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Why is Career Counselling Essential after 10th?

15 May,2023  |  By Brainwonders

Why is Career Counselling Essential after 10th?

Why is Career Counselling Essential After 10th?


After 10th Class, life can be an exciting and daunting adventure. For many young adults, it is a time of new choices and decisions as they prepare for their future. It can be difficult to know where to start, or even which path to choose. That's why career counselling is so important; it helps provide direction on what job skills or qualifications are suitable and necessary, as well as explore options that might not have been considered.

Career counselling gives students and young adults the tools they need to make the best decision for them. Through conversations, assessments and research, counsellors help individuals understand their strengths, interests and goals. This allows them to make informed decisions about their future occupations. Counselling also helps identify issues that may hinder their success in certain fields, such as lack of experience or qualifications, so they can work on these obstacles before applying for positions.

We are writing this blog to educate you about the following topics:

–Reasons to take Career Counselling After 10th

–What Stream should one choose after 10th?

–How to Choose the Right Stream after 10th?

  1. Identify and map down your interest 
  2. Identify your Strengths & Weakness
  3. Research about Stream and their Scope
  4. Match your desired Stream with your career ambitions

Why choose Braiwonders for Career Counselling?

Now that the 10th results have been out, have you decided what to do after the 10th? What next after 10th, Science/ Commerce/ Arts? This is a common confusion that most of you face. EveryEvery field has an available number of career opportunities; it is just that you need to know where your interest lies and kickstart your career in that field. Identifying where your interest lies is essential for beginning your career. If you are still deciding what to do after 10th, go for career counselling.

Stream selection after 10th is one of the vital decisions in every student's life, significantly impacting their career prospects. During this time, most students are generally looking for an ideal way to select the Stream or courses after 10th. That is when career counselling comes into play a significant role. Taking career counselling after 10th can help you choose the right subjects and benefit you in numerous ways.

Reasons to take Career Counselling After 10th

Going for career counselling after 10th has many advantages. Listed below are some of the best reasons to take career counselling after 10th:

  • Expert Career Counsellors precisely evaluate your strength areas, weak spots, skills, abilities and potential. Based on that, they identify and recommend the ideal Stream for you.
  • Career counselling can help you in improving your academic performance.
  • Counsellors will assist and provide complete guidance in planning a career.
  • It will help you to overcome your fears and unwanted habits and work on your threats to help you be successful in a specific career.
  • Career counselling after 10th can give you broad information about various trending career options.
  • Career counselling is advisable for most students. It provides complete information about a specific field, as career counselling includes essential course information.

What Stream should one choose after 10th?

What Stream should one choose after 10th?

Stream selection after 10th should be based on various parameters such as strength areas, career expectations, skill sets, interests, and subjects. Make sure to make a wise and ideal decision about stream selection, which can be done by mapping down various parameters of a particular stream.

Career Counsellors at Brainwonders can help you evaluate various parameters and provide essential career guidance and assistance to students who need help to make the right stream choice. 

Science: Regarded as one of the most popular courses, Science provides a diverse range of profitable job opportunities in sectors such as Medical Science and Engineering. The main advantage of picking the Science stream is that you can change careers if the work profile does not match your professional ambitions.

Commerce: Commerce is the second most popular Stream after 10th. This is the perfect path to start your career if you are interested in studying Finance, Accountancy, Business Law, and Economics. This Stream also provides a wide range of employment options for those who pursue professional degrees such as Financial Analyst (provided by the CFA Institute), CA, and CS, which are also some of the highest-paying occupations for commerce majors.

Arts/Humanities: This is regarded as one of the most intriguing and out-of-the-box options after 10th grade. With several companies associated with this Stream emerging rapidly, more students are choosing this path. Previously recognised for providing research-based job alternatives, Arts stream disciplines now educate students on a wide range of unconventional opportunities.

How to Choose the Right Stream after 10th?

Step 1: Identify and map down your interest 

When selecting a stream, it is essential to identify your interests. For instance, some students find Science exciting, while others do not! Some students are very articulate in mathematics, while on the other hand, some students have an artistic approach to everything they find some art boring. Remember to keep your interest in mind while choosing your Stream. 

Step 2: Identify your Strengths & Weakness

Most students opt for this based on the opinion of their parents. Even most students opt for the Stream based on peer pressure. The students need to select the wise Stream based on their interests; only they can look for various career opportunities. Despite being influenced by society, parents, or peers, you should select the Stream according to your interest. But what if you are still looking for your interest here? Career counselling plays a significant role. With the help of Career Counselling, one can choose a wise career. Due to this, career counsellors help you to figure out your strengths as well as weaknesses so that you will be able to identify your plus as well as minus points.  

As a result, you can start working on your weak areas and convert those areas into strengths. After the tenth, you can recognise your strengths and weaknesses and avoid similar regretful circumstances by seeking advice from expert career counsellors.

Step 3: Research Stream and their Scope

Before making a final decision about your stream selection, ensure that the Stream you have selected has a scope or not, career scope, career option that specific Stream, and many more. We at Brainwonders provide students with proper career guidance and assistance by providing them with detailed information about the Stream they will select, its scope, eligibility, top colleges, scope, career options, etc. The Brainwonders career counselling team enlighten and provide you with all the information related to all three streams and their scope as well.

Step 4: Match your desired Stream with your career ambitions. 

This step is to ensure that you are on the right track. Your career objectives should be in line with your field. For example, suppose you are tech-savvy and interested in applications, gaming, and websites and see it as a wonderful profession. In that case, it is preferable to study computer science/computer courses as a major or as an additional subject in your Stream (preferably science stream). 

Why choose Brainwonders for Career Counselling?

Experts at Brainwonders believe in providing career counselling for students needing clarification about what to do after 10th, 12th or graduation. For proper career counselling, you can opt for psychometric assessment, in which we provide three types of tests: Interest Aptitude TestsPersonality Tests, and IQ Tests. Most of the students opt for aptitude tests to find their interest areas. This will help the career counsellor to recommend the best career options based on the evaluation of the Interest Aptitude Test. Even the students consider Personality tests to identify their personality traits. Apart from the Psychometric assessments, we also provide a biometric assessment test called DMIT Test. It is the mother of all tests that help you identify your cognitive intelligence by evaluating your innate abilities and help you determine your strengths, weaknesses, potentials, and critical areas. After the test assessments, our career counselling team helps you to identify your interest and recommends the appropriate stream/ career/ course. So hurry up and seek guidance from Brainwonders; we will be eager to assist you!

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Get the right Guidance to leap through your Career

Let the best team of psychologists and career counsellors help you achieve your dream career!

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