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What Are the Fees for M.Tech at IIT? - Complete Guide 2023

09 January,2023  |  By Brainwonders

What Are the Fees for M.Tech at IIT?


Indian Institute of Technology is the most famous engineering university in India, with different branches spread across India. There is extensive competition among the students to get admission into the IIT colleges in order to pursue various technical courses because of its quality education, campus, facilities, faculties and fee structure.

In this blog, we will be discussing the fee structure of the M.Tech courses provided by IIT in different branches and also the number of availability of seats for the M.Tech course in those branches.

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About IIT MTech

Indian Institute of Technology provides various undergraduate and postgraduate engineering courses to students. MTech is one of the university's postgraduate engineering courses in different specialisations. It is a 2 years postgraduate degree course pursued by students who have completed their Bachelor's degree in technology.

In order to be admitted to any IIT college for the MTech course, the candidate needs to give an entrance exam GATE. The university conducts Graduate Aptitude Technology Exam (GATE) to consider the ability of the student or to verify the understanding that they gained during BTech. 

IIT MTech Quick Highlights

Particulars Details
Name of Course M.Tech
Conducting Institute IIT Delhi
Full Name of Institute Indian Institute of Technology
Category of Course Postgraduate
Number of Courses Offered 8 Specialisations of M.Tech Courses
Level of Admission Institute Level
Channel of Admission Admission is done based on GATE scores or IIT Graduates marks
Mode of Application Online


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IIT MTech Fee Structure

The fee structure of an MTech degree at an IIT varies from one university to another university. By knowing the details of IIT fees, you are able to figure out how much you will have to pay if you have secured a seat at one of the IITs. 

Please take note that the IIT M.Tech program's first semester only is covered under the pricing structure shown below. When applying for admission, you must pay the following costs in full. The M.Tech. fees for the upcoming semesters will be less than the following price structure:- 

Name of the Institute & Location Total M.Tech Fee for General/ EWS OBC Category Total M.Tech Fee for SC/ ST Category

Total M.Tech Fee for

 Sponsored Candidates

IIT Bombay * Concessional Tuition Fee – 20,250 Per Semester* Non-concessional Tuition Fee – Fee: Rs. 40,250 Per Semester Rs. 15,250 Per Semester Not Available (NA)
IIT Bhubaneswar Rs. 11,500 Per Semester Rs. 6,500 Per Semester Rs. 31,500 Per Semester
ISM Dhanbad Rs. 1,77,440 (four semesters) Rs. 1,17,440 (four semesters) NA
IIT Delhi Rs. 36,950 Per Semester Rs. 26,950 Per Semester * General/ EWS OBC – Rs. 64,950* SC/ ST/ PwD – Rs. 14.950
IIT Guwahati Rs. 46,450 Rs. 26,450 Rs. 1,26,450
IIT Gandhinagar Rs. 1,19,500 Rs. 99,500 NA
IIT Indore Rs. 59,000 Rs. 31,000 Rs. 59,000
IIT Hyderabad Rs. 1,77,000 Rs. 1,57,000 Rs. 1,57,000
IIT Jodhpur Rs. 2,64,400 Rs. 1,60,400 NA
IIT Kharagpur Rs. 10,750 (first semester) Rs. 5,750 (first semester) NA
IIT Kanpur Rs. 1,17,268 Rs. 97,268 * General: Rs. 1,97,268* SC/ST/PH: Rs. 1,57,468
IIT Mandi Rs. 1,34,250 Rs. 1,14,250 NA
IIT Madras Rs. 1,15,754 Rs. 95,754 NA
IIT Patna Rs. 48,550 Rs. 28,550 Rs. 1,28,550
IIT Ropar Rs. 72,440 Rs. 52,440 NA
IIT Roorkee Rs. 77,380 Rs, 57,380 Rs. 1,37,880
IIT Varanasi Rs. 77,050 Rs. 35,850 Rs. 2,17,050


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IIT Colleges seat for MTech

Candidates should know how many seats are available for the MTech course in a specific IIT College. We have made a list of IIT Colleges with available seats for the MTech course. Let’s take a look: 

IIT Colleges M.Tech Course Seats 2021
IIT Bombay 965
IIT Delhi 1452 (tentative)
IIT Bhubaneswar 244
IIT (ISM) Dhanbad 680
IIT Guwahati 634
IIT Gandhinagar 280
IIT Indore 48
IIT Hyderabad 162
IIT Jodhpur 30
IIT Kharagpur 1,400 (approximately)
IIT Kanpur 831
IIT Mandi 48
IIT Madras 431
IIT Patna 120
IIT Ropar 20
IIT Roorkee 818
IIT Varanasi 337


