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What are courses after 12th: Science, Commerce and Arts

15 April,2023  |  By Brainwonders

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Career guidance will help students choose the best courses after 12th for science, commerce and arts students that are suited for them after looking at their aptitude and skills and will help them grow in that field.

Once the students finish their courses after 10th, they are entitled to choose a stream from the 3 main streams i.e. Science, Commerce and Arts. Completing courses after 12th, in the stream they have chosen after 10th, students can choose various subject combinations in that stream.

Those students who are confused about the stream they have chosen before, and want to change the stream now can do so by asking for professional Career Counselling from an esteemed organization.

Once courses after the 10th are completed, students normally are supposed to choose between Science, Commerce, Arts as these are the 3 main streams. These streams provide different subjects to be studied. This happens once courses after 12th finish and when students have to choose a career path in Under-Graduation. Here career guidance is of utmost importance as this helps students who are confused as to what subject to choose will get help in understanding where skills and abilities lie and which subject to choose from.

Courses after 12th Science

Education is essential to build a good career. Students who are confused about their career path wander about in order to get guidance for choosing the right career path. A lot of students in our country are confused about their careers.

Many students search a great deal on which career to choose after 12th in the field of Science. Thus career counselling is very important for students to choose the right career path after 12th. They can choose from the following Science subjects such as B.Sc, BOT (Occupational Therapy), B.Sc. Nursing, MBBS, BDS, Paramedical Courses, CA Program, CS Program, Engineering (B.E/ B.Tech), Hotel Management, Web Designing, Computer Courses and many more.

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Other list of courses and starting salaries per month includes:

  • MBBS - INR 35k to INR 80k
  • BDS - INR 15k to INR 30k
  • BSc - INR 2.5 lakh to INR 5 lakh per annum
  • BHM - INR 25k to INR 35k
  • B. Pharma - INR 10k to INR 19k 
  • BPT - INR 15k to INR 30k
  • BAMS - INR 15k to INR 20k
  • BUMS - INR 12k to INR 15k
  • Bioinformatics - INR 2 lakh to INR 3 lakh per annum
  • Microbiology - INR 10k to INR 20k
  • Biotechnology - INR 25k to INR 28k

Top Job Profiles after Completing Class 12th from PCB:

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Courses after 12th Commerce

The question that arises in every student’s mind after completing courses in 12th is “Which course to choose after Class 12th Commerce?” Students are encouraged to choose the course depending on individual aptitude and interest.

Commerce is a famous stream among the students in India. Studying Commerce in Class 11th and 12th allows students to look over a large number of courses at graduation level and an array of career choices. Students can choose from the following subjects such as B.Com, B.F.A, B.C.A, C.A, B.H.M, Integrated Law Course and many more subjects.


Courses after 12th commerce with salaries per annum:

Top Job Prospects after class 12th Commerce:

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Courses after 12th Arts

After the 12th you might be wondering what to do next?. If you are confused about choosing subjects, you should visit a career counsellor for career guidance. Career counselling is very important today as students have an array of subjects to choose from and they often get confused about what to choose.

Career Counselling will help them understand their potential and help them choose subjects according to their aptitude and interests. Some of the subjects offered in the arts stream are B.A., B.B.A, B.F.A, B.J.M.C, B.SW, B.F.D.

Courses After Class 12th Arts with Salaries Offered per annum:

Top Career Profile in Arts after class 12th:

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Am I eligible for career guidance after the 12th?

Anyone and everyone who has basic education is eligible for career guidance. Career counselling is normally given to students beforehand as it is difficult to choose a career that they will be engaging in for the rest of their lives at the tender age of 16/ 17.

Career counselling helps individuals understand their skills and inner abilities, it helps them choose the right career that will help them grow in the future.

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How to get career guidance after the 12th?

Understanding what stream to choose after class 12th is very important and is a career-defining decision. Shockingly, most of the students start career planning last minute and they wind up choosing paths that are popular at that moment but not suited to their aptitudes. Thus career guidance is really important for students who complete their courses after 12th.

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Career guidance can be taken from an esteemed organization like Brainwonders or the students can visit their career guidance counsellor at their university or school who will help them understand their inner potential and help them choose a career path best suited for them.

FAQs on Courses After 12th Science

1. What courses are available to students after 12th Science/Arts/Commerce?
: After completing 12th Science/Arts/Commerce, students have numerous options for further studies in India. Popular academic paths include undergraduate and postgraduate programs in engineering, medicine, pharmacy, business, finance, humanities/arts/social sciences, journalism, media/entertainment/performing arts, animation, hospitality/tourism management, hotel management, design, mass communication, architecture, law, and many other disciplines. 

2. Are there any professional courses available after 12th?
: Yes, there are a variety of professional courses available after 12th Science/Arts/Commerce. These include diploma, advanced diploma, and certificate courses in various fields such as engineering technology, computer science & IT, information technology-enabled services (ITeS), banking & finance management, healthcare & paramedical science, retail management, hospitality & tourism management, mass communication & journalism, animation & multimedia design, fashion technology & design, foreign language proficiency & translation services, marketing & sales management, global financial services operations. 

3. How do I choose the right course for me after 12th Science/Arts/Commerce? 
: Choosing the right course after 12th Science/Arts/Commerce can be a daunting task. It is important to take into account your aptitude and interests before selecting a course that best fits your career aspirations. Taking the time to research courses and consult with counsellors or mentors can help you make an informed decision based on your unique needs. 

4. Is there any entrance exam required to pursue a course after 12th Science/Arts/Commerce? 
: Many universities and colleges in India require students to take an entrance examination in order to pursue a course after 12th Science/Arts/Commerce. The entrance tests vary depending on the institution offering the study program. Entrance exams for each course can usually be found on the official website of the school or college offering the course. 

5. Do I need to complete any internship during my course after 12th Science/Arts/Commerce? 
: Most courses after 12th Science/Arts/Commerce will require some form of practical experience as part of their curriculum. This could be in the form of an internship or placement where students gain valuable hands-on experience in their chosen field. Some universities and colleges may also offer additional scholarship opportunities to students who perform exceptionally well during their internships or placements.

Confused about which Course to choose after 12th?

Take Brainwonders Career Test and make the right decisions for your college and course ahead


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