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List Of B.Sc Courses After 12th Science PCB & PCM

11 February,2023  |  By Brainwonders

List Of B.Sc Courses After 12th Science PCB

You have completed your 12th science and are looking for the top Bachelors of Science courses; this blog will help you identify all the BSc courses available in the science field.

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Bachelor of Science courses are popular among students who have completed their 12th grade in the science stream. In India, government and private institutes provide a wide range of specialities. Students must read Physics, Mathematics, Biology, or Chemistry in 12th grade in order to be admitted to BSc programmes following 12th.

Why Opt for B.Sc Courses After 12th Science?

The duration of the BSc courses after 12th science is 3 to 4 years. The BSc courses aim to provide students with a robust foundation in the subjects and prepare them for specialised degrees. Some of the BSc courses are designed to provide hands-on training for the students to prepare them for the job in various industries.

B.Sc Courses After 12th Science PCB

Now we will be discussing BSc Courses after 12th science PCB (Physics, Chemistry and Biology). In this section, comprehensive courses are made available for the students who want to start a career in the medical field. Let's analyse the courses:

BSc Genetics

The course focuses on studying biological variations, heredity, machines of mechanism, and how the genes are passed over generations.

BSc Virology & Immunology

The three-year degree programme of BSc Virology & Immunology deals with studying various characteristics of the immune system of animals and human beings.

BSc Biology

In this course, you will impart basic information about zoology, botany, ecology, cell biology, molecular biology, and microbiology.

BSc Horticulture

During this course, you will learn about the science of breeding vegetables, fruits, orchids, cereals and other plants.

BSc Biomedical Science

In this programme, you will learn about plant and animal cells, genetics, biochemistry, etc.

BSc Agriculture

During this course, you will be imparting the knowledge about the primary discipline of environmental studies i.e. Agriculture. The course studies agricultural science, research and practices in this field.

BSc Optometry

The core of the curriculum consists of courses in life sciences, vision and optometric sciences, anatomy, visual science, physiology of vision, disease causes, and optics.

BSc Forestry

Forestry programmes train the students to manage the forest, maintain old and new plantations, and look after other natural resources.

BSc Anaesthesia

During this course, you will learn Medical Technology, Anaesthesia and Operation Theatre Techniques, Fundamentals of Operation Theatre and Anaesthesia Technology.

BSc Environmental Science

It covers topics like Environmental Management, Ecological Systems, Pollution Control, Environmental Planning, Environmental Policies, Natural Resource Management, Disaster Management and so on.

BSc Biotechnology

This course focuses on biomolecular and cellular processes. You will also get to impart practical knowledge in microbiology, molecular biology, bioinformatics, etc. 

BSc (Bachelor in Fisheries Sciences)

The course focuses on fish management, processing, marketing, and conservation. Along with that, you will also be studying the biological study of life and the breeding of various fish species.

BSc Occupational Therapy

B.Sc. Occupational therapy is concerned with improving the lives and conditions of persons who are disabled or constrained in some way. This training might be compared to patient rehabilitation.

BSc Food Technology

This programme thoroughly examines the processes and activities involved in food preservation, processing, and production.

BSc Medical Laboratory Technology

It is a paramedical programme that offers theoretical and practical knowledge about the treatment, prevention and diagnosis of various kinds of diseases, ailments or health problems through various clinical laboratory tests.

BSc Pathology

The course deals with studying fungi, bacteria, microbes and viruses that cause ailments, diseases or disorders in the living organism.

BSc Rehabilitation Therapy

The courses mainly study psychology, health science, social sciences, physical therapies or any other related field.

BSc Biological Science

It is an undergraduate program that aims to focus on the basics of living life, its structure, formation, development, advancement and many more.

BSc Forensic Science

It involves the application of scientific knowledge for crime investigation. Additionally, it primarily focuses on crime laboratory based professions.

BSc and AH – Veterinary Science

Veterinary science falls under integrated BSc courses, which last for five years. It deals with the study of veterinary science and animal husbandry.

BSc Physiotherapy

The Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy deals with the study of various subjects such as Sociology, Pathology, Anatomy, Microbiology, etc.

BSc Physics

Quantum mechanics, electromagnetism, optics, calculus semiconductors, waves, statistics, and other topics are covered in the BSc in Physics programme.

BSc Microbiology

This UG course deals with different types of microbes like viruses, bacteria, protozoa, amoeba, fungi, bacteria and other related components.

BSc Home Science

The Bachelor of Science in Home Science is a three-year degree that emphasises scientific study in disciplines such as nutrition, dietetics, human development, home economics, textile and fashion design, etc.

BSc Nutrition and Dietetics

BSc Nutrition and Dietetics is a course that studies the foundation for food science management as well as diet management. This course allows you to gain theoretical and practical aspects of food science.

BSc Radiology

It is a medical science course that teaches you how to diagnose and treat various disorders and diseases using X-rays.

