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Best Courses After 12th You Must Know About, Complete career guide 2022

02 March,2022  |  By Brainwonders

During the 12th standard, you are in the chaos of what to do after the 12th. You are on the verge of making crucial career decisions when it comes to your career. Therefore, it becomes vital for you and your parents to consult a career counsellor who can assist you in making important career decisions.

What to do after 12th?

what to do after 12th

Many of you cannot choose the right career during the 12th standard because you have not analysed what you should do after the 12th. Some of you might have looked into different professions, but you don't know much about the various fields of study. At this point, career counselling becomes mandatory for you.

In such circumstances, you generally research what you should do after the 12th. So you usually decide to pursue a career in commerce, science, the arts, or some other field. But during your 12th standard phase, you have not determined your area of interest. Some of you might make a prompt decision about your career primarily because of society, family, and peer pressure. At such a point, all you need is genuine career counselling that will help and guide you to make crucial career decisions based on test assessment.

Here are a few stages that can help you make critical professional selections and answer all of your questions about what to do after the 12th standard:

  • Think about Career Counselling

career counselling

Firstly, you need to understand that career counselling can be beneficial for benchmarking your career. So, if you are in a dilemma or do not have your area of interest, you should consult a professional career counsellor. 

In career counselling, you can go for a psychometric test and a biometric test that will quickly enable you to determine your strengths and capabilities. 

At Brainwonders, you can get an assessment at both psychometric and biometric levels. In psychometrics, you can figure out what your strengths and weaknesses are by taking a lot of different tests, like:

Aptitude test

You can get conceptual ideas about your ability, speed, and talents through aptitude tests. Thus, it will help you shape your personal, social, and professional development.

Interest test

The Interest Inventory Test examines all the crucial aspects that provide long-lasting satisfaction in your career.

IQ test

This test will help you understand your concentration, logical perception, and strong points, which will help you decide what to do after the 12th.

Personality Test

On this test, you can explore and understand your social-economical attributes.

Let's take an example so you will have a clear idea about deciding your career:

Ram was in a dilemma about which career option he should choose after the 12th commerce. So he visited one of the counselling firms. The counselling team helped him take the test.

  • Identify the abilities that pique your interest.

After completing the test, the analysis Ram found out that he was good at maths and accounting. Moreover, his learning skills are active, and his numerical skills are highly functional. So he decided to go for the commerce background specialisation.

After proper examination through the psychometric test, you can note down your key areas that will guide you to choosing the right career option in a particular stream. As a result, you can quickly determine which fields of study you should focus on based on your abilities.

  • Make a list of your preferred options.

Ram notes the career option that will help him build a professional and secure career. In his note, Ram listed down the career options like CA, CFA, CMA, and ACCA.

Noting down all the relevant preferences will enable and guide you to tackle a crucial career decision. So now you do not need to worry about what to do after the 12th; at least you have to know your stream. But which career option you should choose is still not known. So for that purpose, make a list of all the professional career options depending upon your fundamental interest, like Ram.

  • Gather information about a specific course

Ram started researching accounting professional career options. Finally, Ram learned everything he needed to know about different fields, so he decided to become a CA. 

It would be best if you had figured out what to do after the 12th by now. You need to gather all the relevant information about your career options and decide which career is right for you. By knowing all the strengths and weaknesses in your area of interest, you can now improve your skills related to that particular area of study. 

  • Compile all of the pertinent information about a specific course.

Ram has acquired all the necessary information about the Chartered Accountant course. In this field, he had all the information he needed about how to register and how long it takes to get a job and information about how to get a job in the CA profession.

At this stage, once you have decided on a career option, you should gather all the information relevant to your particular area of study so that you have all of the information you need when you need to make a big decision about your job.

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  • Determine the field of study

Ram can start his CA journey from the 12th standard onwards by registering under the ICAI (Institute of Chartered Accountants of India) and applying for CA Foundation. Therefore, he can do the foundation study from 12th onwards.

From this example, you have an idea of why you need career counselling. Ram gets advice from counsellors, so that's why he can start his career journey at an early age.

With the help of proper career counselling, you are confident and firm about making crucial career decisions. So once again, take a glance at the steps mentioned above. They will surely help you choose a wise and favourable career. From this decision, you will be determined to achieve your goals, and from the 12th standard onwards, you will be embarking on the right career path. 

Why should you seek career advice from Brainwonders?

Brainwonders is a well-known job counselling firm that provides career counselling services. DMIT, aptitude, and IQ exams are among the services offered by Brainwonders. With the help of highly experienced counselling specialists, we at Brainwonders will advise students on picking the proper job. By analysing inborn features and potentials, Brainwonders will do appropriate evaluation and analysis.

Parents, teachers, and educators are turning to brain marvels for assistance. Since 2011, Brainwonders has served as a resource for career counselling students. We are assisting students in identifying their areas of strength, cognitive qualities, talents, and hidden capabilities. Students may evaluate their abilities in our organisation by taking exams. That will aid in analyzing the student's main areas and the provision of required career information. Students must realise that picking the proper job will provide them with many chances by allowing them to remain in the developmental stage. So be the one who seeks professional career counselling from Brainwonders.

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