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What are the Subjects in Science Stream in Class 11?

11 December,2021  |  By Brainwonders

Those of you studying for the 10th standard board exams are being bombarded with inquiries such as, "Which stream should I take?" Should you follow the road less travelled or study subjects that are popular? And what are the opportunities for advancement in other fields? Self-introspection is the key to unlocking the box containing your questions! As you are aware, following the tenth grade, you have the option of pursuing a career in Science, Commerce, or the Arts. You should perform an in-depth study of your skills and shortcomings before deciding on a stream that corresponds with your hobbies and career aspirations. While the Commerce and Arts stream disciplines have their advantages, approaches, and job opportunities, we will focus on several Science stream subjects in this article. But first, let us try to understand why this particular stream was chosen.

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This Blog Includes:

-What is Science Stream?

-Why Should You Study Science?

-Subjects in the Science Stream: Overview

  • Chemistry
  • Physics 
  • Mathematics
  • Biology
  • Computers

Additional Subjects

  • Physical Education (PE)
  • Economics

-Benefits of Science Stream Subjects

Going into depth and looking for the subjects in science, first, let's understand what is science stream?

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Why Should You Study Science?

 Subjects in the Science stream include elements of both scientific ideas and practical notions. These topics not only provide students with an in-depth understanding of the physical, chemical, and biological components of the cosmos, but they also provide students with analytical and problem-solving skills. The topics also aid in comprehending the effects of natural and man-made processes on the planet. As a result, students who choose the Science track have a diverse range of professional options. Some of the various professional options you can take after studying Science subjects include bioinformatics, dental science, space exploration, computer science, metallurgy, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, nanotechnology, mechanical engineering, and forensic science.

Subjects in the Science Stream: Overview

The Science Stream is divided into two branches: non-medical (PCM) and medical (PCM) (PCB). With Physics and Chemistry as shared subjects, the distinction between the two divisions is in the third subject chosen. While Math is chosen by students who want to pursue careers in fields such as, but not limited to, Engineering, Architecture, and Commercial Piloting, Biology is chosen by those who want to pursue a career in Medical Science. Aside from the topics listed above, students must additionally study English or Hindi, as well as an elective subject. Popular electives include Informatics Practice, Physical Education, Computer Sciences, Engineering Drawing, Economics, Home Science, and Psychology. The following is a full list of Science stream subjects:

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Chemistry is simply the study of life's building blocks, atoms and substances. This Science stream subject teaches you everything you need to know about the properties, composition, and structure of matter. With the advent of technology, new fields in the study of Chemistry have begun to emerge, such as Biomolecules, Synthetic Materials, Industrial Chemistry, and Natural Resources. To make things easier to understand, theoretical notions are supplemented by actual trials. The disciplines cover numerous concepts through themes such as Surface Chemistry, Atomic Structure, Chemical Kinetics, and Chemical Bonding, with Organic and Inorganic Chemistry as the main sub-divisions.



Physics, one of the oldest academic disciplines, is the study of motion, force, matter, and energy. With technological advancements in fields such as Nuclear Physics and Mechanics, studying these Science stream subjects will help you develop analytically, decision-making, investigative, and observational abilities. This course covers topics such as the Laws of Motion, Electrostatics, Electronic Devices, Thermodynamics, and Kinematics.

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Mathematics, generally known as the study of numbers, conveys knowledge and clarifies conceptions of amount, structure, and space. This Science stream subject teaches you to identify the flow of reason while solving a problem, comprehend the principles of underlying skills and procedures, and justify the results using various approaches. This course covers topics such as calculus, mathematical reasoning, algebra, probability, and linear programming.



Biology is one of the most well-known Science courses, involving the study of all living species. It teaches a wide range of topics about organisms, including physiological systems, molecular interactions, physical structures, evolution, and development. Cell Structure and Functions, Structural Organization in Plants and Animals, Human Physiology, and Plant Physiology are some of the subjects addressed in this course.



Another popular Science stream subject is Computer Science, which is particularly popular among students who want to study Engineering or work in technical fields. In class 11 Science, the Computer Science course concentrates on a specific language such as C++, C, JAVA, Python, and so on. Students are taught the language over two years, progressing from beginner to intermediate level. As a project, they are expected to produce a working code at the end of class 12th.

Additional Subjects

If a student does not perform well in either of the primary subjects, he or she can seek admission based on the marks earned in the supplementary subject. Many schools offer a mandatory additional/optional subject. After one more topic, the total number of scientific stream subjects in classes 11 and 12 is six. Physics, chemistry, mathematics, and biology are required courses in both the non-medical and medical streams. The following are the optional subjects available to students:

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Physical Education (PE)

Physical education is a high-scoring optional topic. There is a practical subject worth 30 points and a theory subject worth 70 points. The topic was established to bring about changes and improvements in human bodies through regular exercise. Project work, a track race, a long jump, and other physical education activities were included in the practical.


Economics is a required course in the commerce stream, but it is also a popular optional subject in the scientific stream. Economics is a fascinating study that focuses on national GDP, national incomes, microeconomics and macroeconomics, demand and supply chain, and so on. Economics is an excellent option for a science stream course.

Benefits of Science Stream Subjects

After 10th grade, the most important decision students must make is which stream to pursue. Each stream has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Every year, approximately 33% of students choose the scientific stream. The Science stream is regarded as having the most difficult curriculum, yet it also has several advantages. Here are all of the benefits of science subjects:

  1. Science disciplines involve more than merely balancing the balance sheet daily. The Science stream is all about exploring and learning about anything from the human body to the entire universe. Discoveries in science help us comprehend how the world works, as well as the plants and creatures that surround us.
  2. Your career prospects after selecting scientific stream subjects are not limited to engineering and MBBA. There are several changes in connected disciplines such as R&D, architecture, data science, and so on.
  3. One of the most significant advantages of studying science over other disciplines is that you will be able to apply for courses in business management, journalism, or even law if you decide to change your major. However, due to the nature of the studies, a student from the arts stream is ineligible to pursue MBBS.
  4. Nothing is frightening or uninteresting about science subjects if you want to learn and progress every day. The abilities are necessary for science topics aid in the development of students into more progressive and bright individuals.
  5. By pursuing science disciplines, you will be able to contribute to humanity through your creations. Students in the sciences can create cures, treat various diseases, and do a variety of other things.

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