BSc Nursing

If you love to help others, then you can easily pursue this course. This course falls under the paramedical courses so that you will be engaged in helping doctors and patients.

BSc Anthropology

Students interested in learning about the human species' biological, social, and cultural history should enrol in a Bsc anthropology course.

BSc Zoology

This course will cover the study of animals, their respiratory, biological principles, functions and behaviour, and their physiology.

BSc Botany

The BSc Botany deals with the study of plants, their composition, photosynthetic process, functioning, and physiology.

BSc Cardiology

The BSc in Cardiology is a three-year undergraduate degree in medicine's allied speciality. It's also known as BSc Cardiac Technology, and it trains students to operate cardiovascular technology and equipment in order to aid doctors with cardiovascular tests.

BSc Biochemistry

This course deals with chemistry applied to studying living organisms and other atoms and components that comprise living organisms.

B.Sc Courses After 12th Science PCM

After discussing the PCM BSc courses, now let's figure out what all BSc courses are present after 12th Science PCM (Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics). Let's have a look:

BSc Information Technology (IT)

This course teaches storing, processing, securing, and managing the information or data. The course covers the topics of networking, software and databases. 

BSc Chemistry

The BSc Chemistry programme covers a variety of topics in chemistry, including organic and inorganic chemistry. You will get the idea of how the connection of biology with chemistry occurs in industrial science, pharmacology, biochemistry, etc.

BSc Statistics

The course revolves around statistics and mathematical comprehension, essential in the field of statistical analysis and solving statistical problems. It is the combination of two subjects: Maths and Economics.

BSc in Data Science

Data science is a very big world, and it is surrounded by artificial intelligence, big data analysis, machine learning, and related subjects in order to understand the phenomena with respect to real world data. In this course, you will be learning all these concepts.

BSc Polymer Science

Polymer Science, also known as Macromolecular Science, is the field of materials science that studies polymers, mostly synthetic polymers such as plastics. In this course, you will be learning all these concepts.

BSc Physical Science

B.Sc. Physical Science is a three-year curriculum that teaches students about earth sciences. The course teaches you both theoretical and practical parts of physical science, which aids in the candidate's career as a scientist or chemist.

BSc Physics

In this course, you will be imparting the essential knowledge in the sub field of physics, including optics, electromagnetism, waves, statistics, quantum mechanics, etc.

BSc Nautical Science

In this course, you will be dealing with the basic academic and practical devices required to provide safe navigation and operate marine vehicles.

BSc Computer Science

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science is a three-year undergraduate curriculum. Computer science studies computing theory, programming languages, database systems, networking, software engineering, and artificial intelligence.

BSc Electronics

The Bachelor of Science in Electronics (BSc Electronics) is an undergraduate degree course that focuses on Analog Electronics,Optoelectronics, Digital System Design, Electromagnetics, Communications,etc.

BSc Industrial Chemistry

In this course, you get to know what all chemicals are used in various industries. You will be exposed to research and experiment areas in multiple sectors.

BSc Geology

This course involves the study of solid materials like rock, minerals and other solid materials, their compositions, history and processing involved.

BSc Instrumentation

B.Sc. Instrumentation aims to prepare professionals ready to take on new challenges in industrial and commercial enterprises. The curriculum is designed to help students acquire both academic and practical abilities.

BSc Mathematics

This course focuses on developing mathematical, numerical, algebraic, geometric, and statistics skills and gaining knowledge in data analysis, culture, trigonometry, etc.

BSc Aeronautical Science

It is an undergraduate course related to the laws of motion, air and objects in air space. The course will also cover designing, construction, researching, operating and testing aircraft, gliders or helicopters.

BSc Actuarial Science

The subject of utilising mathematical and statistical methods to analyse risk in insurance, finance, and allied sectors and professions is known as BSc Actuarial Science. Actuaries are professionals who have received training in this field.

B.Sc Courses After 12th Science: Entrance Exams

  • All India Entrance Exam for Admission (AIEEA)
  • Uttar Pradesh Combined Agriculture & Technology Entrance Test (UPCATET)
  • BHU Undergraduate Entrance Test (BHU UET)
  • Pantnagar University Entrance Exam
  • Delhi University Entrance Test (DUET)
  • Joint Admission Test (JAM)
  • GIPE MSc Entrance Test
  • GIPE BSc Entrance Exam
  • Regional Institute of Education Common Entrance Exam (RIE CEE)
  • HBNI M.Sc and DMRIT Admission Test (HBNI CAT)
  • GITAM Science Admissions Test (GSAT)

B.Sc Courses After 12th Science Without Entrance Exams

BSc in Interior Design

It is a great course that trains the students to effectively demonstrate an interior space into an impressive setting relevant to the people in that space. The students are taught to visualise and display the imaginary pattern through interior design. 

BSc in Hospitality & Travel

This course will teach you about hospitality in tours and travel. The students learn to teach the essential skills necessary in hospitality and travel management. 

