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What is Career Counselling | Why do we need a Career Counsellor?

28 January,2024  |  By Brainwonders

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Mahatma Gandhi rightly said, 'The future depends upon what you do today.' Some important decisions and crucial plans have to be made in the present for us to reap and enjoy its fruits in the future. A career is an important aspect that requires immense critical thinking, accurate decision-making, and countless efforts. Students today undergo a great dilemma in choosing the appropriate career stream. They are generally worried about advanced studies. So here, we try to show you a path that will help you decide more systematically. Let us understand the career guidance process and how it can be fruitful for students. We try to resolve your question through very simple answers.

What is the need for career counselling?

why Career counselling

Advice and suggestions are an inseparable part of growing up. Our parents, teachers, and well-wishers generally guide our way of life by giving valuable advice through their knowledge. This knowledge is closely knitted to their experiences. Initially, elders at home would sit down and decide the education and career path. This was an era when options were limited, and competition was easy to handle. There were fewer options, and grades would decide the profession. But this scenario has completely changed with an exponential boom in occupation and job options. Every field now demands individuals with specialized and precise knowledge. The employment and professional grounds have expanded by leaps and bounds. They are appealing to individuals with advanced expertise in a particular zone. This has generated a fast-growing need for career counselling.

What is career counselling?


It is professional assistance rendered for helping an individual decide on a career or stream of education. Career guidance is specialized support provided, making it easy for an individual to make crucial decisions. Professionals understand the likes, dislikes and interests of an individual and suggest higher education fields suitable for them. They provide meaningful suggestions and support the individual in understanding themselves. Generally, students face low concentration levels, low confidence, fear of appearing for tests or exams etc. These issues hinder the development and growth of an individual and obstruct their career path. Career counselling is an effective way to solve these mental constraints effectively and move ahead confidently.

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Who are career counsellors?

A career counsellor is a professional, expert and qualified support system. They are keen on understanding the mindset and psychology of an individual sitting right in front of them. They also possess sound knowledge of various educational streams available in the present scenario. They try to understand the preferences and choices of individuals in a systematic and planned manner. They have a scientific approach for their inferences and conclusions. They are there to help you solve your mental disputes through well-researched solutions. Speak to them as friends and try to incorporate their solutions for a better outlook and developed thinking.

What do career counsellors do?

The career guidance centre works in a structured and organized manner. They follow an organized way to understand the needs and preferences. Remember, it is not only the choices of an individual that play an important role, but these have to be backed up with an aptitude. So counsellors conduct certain tests to understand the student. They conduct psychometric tests like an aptitude test and an IQ test. They try to understand a student's personality by assessing his emotional and social behaviour. Some counselling centres also conduct biometric tests, which help reveal the extent of growth in terms of leadership qualities, academic excellence and cognitive well being. They study the overall calibre of a student for more relevant results. All these factors firmly help the career guidance centre provide apt solutions that can be very beneficial for the students.

How to select an apt career counselling centre?

Your choice of an apt career counselling centre is key to your problems. Now that you have understood how a guidance centre works, it is your time to make the first decision which will make all other choices easy. So choose a centre which offers all the required tests under one roof. So the centre must be well equipped to conduct all Psychometric tests, including aptitude, Interest, Multiple Intelligence, Personality, IQ and Psycho-diagnostic assessment. The centre must roof professional and qualified counsellors who can wisely draw conclusions through tests and suggest appropriate career options. Centres succeed only by keeping themselves upgraded all the time. So ensure you do your research minutely to select the right one.

Why is Brainwonders regarded as the best counselling centre?

Firstly, Brainwonders caters to all individuals of varying ages. So you can be a preschooler, middle school or high school student or even a job seeker who is planning to shift his career path. We specialize in understanding the needs as our team of experts has an eagle's eye. We conduct all types of Psychometric tests at our centre. Our counselling centre also shows DMIT ( Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test) based on biometric analysis. So the results are completely scientific. We try to assess an individual's strengths and suggest solutions for improvement in other specific areas. The success of our students makes us stand out from the crowd. They call us the best counselling centre because of our techniques, approach and rapport.

Career counselling is going to add value to your future as well as your present outlook. It helps you in understanding yourself so that you can perform better. It will give a boost to your confidence. Age is no bar here. Anytime you feel the need for professional advice, you should surely opt for career guidance without hesitation. A career is a lifelong affair, and Guidance will make it easier for you. Remember, Opportunities don't happen, and we create them with the right and accurate decisions.

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Get the right Guidance to leap through your Career

Get expert guidance about your abilities, industries, and best ranked career options for you

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