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Mensa iq test - Brainwonders

22 March,2022  |  By Brainwonders

mensa IQ test Image

What is Mensa IQ Test?

Mensa IQ Test is the internationally recognized intelligence quotient test known for its efficiency in measuring the intellectual capability of knowledgeable people. Mensa isn't technically an abbreviation for anything; it's a Latin term that translates as "table," and it's used to refer to a circular table where everyone is treated equally.

About Mensa Organization

Mensa is a non-profit organization founded by Roland Berrill and Dr Lancelot Ware in 1946. It is renowned for its high intelligence assessment questions. In this non-profit organization, there are different groups of people, each representing a single nation. They have become members of the Mensa organization.

Mensa Membership Requirement:

Mensa's IQ test is conducted for only those people who are highly intelligent. To pass the Mensa intelligence test, you need to score a minimum 98th percentile of the population. Thus, according to Mensa, only two persons out of every hundred may conceivably become members.

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Why was Mensa Found?

The nature of conducting an IQ test assists you in knowing your potential strength and weak areas. But Mensa ranks among the top intelligence test because of its exact result. In addition, Mensa is the most well-known, renowned, and oldest high-IQ assessment. Therefore, it is a decent indication of whether you should consider taking the Mensa exam. 

From the founder's point of view, there are three main reasons for which the Mensa IQ Test is generally conducted 

  • Identify and determine the intelligence of the human for the benefit of humanity
  • To determine stimulative intellectual, cognitive skills, facets, etc. of the people
  • To research and study human intelligence by defining its attributes, nature, and potential
  • To create social opportunities for Mensa members 
Mensa IQ Test

Mensa test consists of 60 questions, and you get 40 minutes to complete the test. If anyone scores more than 132 SD 16, you will get an opportunity to become a member of Mensa. 

Two types of Mensa IQ tests:

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Standard Mensa Test: 

The standard test consists of several questions, including logical reasoning, verbal intelligence, and numerical and verbal questions.

Culture Fair Test:

The Culture Fair test is based on puzzles and patterns. This test is usually the preferred voice for non-native English speakers who might struggle with the durations of the standard Mensa test.

How to prepare for Mensa IQ Test?

Many people believe that the Mensa test applies to higher diligence ability people. I suppose an individual who has cleared all the IQ tests with their arithmetic, quantitative, verbal, linguistic, scientific, mathematical, or spatial ability, then only is eligible for the Mensa test. It is a strong misconception that you can apply for the Mensa test by improving your intelligence through regular brain exercise and memory. Anyone can prepare for the Mensa test by practising all the necessary intelligence tests. 

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Following is the list of points through which you can make yourself prepare for the Mensa IQ test:

1. Practice necessary IQ test

Everything is possible because of practice. Practice making the people sharp and brave enough to be consistent in every complicated situation. The same goes for the Mensa IQ test. 

Various intelligence tests are available online to determine your intelligence score IQ terms. Practising with a reasonable attempt will make you fit for taking the Mensa IQ test. You can take a different type of IQ test and note down the points you lack. Make an effort to turn your weaknesses into your strengths.

Practice more maths and logical reasoning questions, which requires more time. Try to solve the difficult question with a minimum time duration. Also, practice the question in which you must envision distinctions between shapes to identify the following form that matches the sequence are called "visual Questions in which you must envision distinctions between shapes to identify the next form that matches the sequence are called "visual discrimination questions."

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2. Perform empirical research brain exercises

Some have said that the results of intelligence quotient tests such as the Mensa IQ test are set in stone and cannot be manipulated. However, this is a misleading and out-of-date belief since it has been experimentally demonstrated that working memory exercises may help enhance the outcomes of an intelligence examination. For example, the Dual N-Back game, which may improve the IQ test results by up to 5 points, is one way.

3. Superfoods may help you improve your memory.

Scientific research has proven that eating, resting, and drinking correctly are beneficial factors for improving your intelligence. However, even scientific research also shows that some nutrients are responsible for improving your brain's ability. 

Superfoods make you smarter and provide nutrients and vitamins to improve your intellectual and cognitive functions.  

There are many examples of superfoods, and I would like to mention blueberries. Blueberries are vital for smooth functioning, coordinating the nerves, and supporting brain development.

If you genuinely want to become a member of the Mensa organization, then you have to be consistent with different IQ questions. Go for it if you think you can appear for the Mensa IQ test. However, it is recommended that the results not be taken too seriously. If you do not pass, there is no need to be concerned since entering the Mensa organization does not imply the end of one's life.

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