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IQ refers to "Intelligence Quotient". It is a numerical representation of one's intelligence. IQ Tests generate an IQ score that represents an individual's general cognitive ability.

IQ Test

Welcome to Brainwonders IQ Test.

Brainwonders can measure 8 kinds of intelligence.

The kind of these IQ tests is logic-mathematical.

The tests are country fair which means that they are independent of language.

The problems are also free from letters and digits.

So the tests can be used all over the world also among illiterates.

It has been shown that these types of problems use the same area of the brain as mathematics and chess.

So if you pass these tests well, you can probably be good at chess and mathematics.


Best Approach

The tests should be used for groups of people such as students or employees and monitored by dedicated staff.

The appropriate minimum age for the tests is 12 years as the IQ grows very different with age.

In these cases a certificate with the results will be distributed to those who passed the test with IQ >= 100.

The tests will be constantly renewed.

However, there is a free test online ( that can be used for exercise.

The IQ test put very simply is a measure of human intelligence. There are certain questions that need to be answered in a stipulated time to obtain the score that is then compared to the norms established for that age. The IQ of the person is very important to understand to their general competence.

It also highlights one's ability to learn and behave adaptively. The students of SSC and HSC have used the IQ tests estimate their cognitive abilities. The decades and extensive research have made it one of the most reliable career and psychometric tests.

Brainwonders I.Q. test is scientifically created and time-tested by Olov Bergman who is an esteemed member of MENSA. The psychometric constructs of the I.Q. Test uses a simple objective format which the person answers.

The Brainwonders I.Q. Test is a test which purports to assess a general level of ability of the person taking it. The intelligent quotient of the person is mapped by measuring the person's shown abilities against the general level of expected performance of people belonging to the same age and gender. Often other factors related to the person's background, like educational qualification and economic status is also considered while the administration. Thus, the IQ test is designed to be a standardised test.


Anyone can take the I. Q. Test, specially if one wants to understand their overall competence in daily personal and professional functioning. Here are some of the few reasons why people opt I.Q. assessment:

  • To understand their basic skills needed for daily living like logical thinking, comprehension, concentration and analysis
  • To understand whether they fall into the category summarising traits which are highly advanced as per their age, ie: to see whether they are �gifted'.
  • An organisation can use it as a screening tool for their employees and understand the overall ability for organisational functioning.
  • There is often a clinical requirement to map any traits which indicate decelerated mental development.
  • It is also used to predict academic or occupational achievement.

    The BRAINWONDERS IQ Test is a standardised procedure which is time-based and can be conducted online as well as offline in the following steps:

    • Testing: The questionnaires are administered and have to be completed in the given time. The test is available online as well as offline.
    • Scoring: The items in the questionnaire are scored according to the test manual and a report is produced.
    • Certification and Recommendations (as needed): The IQ Certificate is given indication the person's mental competence and depending on the score, the counsellor can also provide any recommendations (like in the case of retardation or giftedness).


    • The Brainwonders IQ Test is a time based test that has 45 questions that need to be completed within 30 minutes.
    • The test can be taken by anyone above the age of 12 years.
    • The questions are objective and logical in nature.
    • The test is not restricted by any language or educational qualification.
    • It is a psychometric performance based test.


    • The IQ score derived gives a reasonable measure of the individual's intelligence. The IQ range elaborates on the kind of push required for the child and the kind of learning that need to to takes place.
    • It also provides insight to the kind of field that child is suited to pursue. Usually, people with high IQ are able to build a career in science, engineering and research.
    • The indicated developmental ability of the child also highlights aspects like concentration, grasping power, memory and reasoning.
    • It gives a very standardised measure of personal competence vis-a-vis the generally accepted benchmarks. This guides and tracks personal growth.


    • Intelligence The test result shows the person's mental competence
    • Learning style The scores are an indication of learning speed and perception
    • Academic performance The IQ score indicates the person's capability to deal with present grade demands
    • Easy to understand The test is not restricted by any language or educational qualification.
    • Abilities The person can know where their reasoning and critical thinking stand so they can make an appropriate career choice.
    • Impact of education IQ scores can be used to track the impact of one's academic understanding.
    • Reliable The tests are standardised across genders and cultures so the results are close to accurate.


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