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Brainwonders Responds To IPS’s Position on DMIT

29 September,2023  |  By Brainwonders


DMIT (also known as Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test) is a proven and highly recommended form of assessment.

This letter is in response to the Indian Psychiatric Society’s statement released on 25th September 2019 stating their position on DMIT.

  • With all due respect, the members of the Indian Psychiatric Society belong to an esteemed clinical community. However, Brainwonders DMIT is neither a clinical test nor a diagnostic test and hence it is not used for diagnostic purposes for any mental or physical issues. It is a profiling tool.
  • The Brainwonders DMIT is an evidence-based, statistically proven tool with a U.S. Patent to its name. The decades of patented research pioneered by Prof Lin Ruei is available online as well for public knowledge.
  • The DMIT by Brainwonders does not serve the purpose of any Intelligence Quotient (IQ) Test and it does not intend to do so at all. It discusses various kinds of intelligence, traits and abilities of an individual. Furthermore, it does not specifically rely on any single theory of intelligence.
  • The Brainwonders DMIT uses only fingerprints- which are genetically unique, as the data point to understand and generate a detailed report. 
  • The test cannot and does not predict any future thought or behaviour as it is actually based on fingerprints that develop in the prenatal stage (13th to 21st weeks) which is itself based on the individual’s genotype. The whole purpose of the test is to understand the innate potential only and the report is in no way a predictive report.
  • For further assurance of the value of DMIT by Brainwonders, the team has recorded satisfactory feedback from more than 750 practising doctors, educational leaders, heads of various recognised corporates; and numerous parents, students, working professionals who are extremely happy with the positive impact of the same.
  • The Brainwonders DMIT is not associated with the concept and application of Midbrain technology/ activation.

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Brainwonders– one of the largest and certified assessments and counselling organisations urges everyone to approach Brainwonders team to understand the high efficiency of Brainwonders DMIT as a comprehensive profiling tool. This will help one to understand the report, its interpretation and significance; and benefit from the same immensely.

Brainwonders DMIT

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