure Assistance

The corporate development professionals not only amplify the test results via counsellors, but have also created a system that is safe and reliable throughout.

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