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Science Courses after 12th PCB and PCM | The no. #1 Comprehensive Guide

28 March,2022  |  By Brainwonders

science courses after 12th

Science stream is a very amending field. It deals with the physical, chemical and biological aspects of the universe. Every year more than 13 lakh students enroll for the science stream after 10th. Hence it is the most popular stream. Along with being the most popular, Science courses are also very challenging and call for a lot of dedication and hardwork. Success is assured for the ones who honestly work towards their goals.

The art of technological advancements has made this stream very profound. Initially there were fewer course options in the Science stream after 12th PCB but now the options have expanded.The career prospects in the Science stream after 12th PCB has also inflated. Each course adds value to the industry and is designed keeping in mind the requirements of the working industry. So if you are planning to pursue science with PCB as your core subjects,

let us put forth the list of  courses which you can pursue after 12th boards.

MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery)


It is a 5 year undergraduate degree course which is split into 4 ½ years of academics and 1 year of internship in a medical institute. Students aiming to become a Doctor have to appear for NEET which is an entrance test conducted by CBSE. The course is accredited by the Medical Council of India which is the statutory body for governing medical studies. It is the most opted course in the science stream.

Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS)


BDS is a 5-years degree course and is regulated by the DEntal Council of India. This course is a combination of 4 years of classroom training and 1 year of internship. A student has to appear for NEET to pursue this course. After successful completion of this course, a student can apply as Dentists, Lecturers, Dental Research Scientists in the private as well as public sector.

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Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine and Surgery (BHMS)


Homeopathy is an alternative medicine system. BHMS deals with using Homeopathy to cure patients. It is a 5 year undergraduate degree course which is split into 4 ½ years of academics and 1 year of internship. A student has to appear for NEET to pursue BHMS. BHMS has global recognition and these doctors have always been in great demand.

Bachelor of Ayurveda Medical and Surgery (BAMS)


It is a 5 year undergraduate degree course which is split into 4 ½ years of academics and 1 year of internship. It focuses on curing and healing through ancient methods as prescribed in the Ayurveda.  A student has to appear for NEET to pursue BAMS. It is a study of various subjects ranging from  physiology, modern anatomy, pharmacology, medicine, ENT, forensic medicine, rules and principles of surgery, standards of the solution, legal drug and herbal science.

Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery (BUMS)


BUMS is a 5 year undergraduate programme that is a parallel medicinal system. It teaches healing the patients through the natural power of the body. The various subjects covered in Unani Medicine are History of Medicine, Logic, Philosophy and Astronomy, Principles of Unani Medicine, Anatomy, Preventive and Community Medicine etc.

Radiation is the new method used for healing. Bsc Radiology is a 3 year bachelors degree course which specializes in radiology techniques. It covers subjects like Principles of Medical Imaging, Medical Biochemistry, Radiographic Technique, Para-Clinic Training, Human Anatomy, Radiation Physics, Radiographic Equipment, Quality Control.

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Bsc Nursing is a 4 year undergraduate programme that teaches the essentials of the Nursing Industry. Nurses are an important aid to the doctor and always in close contact with the patients. Hence the demand for nurses is always high. Some colleges insist on appearing for NEET while some colleges grant admission purely on merit basis. The subjects covered under this branch are Human Anatomy,Physiology, Psychology, Microbiology, Genetics, English, Computers and Medical Health Nursing.

  • BSc in Nuclear Medical Technology

Nuclear Medical Technology is a combination of theoretical and practical practice. The work done by nuclear medical experts work as the basis for understanding the ailment a patient is experiencing. It has great scope in defence and research organisations. It is a 3 year undergraduate bachelor's course and focuses on subjects like Anatomy and physiology, Radiation chemistry, Radiopharmacy, Gamma scintillation camera operation, Patient care and ethics

As the name suggests, it deals with capturing the images of the human organs and highlighting any foriegn body within the human body. It is a 3 years bachelor degree course pursuing this course provides job opportunities in the public and private sector. It covers subjects like Human Anatomy, Human Physiology, Radiation Physics, Radio Diagnosis etc. 