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IIT MTech Specialisations

As mentioned above, IIT MTech offers various specialisations. These specialisations are designed as per different fields of technical industries. Go through the list as mentioned below to know what the MTech specialisation provided in IITs:

Department/Centre Specialisation Code
Applied Mechanics M.Tech in Engineering Mechanics AME
M.Tech in Design Engineering AMD
Chemical Engg. M.Tech in Chemical Engineering CHE
Chemistry M.Tech in Molecular Engineering: Chemical Synthesis & Analysis CYM
Civil Engg. M.Tech in Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering CEG
M.Tech in Rock Engineering and Underground Structure CEU
M.Tech in Structure Engineering CES
M.Tech in Water Resources Engineering CEW
M.Tech in Construction Engineering and Management CET
M.Tech in Construction Technology and Management (Ü) CEC
Computer Science & Engg. M.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering MCS
Electrical Engg. M.Tech in Communications Engineering EEE
M.Tech in Computer Technology EET
M.Tech in Control and Automation EEA
M.Tech in Integrated Electronics and Circuits EEN
M.Tech in Power Electronics, Electrical Machines and Drives EEP
M.Tech in Power Systems EES
Mechanical Engg. M.Tech in Design of Mechanical Equipment MED
M.Tech in Industrial Engineering MEE
M.Tech in Production Engineering MEP
M.Tech in Thermal Engineering MET
Physics M.Tech in Applied Optics PHA
M.Tech in Solid State Materials PHM
Textile Technology M.Tech in Fibre Science & Technology TTF
Applied Research in Electronics M.Tech in Textile Engineering TTE
M.Tech in Radio Frequency Design and Technology CRF
Atmospheric Sciences M.Tech in Atmospheric-Oceanic Science and Technology AST
Interdisciplinary Programme M.Tech in Computer Applications JCA
M.Tech in Energy Studies JES
M.Tech in Energy and Environmental Management JEN
M.Tech in Industrial Tribology and Maintenance Engineering JIT
  M.Tech in Instrument Technology JID
M.Tech in Optoelectronics and Optical Communication JOP
M.Tech in Polymer Science and Technology JPT
M.Tech in Telecommunication Technology Management JTM
M.Tech in VLSI Design Tools and Technology (Ü) JVL


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List of the document submitted during the IIT Application

  • Coloured photograph & signature
  • Birth certificate
  • Passing certificate and qualifying mark sheet
  • Entrance examination scorecard
  • Caste certificate, Category certificate (if applicable)


So, in this blog, we have discussed the fee structure of the IIT MTech programme. Furthermore, we would like to emphasise that you can receive direct admission to the MTech programme without taking an entrance exam, as many universities provide direct admission to the MTech programme.

The MTech programme can also be completed without attending regular classes. Suppose you are a working professional who wishes to participate in an MTech course without having to leave your job. In that case, you can enrol in MTech Evening or MTech Part-Time courses, which do not require you to be present in the classroom every day and have an inexpensive tuition structure.

Frequently asked questions about M.Tech 

1. What are the entry requirements for pursuing an M.Tech in India? 

Ans: To pursue an M.Tech in India, you must hold a Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) degree or equivalent qualification from an accredited college or university with at least 50% aggregate marks. Candidates may also need to pass entrance examinations like GATE or CAT, depending on the institution they are applying to. 

2. How much does it cost to pursue an M.Tech in India? 

Ans: The cost of pursuing an M.Tech in India can vary depending on your chosen institution and other factors. Generally, tuition fees range from Rs 50,000 to 2 lakhs, which includes tuition and other miscellaneous charges. It is advised to contact the institute for detailed information on course fees and other charges.  

3. What career opportunities does an M.Tech in India open up? 

Ans: An M.Tech degree in India opens various career opportunities in the government and private sectors. After completing an M.Tech degree, candidates can work as scientists or research engineers at R&D laboratories, college educators, university lecturers, project managers in industries, and consultants in IT companies. Additionally, they can also become entrepreneurs and start their businesses. 

4. Which are the top institutes to pursue an M.Tech in India? 

Ans: Many renowned institutions are offering M.Tech courses across India. Some top institutes include the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi, IIT Bombay, IIT Madras, IIT Kanpur, Anna University, Manipal Institute of Technology, and Jadavpur University, among others. 

5. What are the documents required for admission to an M.Tech program? 

Ans: Depending on the institution, the documents required for admission to an M.Tech program can vary slightly. Generally, candidates will have to submit mark sheets, transfer certificates/degree certificates, valid GATE/CAT scorecards, proof of identity and address, application forms and other related documents per the institution's requirements.

Are you aware which subjects and courses will bring you closer to your dream career?

Worry not, because the Brainwonders test and guidance will not only help you know it, but also follow it!


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