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Which Career Path to Choose After HSC or 12th?

01 June,2023  |  By Brainwonders

Career Path to Choose After HSC or 12th

HSC is a very crucial milestone in every student's life. It is the end of high school and the beginning of college. This stage has a special significance as one has to choose a career path after the 12th. A student must carefully select an undergraduate program that matches their skills and Interest and provides a prosperous career. Many students are generally confused about choosing a career path after the 12th. Here, proper and professional guidance help students make the right decision. 


Every year nearly 15 lakh students appear for HSC. The pie diagram shows the percentage of students appearing for HSC from all streams. A vast quantity of the student population opts for undergraduate courses every year. It is vital to select an appropriate undergraduate program as this will help you stand out and attain success. 

Today, the education sector has evolved to a great extent. Every stream has multiple courses with promising career opportunities. But the student has to make the right pick. This blog highlights popular courses in Science, Commerce, and Arts. Along with that, the blog shares some questions the students can ask themselves to understand their interests better and some tips which will assist students in making a wise decision.

career after 12th

Importance of choosing the right course

  • Right course means the Right career
  • Expert at work through education and experience
  • In-depth work knowledge
  • Job satisfaction
  • Better Growth 
  • Faster Promotions
  • Good Salary

Popular courses after 12th science

As mentioned above, nearly 37% of students choose the science stream. Initially, the science stream was selected only by students willing to become doctors and engineers. But now, the scenario has changed. Science has many career opportunities and several promising courses. It covers various fields related to development, technology, research, human science, and allied sciences. Science is the epitome of inventions and discoveries as well. So it is a very upgrading field that has various opportunities for students. 

Before opting for any course, a student must be aware that if they wish to go for medicine or an engineering course, they must appear for JEEMains and NEET entrance exams for these respective courses. A flattering grade in these entrance exams ensures admission to the best colleges in those fields. 

Undergraduate engineering courses after 12th science

BE/ BTech 

  • Aeronautical Engineering
  • Automobile Engineering 
  • Civil Engineering
  • Computer Science and Engineering
  • Biotechnology Engineering
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • Electronics and Communication Engineering
  • Automation and Robotics 
  • Petroleum Engineering
  • Instrumentation Engineering 
  • Ceramic Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Transportation Engineering
  • Construction Engineering 
  • Power Engineering
  • Robotics Engineering
  • Textile Engineering
  • Smart Manufacturing & Automation

Undergraduate Medical Courses after 12th

Undergraduate courses after 12th science

Courses available after the 12th commerce

Commerce is a very profound stream. Many students opt for commerce and attentively study subjects like accounts, business studies, and economics, which enlightens their technical knowledge. The study of commerce helps a student work in the corporate field. Every business requires commerce graduates, as accounting is crucial for running a firm. With so much demand in the other world, the courses available after completing 12 commerce have also diversified. Recently, traditional and professional courses are available after completing 12th in the commerce stream.

Traditional courses after 12th commerce

These courses include taxation, business law, accounting, and economics. They train students in specialized business fields and management abilities. After the 12th, these undergraduate programs are widely used in the workplace. A large number of colleges offer these traditional courses after the 12th. These courses also support various advanced courses. After completing these courses, a student can opt for post-graduation in a similar stream for better placements. A commerce graduate is eligible for MCom and MBA as well. 

Professional courses after 12th commerce

These courses provide specialized knowledge in a specific field. After completing the course, a graduate emerges as an expert in that field. He has gained all the knowledge needed to help him find a high-salary yielding job in commerce. These professional courses open up several avenues for further specialization. A student is eligible for various job positions in the industry. They are also helpful for finding job opportunities in the international market.

Courses after 12th Arts

Arts is a holistic field that fosters new career opportunities that boom with a technology change. Like science and commerce, it is also a traditional field that deals with social sciences and human personalities. Study of Subjects like Humanities, Politics, Sociology, and Psychology have great potential in changing the perspectives of society. Along with positively impacting society, this stream offers a wide range of undergraduate courses which provide high-yielding job placements. The courses available after 12th Arts are:

These are the best undergraduate courses after 12 arts that help a student have a successful career. Students' analytical abilities are groomed in these courses. They are well prepared for presentations and social appearances. These popular courses provide the groundwork for further study. These courses are available at various universities, as are internship possibilities. Interning in a particular field helps the students gain specialized knowledge for high-salary job opportunities.

