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The Truth About IQ Test – Brainwonders

28 May,2019  |  By Brainwonders

Can IQ Test be wrong? Find Out

IQ Test which is ideally known as the Intelligence Quotient Test is much talked about in today’s time. Initially, the test was brought in France in order to draw attention towards students who required more assistance in school and then later used in the field of the military in order to recruit for different posts.

Recruiting the right person for the right post is always a matter of concern. The test is something that deals with measuring the intellectual potentials of an individual. IQ comes about with different forms and the test enables us to discover the individual’s strengths and weaknesses.

IQ Test has both pros and cons.

Let’s start with the Cons:

  • Arise firstly due to modernization and different outlook that comes along with it. For instance, many intelligence tests have a minute level of business, to remove the biases from tests new revised version of IQ tests have been brought about. The tests are revised mainly so that the questions succumb to the present population.

Example – Weschler’s test which has been revised by time and period. Studies have also shown that IQ test do not reflect intelligence.

  • The IQ test also tends to categorize an Individual’s score with a generalized large population. The tests are also much focused on the disabilities and weaknesses of the person and that helps to come about with an idea as to what should be the focus area for the individual.

This ultimately has a tendency to lower the morale of the individual as they may feel low being compared to a generalized population. The importance of an IQ test is immense, merely because it focuses on the key aspects that underlie the usage of an IQ test.

As for the Pros:

  • An IQ is derived from a set of standardized tests (conducted the same tests on many groups of people) which makes it more reliable. Thus, making results more accurate. Accuracy, however, varies in degree in the forms of tests that measure different intellectual abilities.
  • Student placement is one of the biggest pros where the teachers can provide more resources to students when they get to know about the essential necessities required by the students.
  • A proper accurate score of I.Q. can also give an opportunity for the parents to be able to pitch in what the betterment of the children.
  • I.Q. tests open the door for being able to identify an individual who is gifted in different areas.
  • Focus is more on the intellectual strengths and also helps to differentiate in abilities ultimately helping in the field of recruitment.
  • It brings a sense of satisfaction among the employees later when they are placed according to their intellectual abilities.

Genes play an important role in the Intelligence ability that is found in each and every person.

  • Science has now discovered that intelligence is also carried forward through genes.
  • Intelligence is not just influenced by the surroundings but also the traits of an individual which play a vital role. Through scientific researches, professor Lin Ruei has discovered a test named DMIT.
  • DMIT stands for Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test, where ‘derma’ stands for skin and ‘glyphics’ stands for curves and ridges present on the fingerprint.
  • The test speaks about the innate potential, characteristics and traits that are present within.
  • This unique test is not analyzed on the basis of standardization, unlike the normal IQ test.
  • The accuracy for the particular test is rather high compared to the other IQ test.
  • DMIT is a psychometric test that gives an overall view of the person’s innate capacity.

This particular test is available at Brainwonders. Along with the DMIT test, the professional counsellors summon to detailed counselling which brings insight about the abilities they have, which is innate. The insight that the individual gains then help them achieve every milestone that they always intended to achieve.

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