BSc Fashion Designing

Fashion designing is all about fashion illustration, clothing, apparel designing, accessory designing, jewellery designing and other wearable materials. In this course, you can discover all sights of fashion design with practical training.

BSc in Animation & VFX

Animation is all about graphics, VFX and many more. Those who love animation easily pursue these courses, which help them earn a good amount of money.

BSc in Hotel Management

This course is mainly designed for students interested in working in a hotel, organising the work, or having the leadership quality. There are various specialisations available in hotel management, including catering, cooking, dessert maker, receptionist, etc.

B.Sc Courses After 12th Science: Employment Areas 

  • Educational Institutes
  • Space Research Institutes
  • Hospitals
  • Health Care Providers
  • Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Environmental Management and Conservation
  • Forensic Crime Research
  • Research Firms
  • Testing Laboratories
  • Geological Survey Departments
  • Wastewater Plants
  • Aquariums
  • Forest Services
  • Oil Industry

B.Sc Courses After 12th Science: Skills Required

  • Analytical Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Logical Skills
  • Observation Skills
  • Research Sills
  • Scientific Skills
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Mathematical and Computational Skills

B.Sc Courses After 12th Science: Eligibility Criteria

In order to get admission into top colleges of BSc courses, the candidate must first fit into the eligibility criteria.

  • Students who wish to enrol in a B.Sc. programme must have completed their 10th and 12th grades in a relevant field of study.
  • The Science stream is required for students to enrol in the B.Sc. programme.

B.Sc Courses After 12th Science: Admission Process

After completing their 12th, students can directly apply to the top colleges. Students who have scored maximum marks in their 12th have higher chances of getting selected. Some colleges prefer a student based on merit. Additionally, some universities or colleges select the student based on marks they scored on an entrance test.

B.Sc Courses After 12th Science: Top Colleges

  • All India Institute of Medical Sciences Delhi
  • St. Stephen's College, New Delhi
  • Hindu College, New Delhi
  • Miranda House, New Delhi
  • Lady Shri Ram College for Women, New Delhi
  • Sri Venkateswara College, Delhi
  • Women's Christian College, Chennai
  • Hansraj College, Delhi

B.Sc Courses After 12th Science: Scope

  • After completing the BSc courses, you can get a job in the specialisation you chose during BSc.
  • Science jobs are rare to find, but you can apply for medical, engineering, law, management, etc.
  • BSc graduates can also get a job in the private as well as government sectors.
  • One can even go for higher studies after completion of the courses. One can pursue MSc Courses and PhD.
  • There are various scalable opportunities for students with BSc Courses After 12th science. Students may go to a field of study, some schools hire students to a perfect pay package, some professional BSc, directly from large organisations.

B.Sc Courses After 12th Science: Salary

The salary structure is entirely determined by the job profile you select. Your knowledge, talents, and experience all play a role. A B.Sc fresher might easily make Rs 15,000 to Rs 30,000 per month due to this. However, their extensive knowledge may easily make Rs 60K to Rs 80K. In addition, students are given a variety of benefits and allowances.

As a result, you will now have a clear idea of what all BSc courses are in Science. So make the right favourable decision about your career. If still, you are confused, visit Brainwonders. We are here to help you by providing Career Counselling, DMIT Tests, Aptitude Tests, Personality Tests and IQ Tests. So get in touch with us; we will assist you in the best possible way!

FAQs on B.Sc Courses After 12th

Q.1 Which type of B.Sc Course is Best?

Ans: Some of the best B.Sc Courses are as follows:

      a) B.Sc Zoology

      b) B.Sc Botany

      c) B.Sc Physics

      d) B.Sc Chemistry

      e) B.Sc Biotechnology

      f) B.Sc Computer Science

     g) B. Sc Agriculture

Q.2 Which B.Sc has the highest salary?

Ans: The highest B.Sc salary courses 

       1) B.Sc Computer Science

       2) B.Sc Biochemistry

       3) B. Sc Nursing

       4) B.Sc Agriculture

       5) B.Sc Technology

       6) B.Sc IT

Q.3 Which course is best in B.Sc after the 12th?

Ans: When considering post-secondary options after high school, many students choose to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree. A BSc is an undergraduate degree that typically takes three years of study and focuses on preparing students for a professional career. This type of program provides an in-depth study of science-related topics such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, and computer science. It also develops skills in problem-solving, critical thinking, communication, and research methods. With the diverse range of subject areas available, there are countless possibilities for specialization, allowing students to tailor their degrees to their individual aspirations and interests.

Q.4 Is B.Sc better than MBBS?

Ans: Comparing the courses available, the competition for MBBS is significantly higher than for BSc. MBBS is a 5-year course of study that covers professional development of the human body and patient care. On the other hand, BSc is a 3-year, practical degree for individuals seeking to enter the workforce. Taking into account the longer duration of MBBS and its focus on clinical medicine, one can see why it has such high demand among prospective students.

The pathway to your dream career is what will shape your skills and knowledge

Are you aware which subjects and courses will bring you closer to your dream career?



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