Tips for selecting the right career path after 12

There are several options available in commerce, science, and arts. Each stream offers a plethora of traditional and professional courses after completing HSC. Choosing the right career is critical as your future years depend on this. Every student has different needs, abilities, and interests. So one must select the best course attentively as it has a lifetime impact. A few tips that one can follow while choosing a career path are:

  • Be well aware of your interests and abilities - A student must know where his interests lie. He must be well conscious of his strengths and weaknesses. Selecting a course based on his Interest will help him succeed with satisfaction. If a student finds it difficult to understand his area of Interest, you can consult a career counsellor who will guide him and give you sound advice. 
  • Complete knowledge about the various courses - As mentioned earlier, there are several courses in each stream. A student must do thorough research and understand each course's scope. Before selecting any course, a student must also research the course's duration, eligibility, and syllabus. He should have some idea about the content of the course and its requirements. This helps a student decide better. 
  • Colleges and Institutions offering the same course - several colleges offer similar courses after 12. It is imperative to be aware of the colleges. A student must know about the connectivity of the college, its infrastructure, and the few structure, affiliations, internship programs, and placement programs the college offers after completion of the course.
  • Job opportunities after course completion- The student should select a course that offers bright job placement after completion. Students must thoroughly be aware of the professional placements available after the course. Understanding job opportunities after the course helps the student decide better and be more confident about the course.
  • Scope of higher studies after the course- Now, students want to opt for advanced studies after completing graduation courses with changing times. They want to do Master's and Post-graduation in the relevant field for better job opportunities. In this case, knowing beforehand about the advanced degrees the student can opt for is essential. Some students also wish to study abroad for their Master's degree. So it is crucial to understand the options available for advanced courses and degrees.

These tips will surely help a student choose the right career path, which will help him develop a career of his choice. Along with these tips, a student must self-assess his positives and negatives. A student needs to ask himself a few questions before choosing a career path. 

What is my personality like?

Personality traits immensely contribute to attaining success. Our personality can enhance our work and help us attain career goals. Personality differences are based on:

  • Leader and follower 
  • Working alone or as a group person
  • Cooperative or competitive
  • Artistic or structural
  • Based on these traits, one can work towards choosing a career.

Which skills do I possess?

Skills vary from person to person. Some students can speak well while some are very good with culinary art. Skills can be enhanced through practice and training. One needs to understand soft skills and hard skills and choose a career accordingly. Students must also remember that they must constantly keep learning new skills for a successful career.

What are my likings and hobbies?

Some students are very artistic and creative. They enjoy drawing and sketching and are very imaginative. Such students must opt for careers like architecture or animation. Similarly, students must understand their likings and hobbies to select an appropriate job. 

Can I cope with the education and training required for a particular career?

Some students aspire to become a doctor or enter the defence sector. Here, we must understand that to become a doctor; we must study for years together. Similarly, one must undergo vigorous training to enter the defence sector. So a student has to be ready to face all the challenges.

Students must scrutinize all these aspects and understand their talents, strengths, and capabilities. This will help them choose an appropriate career path after the 12th.

Appropriate career guidance

Professional career guidance is the most opted way which helps students choose the right career. Career Guidance centres like Brainwonders conduct routine Aptitude tests and examine the ability, calibre, and intelligence of a student. The expert career counsellors understand students' likings and preferences and guide them accordingly. Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT) is a biometric test conducted on students to understand their potential. It gives in-depth information about the strengths and weaknesses of a child. This helps in planning his career path. It is suitable for all age groups, and anyone can undergo the test.

It is imperative to select an appropriate counselling centre for conducting the test as the accuracy depends on the technology used in the counselling centre. Brainwonders is the most recommended centre for this test and career guidance.

After a career counselling session, students are more confident and have a clear insight into available courses. It guarantees clarity and professional assistance for a rewarding career after the 12th.

Confused about which Course to choose after 12th?

Take Brainwonders Career Test and make the right decisions for your college and course ahead


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