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Best Career Options After 12th Science, Commerce & Arts

14 May,2023  |  By Brainwonders

career option after 12th

Choosing a promising career seems to be a challenging task in today's era. But you all have to overcome this challenge and come up with the best career option, which will determine your area of interest and that would definitely land you a good job. Because of the pandemic, you might be confused as to which career option after 12th is best for you. Sometimes, the weak areas in your life can help you decide what kind of job you want to have after finishing high school. It would be best to turn your weak spots into milestones to have a successful career after 12th grade.

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However, the starting stage of a career opportunity starts with your expertise. So for better understanding, I have listed some of the exciting career options after 12th science, commerce, and arts.


Career Options after 12th science

As we all know, science is a variable stream for medical and engineering professions. Science explores the mechanical, technical, and medical career options for you, depending on your area of interest. Given below are top career paths after 12th Science:

1. Engineering courses

Engineering course is among the most pursued degree courses after 12th science because of its lucrative career opportunities and diversified specializations. You can opt for an engineering course after the 12th science PCM (Physics, Chemistry & Maths).

2.  MBBS

After completing your 12th science PCB(Physics, Chemistry & Biology), you can discover medical and healthcare careers. This field will make you a part of the healthcare and medical industry. Nowadays, every science student wishes to get admission into a top medical college. Therefore, it would be best if you gave various entrance examinations, and then only you can gain access. As per your desired college, AIIMS, NEET, and JIPMER are the available entrance exams to get admission. After getting your MBBS, you can either get an MD to specialize in your field of study or start working as a doctor.

3. Pharmacist

A course in pharmacy entails the preparation of medicines. If you want to go into pharmacy, you can seek advice from healthcare programmers. This occupation will make you aware of treatment and drug-related products. To become a pharmacist, you have to pursue a four-year B.Pharma degree program to help you accumulate all the mandatory education in this field of study.

5.  Architecture

Architecture is one of the amazing fields when it comes to designing and building physical infrastructures. For opting for Architecture, like your career, you need to score maximum in 12th PCM science. There are many other short term courses in this field that can be accumulated for lower-level architecture positions.

6. Pilot

To pursue your career in such a fantastic field, you must pass the 12th science exam. Firstly, you need to become a commercial pilot. Secondly, you need to obtain the SPL certificate and complete the pilot training.


Career options after 12th commerce

You should all be aware of the career opportunities in commerce professional courses in the coming years. Technology has been intimidating, and so has the commercial economy. Here are some of the highly recognized and scalable career options that will answer your career options after 12th commerce:

1. CA (Chartered Accountant)

This is significant and now becoming the most desirable career option after 12th commerce. It is one of the fully-fledged career options for commerce students. Of course, you can also become a successful CA, but to do that, you need to do the proper research and analysis in this field and work accordingly. In this profession, you can act as a financial advisor, an auditor, a tax consultant, and many more.

2. Bachelors in Economics

In this area of study, you need to grab the essential knowledge required to be updated in gaining practical knowledge. In this diversified topic, you can further specialize in economic factors. If you wish to prepare for the Indian Administrative Services, having a bachelor's degree in economics might help (IAS).

3. Cost & Management Accountant

This career is one of the best options for 12th commerce students exploring the cost and management accounting fields. In India, the Institute of Cost Accountants of India (ICWAI) provides this training. Depending on your preferred rate, you can select the cost audit area, consulting, and certification areas.

4. CS (Company Secretary)

The Company Secretary is an internationally recognized professional course that undertakes all the financial accounting, book-keeping, laws, and policies of a particular company. To become an official CS, you need to know the insights of company law. Then only you will be recognized as a legal expert and a compliance officer of a particular company.

5. CFA (Career Financial Planner)

A Certified Financial Planner is often regarded as the best job choice for business students. Therefore, individuals might begin their careers by investigating this professional career choice. Individuals interested in financial planning, taxes, insurance, or estate planning may quickly pursue this exciting career path by registering with the Financial Planning Standards Board of India (FPSB). You can also explore such an introspective field depending upon your preference.


Career options after 12th Arts

arts career after 12th

Many of you are in a dilemma about which scalable career option you should choose after passing out the 12th Arts stream. You don't need to worry because some of the best creative courses will help you be successful, like hotel management, fashion design, graphic design, and many more. Let's explore some of them:

1. Law

Students are exposed to various pieces of law and can engage in mock trials. Graduates may choose to practice litigation or corporate law. If you have the desired interest in law, you guys may enroll in BA LLB, BBA LLB, B.Com LLB (5-year), or B.Tech LLB (6-year) programs offered by legal universities around the nation.

2. Hotel Management

Hotel management deals with hospitality sectors such as front office management, receptionist, customer service, cooking, catering, etc. It is a three-year course that will train and guide you through implementing hospitality and hotel responsibilities. You need to score a minimum of 50% on your 10th and 12th boards to get into top hotel management colleges. It includes guest service management, hotel engineering, housekeeping management, etc., some of the fundamental management topics being thought about in this field.

3. Journalism

Some of you are confident about selecting Journalism as your career because you might have overcome the stage fear. However, opting for mass communication and journalism, you need to do a BA in Journalism & mass communication.

4. Fashion Design

It is a 4-year bachelor of fashion technology program, or B.Des (Bachelor of Design). Many girls wish to explore this creative arts career because of its scope. However, if you want to explore and gain immense knowledge in this field, you need to know the eligibility and detailed information for this career. Pattern making, elements of textiles, fashion forecasting, etc., are some of the subjects in B.Des.

5. Event Management

People hire event managers worldwide to plan and run concerts, fashion shows, festivals, weddings, and more. An event management course can be taken at the undergraduate BBA/BA level and the postgraduate MBA/MA level. However, it would be best to become a successful event manager to advance your career.

Why is Brainwonders known for providing excellent career counselling for 12th Science, Commerce and Arts students?

Brainwonders is one of India's largest counselling organizations that helps individuals find their key areas and helps with the same. We at Brainwonders help you find your area of interest by taking the DMIT, Aptitude, Personality, and interest aptitude tests. In addition, exams are accessible in our organization for students to measure their abilities. This will assist in identifying the student's primary interests and the provision of necessary career information. So, if you are in chaos about which career option you should choose after 12th, in science, commerce, arts, or any other field, then we are here for you to help you out. With our expert psychologist, you can also get educational and career advice whenever necessary.

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Confused about which Course to choose after 12th?

Take Brainwonders Career Test and make the right decisions for your college and course ahead


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