Multiple Intelligence Test for Recognizing Dermatoglyphics in DMIT Examination in Kolkata(DMIT)

U.S. Patent Dermatoglyphics is a field of study that studies the ridge patterns seen on human fingers, toes, and soles. It demonstrates the natural links that exist between our fingertips and our inherent traits and abilities. Throughout the foetal development period, the exterior ectoderm forms these patterns. Human fingerprints are generated from the 13th to the 21st week.

DMIT helped medical specialists and scientists comprehend a person's multiple intelligences, innate potential abilities, and Personality by measuring the number of brain cells dispersed around the brain.

Our fingerprints symbolise our requirements and learning methods, allowing us to live more fully.

Characteristics of the DMIT Test

There are no two identical fingerprints. There are ten fingers on each hand that are not similar. Each individual's dermatoglyphics style, striae height, density, number, and point position are all unique. No one has ever had an identical fingerprint on another digit, even if the fingerprints were obtained from the same hand.

Invariance: The elevated pattern network of a lifetime from birth to death will not alter if the labour dermatoglyphics style, quantity, and profile shape are all chosen at the same time.

According to the research, immediate family members will be similar throughout the striae. There are 23 pairs of chromosomes in a normal human cell. When the chromosomes of a tree or structure are modified, the striae mutation occurs. As a result, the mutation has been passed down to the striae.

The baby's brain develops its dwelling area while in the mother's womb. The emotional region of the brain grows fast between the ages of 0 and 3. The cognitive function/area develops between the ages of 4 and 8. A child's mental/spiritual growth progresses between the ages of 9 and 16. As a result, after 17 years, desire and aversion have entrenched themselves as the brain's core operating paradigm.

The human brain functions similarly to a computer; the hardware phase lasts from 0 to 3, the software phase from 4 to 8, and the operational phase, which includes computer practise, lasts from 9 to up.

Who is eligible to participate in DMIT?

Toddlers' DMIT Test (age 1-4)

From birth until roughly the age of three, the brain records a large number of connections and groupings.

DMIT Analysis Benefits: Knowing a toddler's potential at a young age may assist parents in making decisions about parenting styles and educational techniques.

Children's DMIT Test (age 4-12)

Between the ages of three and twelve, the brain begins to prune unnecessary synapses to organise itself and remove what isn't necessary.

Benefits of DMIT Analysis: Children this age are eager to learn and may acquire more information than older children. At this age, determining their learning methods and areas of intelligence may assist them in deciding what courses and activities to pursue.

DMIT is a programme for students in their adolescence and young adult years (age 12-25)

As the brain continues to specialise and form an identity throughout the adolescent years, more severe pruning occurs.

Benefits of DMIT Analysis: Learning styles may be detected at a young age, which can help one's learning experience. It also acts as a pointer to the kind of courses that should be taken.

Adult DMIT Test (age 25 and above)

Certainties fade as we get older, while others are strengthened, resulting in a pruning plateau.

Advantages of DMIT Analysis: Knowing one's intellectual strengths and shortcomings might aid in job selections for adults. Adults who have a better understanding of themselves can communicate more effectively and build stronger ties. Employers may use dermatoglyphics analysis to determine their workers' strengths and deficiencies.

Dermatoglyphics Technology's Advantages (DMIT)

  • Recognize your child's natural qualities.
  • Parents often underestimate their children due to a lack of knowledge of their inborn characteristics (curious, assertive, rebellious, persistent, and so on). Recognize your child's natural communication style and develop an effective communication strategy with them. To have a better understanding of and establish an effective engagement strategy with your kid.
  • Adults may use DMIT to check whether they are compatible with their spouses or business partners.

Recognize your child's natural abilities or learning preferences.

The idea is to figure out how a youngster learns naturally.

The kinesthetic learner expresses their feelings via body language and prefers to learn/memorize through movement and operation.

A visual learner enjoys learning by sight and reading and has excellent observation and visual judgement skills.

Auditory learners prefer to learn by auditory sense/oral practise and are capable of assimilation, organisation, and arrangement of spoken information.

To persuade parents to enrol their children in courses or pre-schools that provide a curriculum tailored to their child's natural learning style (i.e. kinesthetic learner learns best at Montessori due to its activity-based method). To avoid the "trial and error" situation that occurs when parents send their children to a certain class (for example, painting or music).

Adults will profit from DMIT since it will expose their strengths and help them improve their professional performance.

DMIT may be able to assist you in identifying your child's hidden skills and potential.

Every child is unique, and they all possess unique natural abilities.

To disclose a child's inborn potential through a scientifically validated procedure (with up to 95% accuracy) (strength and weakness). To provide parents with a better knowledge of their children and to assist them in preparing for their current abilities. To allow parents to focus on their children's talents rather than playing a "guessing game" about their skills.

When it comes to deciding which university degree would best suit their natural talents and potential, the Dermatoglyphics report is a valuable resource for teens. The dermatoglyphics report will assist in making recommendations on how to complete their career path after graduation.

This test may be useful for anyone considering a career shift, starting a new business, or learning a new skill or degree.

What Do Parents Need to Know About DMIT?

Regardless of their aptitude or ambition, enrolling your children in many courses is not the ideal way to raise them.

It's a high-cost endeavour with no measurable results.

It also causes the kids to get irritated.

Is it possible for their children to comprehend the knowledge they have been given?

We are all equipped in some way.

No one has all of the skills.

What distinguishes the Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligent Test (DMIT) as the most successful technique?

The Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligent Test (DMIT) is the most effective way to assist parents in making the greatest decision for their children. It's also the only one that's backed up by research.

After decades of investigation, scientists discovered that our fingerprints show the development of our fingerprints and the neocortex of the human brain at the same time.

Recognize the talents of your children. They must first hone their abilities to turn their talents into strengths and achieve their ultimate goal of self-actualization.

What exactly is it about DMIT that makes it so successful?

DMIT is a ground-breaking technique that combines the notion of human genetic inheritance with the discovery of the most frequent intrinsic human potential.

The DMIT system, which is patented in the United States, includes four dominant Personality types, five learning styles, eight bits of intelligence, ten intrinsic brain potential, and a learning sensitivity index. It offers the finest path to academic, personal, and professional success, with hundreds of unique combinations.

DMIT is a scientific approach for analysing and understanding a person's preferred learning methods and models.

Since 1985, Dermatoglyphics experts have collected psychological and physiological pattern profiles from over 500 thousand people in China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia to create a database for cross-comparison studies to help people learn how to unlock their inner potential

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