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10th Board Students- Parents to Understand

29 September,2023  |  By Brainwonders

10th Board Students

10th Board exams have always been a great cause of concern for students and parents alike. The global pandemic of Coronavirus has only aggravated this for the batch 2020. Naturally when at least 9 years of academic life leads to the finale of 10th board exams- anxiety only rises when the final performance gets complicated without a solution in sight. Thus, parents worries are justified. However, as parents are the biggest supporters and motivators of the students- it is important that they don’t lose heart. 

Parents are mostly nervous as they do not know what the future holds. The mass breakout caused by COVID19 has made the whole world hysterical. But the educational authorities have ensured that they fulfil their responsibilities to maintain the bright future of India- the students. Currently some exams are rescheduled, school admissions are on hold and the date of result declaration stands postponed. These steps may provoke uncertainty, but it is important to accept that all the steps are taken to ensure only the wellbeing of the child.

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CBSE for example has released a notice that it will conduct exams for 29 core subjects only in India once the situation permits so. In fact, the board will also notify the students of the same 10 days prior- giving them enough space for preparation.

Considering that exams are not just a one day process with several steps included like transportation of exam papers, students exam centres being prepared, collection and transportation of answer sheets to the respective centres, evaluation of papers and declaration of results- it is only sensible for examination boards to follow the directives of the government and health department to safeguard the students.

In the notice dated 19 March 2020- ICSE has also postponed the 10th board exams. In a historics turn of events, IB schools have actually decided to promote students of both 10th and 12th standards- as it has the advantage of students being continuously evaluated in various ways throughout an academic year. Being an international board- this decision has impacted all over the world. For IGCSE, the teachers can continue to set assignments for students to be completed from home and further notice is waited.

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The parents can thus be rest assured about the following:

  • The students promotion to next academic year will be guaranteed provided that the student fulfills the academic requirements like passing of future exams or any assignments.
  • Once th COVID19 situation is handled, educational authorities including ICSE, CBSE, IB, IGCSE and SSC (State Boards) will push for students’ academic formalities to be completed.
  • While collected answer sheets are being evaluated, teachers will work at godspeed to check and compile the results of future exams if scheduled.
  • Schools of not only India, but the world will be opening their doors to students who pass the 10th exams and board guidelines.
  • Students do have a secure future ahead, and should continue to dream and prepare for their goals.

Not only are there several bright career options after 10th, but a whole life to be lived for the batch 2020. Several exams including NEET 2020 (for medical) have allowed for revision of exam centres and postponed the exam dates. CLAT (for law) has also postponed the dates. Though these revisions have a more direct impact on students appearing for 12th board exams this year- it goes to show that the educational community stands unified in their efforts to secure the success of their students in these times.

As of now parents can read up on the various guidelines stated by their respective Indian Education Board and connect with the school authorities for specific information who are working tirelessly to float the continued process of their students development via online classes and career counselling webinars.

Parents can also consult professional career counsellors- like Brainwonders to know how to motivate their students and steps they can take to continue their child’s growth amidst the lockdown. Parents are the pillars of strength for their children- and they will continue to be so no matter what!

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