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IQ refers to "Intelligence Quotient". It is a numerical representation of one's intelligence.
IQ Tests generate an IQ score that represents an individual's general cognitive ability.

IQ Test

Welcome to Brainwonders IQ Test.

Brainwonders can measure 8 kinds of intelligence.

The kind of these IQ tests is logic-mathematical.

The tests are country fair which means that they are independent of language.

The problems are also free from letters and digits.

So the tests can be used all over the world also among illiterates.

It has been shown that these types of problems use the same area of the brain as mathematics and chess.

So if you pass these tests well, you can probably be good at chess and mathematics.


Best Approach

The tests should be used for groups of people such as students or employees and monitored by dedicated staff.

The appropriate minimum age for the tests is 12 years as the IQ grows very different with age.

In these cases a certificate with the results will be distributed to those who passed the test with IQ >= 100.

The tests will be constantly renewed.

However, there is a free test online ( that can be used for exercise.



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