The wellbeing of animals is an important aspect of our society. BVsc is the science that deals with nourishment and healing of is a 5 year undergraduate degree program. Initially the  ‘All India Pre Veterinary test’ (AIPVT)’ result for considered for admission but now NEET score is also considered. The subjects covered are Veterinary physiology, Veterinary biochemistry, Veterinary pharmacology and toxicology ,Veterinary parasitology, Veterinary microbiology, Veterinary pathology, Veterinary public health and epidemiology, Animal nutrition, Animal genetics and breeding.

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BVSc AH is a specialisation course that deals with livestock management and health of animals. It is a bachelor's degree course of 5 ½ years which includes 6 months of training. It covers the study of subjects like Veterinary Anatomy & Histology, Veterinary Physiology, Veterinary Biochemistry, Veterinary Pharmacology & Toxicology, Veterinary Parasitology.

The structure of the human body and its general wellbeing through physical movement is the core of Physiotherapy. It is a 4 year undergraduate program with 6 months of compulsory training. The main subjects are Basic Nursing, Orientation of Physiotherapy, Pathology, Sociology, Biomechanics, Exercise Therapy, Pharmacology, General Medicine etc.

Dairy Technology has become an important area of research. This study deals with milk production, quality checks and processing of milk and milk and milk products. It is a 3 years undergraduate course. It covers subjects like Milk Production Management & Dairy Development, Condensed and Dried Milk, Dairy process Engineering, Fat rich dairy products, PAckaging etc.

Bsc Home Science is a technical and creative field of study. It deals with the aspects of home management, nutrition, role of food in physical wellbeing etc. It is a 3 year Bachelor’s degree course. The course is a combination of theoretical and practical knowledge. It covers subjects like Cell biology, Nervous system, Sewing, Infectious diseases, Cooking , Concepts of Nutrition, Introduction to Home Gardening etc.

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As the name suggests, Bsc in Biotechnology is the study of Biology, Technology and their interaction with each other. Basically, it throws light on how technology can improve biological segments of the environment. It is a 3 years undergraduate programme which covers subjects like Biochemistry and Metabolism, Cell Biology, Genetics, Molecular Biology, DNA technology etc.

Physically, emotionally, and mentally disabled and challenged people are an important segment of our society that requires special care and treatment. Occupational Therapists work for the secured rehabilitation and well being of such individuals. It is a 4 years undergraduate program. It covers subjects like Pharmacology, Physiology, Microbiology and Pathology, Biochemistry., Biostatistics and Research Methodology, Organisational Psychology. etc.

Clinical Laboratory tests for the basis for diagnosis. Hence they have to be very accurate. This course deals with the technology that helps to detect diseases. The course is spread over 3 years and 6 semesters. It includes subjects like Human Anatomy, Health Education & Health Communication, Immunology & Serology, Clinical Haematology, Diagnostic Cytology Lab etc. 

Diet and Nutrition is an important aspect of staying fit. This is a 3 years undergraduate program which is devised for helping the population stay fit through mediums of diets charts, diet plans and nutrition intake. It covers subjects like Principles of Nutrition, Food Science, Food Quality control, Food preparation, Family Meal Management etc.

Hospital Management deals with all the aspects which are crucial for managing a hospital. It is a 3 year undergraduate program which covers subjects like Principles of Management, Marketing Management, Managerial Communication, Organisational Behaviour, Healthcare Economics, Health Management, Fundamental of Healthcare Administration, Hospital Planning etc.

These courses have a great career scope and assure a stable life. But it is very important for the student to make a selection based on his interest and aptitude. To help the students, Brainwonders career counselling centre has devised a strategy through which career coaches plan the career strategy for students. Brainwonders is an established Career Counselling centre which provides career guidance through scientific methods. They provide complete detailed information on the Best Science courses after 12 PCB which give a proper insight on the suitability of the course based on the ability of the child. They are always available and just a click away.

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